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See Hampshire and Hampden Canal.
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Remarks on the Preface of a Pamphlet published by John
Presbyter, in order to Vindicate Mr. James Hillhouse.
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the Missouri Question. 8vo. New Haven, Con. 1820.

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Governors of the Colony of Connecticut, together with the Answers thereto.

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See Beach, John ;-Hart, William;-Todd, Jonathan;-Wetmore, James ;-Wolcot, R.

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See Daubeny, C.

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Origin, General Character and Present Situation of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States. Convention Sermon at Philadelphia, May 18, 1814. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1814.

Collection of Sermons on the Death of, with his Life. 12mo. New York. 1831.

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Statement addressed to the Episcopalians in the State of New York, relative to some Recent Events in the Protestant Episcopal Church

in said State. 8vo. New York. 1812. Hobart, Benjamin. Oration at Abington, (Mass.] July 4, 1805. 8vo. Boston.

1805. Hobby, William. An Inquiry into the Itinerancy and Conduct of Rev. George

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See Pateshall, R;-Edwards, J.

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-r, &c. 2d ed. 8vo. London. 1742. Holland, Tour in. By an American, [Samuel Stearns.] 8vo. Worcester, Mass.

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to such as affect the Congregational Way. 4to. London. * 1646. Hollingworth, Richard. Defence of King Charles I, occasioned by the Lyes and

Scandals of many Bad Men of this Age. 4to. London. 1692. Hollister, Isaac. Brief Narration of the Captivity of, who was taken by the Indians in 1763. 12mo. Suffield, Con. 1803.

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Hollis, John. The Character and Doctrines of Jesus Christ. To which is added,

Reason for Catechism in Revealed Religion, &c. 12mo. New York. 1796. Hollis, Thomas. See Wigglesworth. Holloway, James. Account of his Trial for High Treason. 4to. Dublin.

1684. Hollowell and Augusta Bank. [Me.] Report of the Committee of the Massachu

setts Legislature on the. 8vo. (1816.] Holm. See Campanius. Holme, Benjamin. Serious Call in Christian Love to all People, &c. 12mo. Holmes, Abiel. Thanksgiving Sermon at Cambridge, (Mass.) Feb. 19, 1795. 8vo. Boston. 1795.

Life of Ezra Stiles. 8vo. Boston. 1798.

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Fast Sermon at Boston and Cambridge, April 25, 1799. 8vo. Boston. 1799.

Sermon at Cambridge, June, 1799, Lord's Day after the Interment of Governor Increase Sumner, who died June 7, 1799. 8vo. Boston.

Sermon at Cambridge on the Death of George Washington, Dec. 29, 1799. 8vo. Boston. 1800.

Counsel of Washington recommended. Sermon at Cambridge, Feb. 22, 1800 8vo. Boston. 1800.

The History of Cambridge. 8vo. Boston. 1801.
The Same. (Mass. Hist. Coll. Vol. 7.]

Century Sermon at Cambridge, Jan. 4, 1801. 8vo. Cambridge. 1801.

Sermon at Hubbardston, Mass. Oct. 20, 1802, at the Ordination of David Kendall. 8vo. Worcester.

Sermon before the Mass. Missionary Society, May 29, 1804. 8vo. Cambridge. 1804.

Sermon at Cambridge, Sept. 30, 1804, on the Death of Rev. Joseph Willard. 8vo. Cambridge. 1804.

Memoir of Stephen Parmenius of Buda, with a Latin Poem, composed by hiin, and translated into English. (Mass. Hist. Coll. vol. 9.]

Memoir of the Mohegan Indians. [id.]
American Annals. 2 vols. 8vo. Cambridge. 1805.

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Fast Sermon at Cambridge, April 6, 1809. 8vo. Cambridge. 1809.

Dudleian Lecture in Harvard University, May 9, 1810. 8vo. Cambridge. 1810.

Sermon at the Ordination of John Bartlett, at Marblehead, (Mas.) May 22, 1811. 8vo. Cambridge. 1811.

Biographical Memoir of Rev. John Lothrop. (Mass. Hist. Coll. Vol. 1. 2nd Series.}

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Address before the Washington Benevolent Society, at Cambridge, July 5, 1813. 8vo. Cambridge. 1813. ,

Sermon at Cambridgeport, [Mass.] Jan. 19, 1814, at the Ordination of Thomas Brattle Gannett. 8vo. Cambridge. 1814.

Address at Boston, Oct. 24, 1814, before the American Antiquarian Society. 8vo. Boston.

Discourse at the opening of the New Almshouse in Cambridge. Sept. 17, 1818. 8vo. Cambridge. 1818.

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