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Indiana. Laws of, from Nov. 1816 to Jan. 22, 1820, with the Constitution of the State. 8vo. Croydon and Jeffersonville. 1817–20.

- Journal of the Representatives of, for the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Sessions of the Legislature, from Nov. 1816 to Jan. 22, 1820. 8vo. Croydon and Jeffersonville. 1817-20.

Journal of the Senate for the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Sessions of the Legislature, from Nov. 1816, to Jan. 22, 1820. 8vo. Croydon and Jeffersonville. 1817-20.

View of the Title to Indiana, a Tract of Country on the Ohio River. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1776. Indians. Laws in Indian and English. The Hatchets to hew down the Tree of Sin. 16io. Boston. 1705.

Conference with the Eastern Indians at St. George's, Aug. 4, 1742. 4to. Boston. 1742.

Importance of Gaining and Preserving the Friendship of the Indians to the British Interest Considered. 8vo. New York. 1751.

Another Conference with, at the same place, Sept. 1753. 4to. Boston. 1753.

Brief Account of the Proceedings of the Committee of Friends for promoting the Improvement and Civilization of the Indian Natives. 8vo. Balti


Inquiries respecting the History, Traditions, Languages, Manners and Customs, Religion, &c. of the Indians, living within the United States. 12mo. Detroit. 1823.

Letter on Mr. Floyd's Report on the Indians. 8vo.
See Sodor and Man.

Review of an Article in the North American Review for Jan. 1830, on the Present Relations of the Indians. Svo.

Rights of the Indians: Being a Memorial of the Citizens of Massachusetts to Congress in their behalf. 8vo. (Boston. 1830.] Industry and Frugality Proposed As the Surest Means to make us A Rich and Flourishing People, &c. 8vo. Boston. 1753.

Rules of the Society for Encouraging Industry and Employing the Poor. 4to. [Boston. 1754.] Infernal Conference or Dialogue of Devils. 8vo. Worcester, Mass. 1795.

Same. 12mo. Leominster, Mass. 1808. Infant Baptism. Defence of the Lawfulnesse of, in answer to J. Spilsberie. 4to. London. 1645.

Summe of a Conference at Terling, Jan. 11, 1643, for and against. 4to. London. 1644.

Brief Illustration and Confirmation of the Divine Right of. In a Plain and Familiar Dialogue. 16mo. Boston. 1746.

The Reason Why, Not Infant Sprinkling, But Believers Baptism Ought to be approved, &c. 16mo.

Treatise of the Vanity of Childish Baptism. By A. R. 4to. London. 1642. Ingersoll, George G. Sermon at Burlington, Vt. April 12, 1826. 80. Bur

lington. Ingersoll, Jonathan. Connecticut Election Sermon. 12mo. New London. 1761. Ingersoll, Charles Jared. View of the Rights and Wrongs, Power and Policy of the United States. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1808.

The United States and England being a Reply to the Criticism on Inchiquin's Letters, in the Quarterly Review. 8vo. New York. 1815.

Discourse before the Society for Commemorating the Landing of William Penn. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1825.

Oration July 4, 1832. Ingersoll, J. Letters relating to the Stamp Act. 4to. New Haven, Con. 1766. Ingersoll, Samuel B. Sermon at Shrewsbury, Mass. June 18, 1820, with a Memoir

of him. 8vo. Worcester. 1821. Ingersoll, Ralph J. Speech in Congress, March 6, 1826, on the Proposition to

amend the Constitution of the United States. 12mo.

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, Joseph R. Oration before the Washington Benevolent Society. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1813. Inglis, Charles. Claim and Answer with the Subsequent Proceedings in his case against the United States. 4to. Philadelphia. 1799.

Further Proceedings in the same case. 4to. Philadelphia.

Essay on Infant Baptism. 8vo. New York. 1768. Innes, John. Short Description of the Human Muscles, &c. 8vo. New York.

1818. Innes, William. Instruction for Young Inquirers. 12mo. Institut National des Sciences et Arts, Memoirs de. Base du Systéme Métrique

Décimal, ou Mesure de l'Arc du Méridien compris entre les Paralleles de Dunkerque et Barcelone, exécutée en 1792 et annees suivantes. Par M. M. Méchain et Delambre. Suite des Mémoires de l'Institut. 2 vol. 4to. Paris.

1806–7. Institut Royal de France Notices et Extraits des Manuscripts de la Bibliothèque

du Roi et autres Bibliothéques ; Publiés par. Tom. 12me. 4to. Paris.. 1831.

Memoires de la Classe des Sciences Mathématiques et Physiques de l'Année 1804. 4to. Paris. 1810. Instructor, New Pleasing, or Young Ladies Guide. By a Lady. 12mo. Bos

ton. 1799. Intemperance. See Temperance. Internal Improvements, Facilitated Carrying. Short Statement of the Proceed

ings at Concord, N. H. June 3, 1825, on the Subject of. 8vo. Boston. 1825. Inventors. Remarks on the Rights of, &c. 8vo. Boston. 1807. Invisible Hand. 12mo. New York. 1815. Ipswich, (Mass.] Reply to the Vindication of the Result of the late Council at.. By Marcus. 8vo. Newburyport. 1806.

Plain Narrative of the Proceedings which caused the Separation of a Number of Aggrieved Brethren from the Second Church in.4to. Boston. 1747.

The Pretended Plain Narrative convicted of Fraud and Partiality. 4to. Boston. 1748.

See Chebacco. Iredell, Ja. [Gov.] Message to the General Assembly of North Carolina. 8vo..

Raleigh. 1828. Irenaeus, Sanctus. Adversus Haereses, á D. Erasmo. 16mo. Parisiis. 1563.

idem. Gr. et Lat. á Franc. Fevardentio. fol. Coloniae Agrip. 1596. Ireland. A Looking glasse for England, being an abstract of the bloody Massacre in Ireland and Piedmont. 4to. London. 1667.

The Case of Ireland's being bound by Acts of Parliament made in England Stated. 8vo.

State of the Protestants in, under James's Government. 4to. London.. 1691.

Letter to the People of, on the Expediency and Necessity of the Present Association in Ireland. 12mo. Newry. 1779.

See Gaelic Society of Dublin.

Articles of Religion Agreed upon by the Archbishops and Bishops, and the rest of the Clergy of Ireland, in the Convocation holden at Dublin in 1615.

4to. 1681. Ireland, William, Thomas Pickering and John Grove. Trial for Treason. fol. London. 1678.

Letters from St. Omar's in further Confirmation of the Papist Plot, and a Letter from Mr. Jennison proving Mr. Ireland to have been in London, &c.

fol. London. 1679.
Ireland, W. H. The Abbess. 3 vols. 12mo. Baltimore. 1802.
Irvine, B. Address to the Patrons of the Whig. 8vo.
Irving, Washington. History of New York from the beginning of the World.
By Diedreik Knickerbocker. 5th ed. 2 vols. 12mo. New York. 1826.

Bracebridge Hall. 2 vols. 12mo. New York. 1822.
Tales of a Traveller. Part 1. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1824.

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Irving, Washington. History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus.

3 vols. 8vo. New York. 1828.
Irving, John T. Address before the New York High School for Females. 8vo.

New York. 1826.
Isis. Triumph of. A Poem. Occasioned by Isisda. Elegy. 2d ed. 4to. Lon-

don. - 1750.
Irish. The Religion Professed by Antient Irish, &c. 8vo.
Irishmen. Proceedings of the Society of the United Irishmen of Dublin. 12mo.

Philadelphia. 1795.
Irish Widow. In Two Acts. 12mo. Belfast. 1773.
Isaiah. Paraphrase on the Six Last Chapters of. 8vo. Northampton, Mass.

Isocrates. Orationes et Epistolae. Gr. et Lat. A. H. Wolfio. 16mo. circa


quaedam Selectae. 16mo. London. 1699.
Israeli, J. D. Narrative Poems. 12mo. Philadelphia. 1803.
Israelites. Departure of, from Egypt. Description of the Picture. 12mo. Boston.
Italy. Rambles in, in 1816-17. 8vo. Baltimore. 1818.
Itterus, Johannes Christianus. De Honoribus sive Gradibus Academicis, etc.



16mo. Francofurti. 1685.







JACCHAEUS, GILBERTUS. Prima Philosophia. 16mo. Cantab. 1640.
Jackson, Thomas. Two Sermons at Oxford. 4to. Oxford. 1617.

Collection of some of his Works and Life. fol. London. 1653. Jackson, Richard. A Suddain Essay. With a Sincere Desire to Vindicate

Christianity, or the Common Faith : From the Superlative Heresies, or phantastical Novelties of all selfe-particular Sciolists, endeavouring the Subversion of the Same; by Seven Arguments used in opposition to Mr. John Biddle. 4to.

London. 1655. Jackson, Andrew. [Pres.] Review of his Letter to Mr. Monroe. Svo. 1825.

Brief Sketch of the Life, and character, and Services of. 12mo. Concord, N. H. 1828.

Memoirs of, by a Citizen of Massachusetts. 12mo. Boston. 1828.

Brief and Impartial History of the Life and Actions of. By a Free Man. (William J. Snelling.) 12mo. Boston. 1831.

Conduct of the Administration. (From the Boston Patriot.] 8vo. Boston. 18:32.

Address to the People of the United States on the subject of the Presidential Election, comprising a comparative view of the Character and Administration of. By a Freeman of the United States. 8vo. Washington. 1832.

See United States;-Waldo, P;-Political Pamphlets; Clay, Henry.

Review of his Veto to the Bill for Rechartering the United States Bank. 8vo. 1832. Jackson, William. Eulogium on the Character of George Washington, at Phila

delphia, Feb. 22, 1800. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1800. Jackson, William. Catalogue of Books. 8vo. New York. May, 1833. Jackson, William. Lecture at Boston, Jan. 12, 1829, on Rail Roads. 8vo. Boston.

The Same, 2d ed., 12mo. Boston. 1829. Jackson, Samuel. Oration at Philadelphia, July 4, 1818. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1818.

Introductory Lecture to the Institute of Medicine. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1827. Jackson, Francis James. Reflections upon the late Correspondence between Mr.

Secretary Smith, and Francis James Jackson, Esq. [first published in the Federal (Baltimore) Republican). 8vo. Baltimore. 1810.

Ten Hints Addressed to Wise Men; concerning the Dispute which ended, on Nov. 8, 1809, in the Dismission of Mr. Jackson, the

British Minister to the United States. 8vo. Jackson, James. Remarks on the Brunonian System. Svo. Boston. 1809. Jackson, John. Reflections on the Commerce of the Mediterranean. Svo. New York. 1806.

Jackson, Abraham. See Phelps, M.
Jacob, Giles. General Table of the Statutes. 4th ed. 12mo. London. 1739

A New La v Dictionary. 8th ed. fol. London. 1762.

The Accomplished Conveyancer. 20 ed. 3 vols. London. 1736. Jacob, Henry. Attestation of many Learned, Godly, and famous Divines, Lights

of Religion and Pillars of the Gospell, justifying this Doctrine, viz: That the Church Government ought always to bee with the Peoples free consent. Also this, That a true Church under the Gospell contayneth no more ordinary Con

gregations but one. 16mo. 1613. Jacobiniad. Remarks on the, Part First. 12mo. Doston. 1795. Jacobites. A Friendly Conference Between the Suffering Saints for Conscience

Sake, the Jacobites. 12mo. London. 1699. Jacomb, Thomas. Sermon at Paul's, Oct. 26, 1656. 4to. London. 1657. James I. His Majesties Instructions to his Dearest Sonne, Henry, the Prince.

16mo. London. 1603. James II. Proceedings and Depositions in relation to the birth of his son. fol. London. 1688.

Brief Account of the Nullity of King James's Title, and of the Obligations of the present Oaths of Allegiance. 4to. London. 1689.

Letter Concerning the French Invasion to restore King James to his Throne. 4to. London. 1692.

Answer to his last Declaration. 4to. London. 1693.

The late King James's Manifesto answer'd paragraph by paragraph. 4to. London. 1097.

See William. Jamaica. New Book of Directions to accompany the Charts of the Windward

Passage, Or, Instructions for sailing through the Several Passages to the East

ward of Jamaica, &c. By B. Romance and others, &c. fol. London. 1799. Jamaique, Description de l'Isle de la. See Recueil des Divers Voyages faites

en Afrique et en L'Amérique. James, William. Serinon at Paul's Crosse, Nov. 9, 1589. 4to. London. 1590. James, Richard. Sermon at St. Maries, Oxford. 4to. 1632. James, Thomas. Treatise of the Corruptions of Scripture, Councils and Fathers,

by the Prelates, Pastors and Pillars of the Church of Rome for the Maintenance

of Popery. 8vo. London. 1688. James, Benjamin. Treatise on the Management of the Teeth. 12mo. Boston.

1814. James, Edwin. Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Moun

tains, performed in 1819 and 1820, by order of John C. Calhoun, Secretary of War, under the Command of Stephen II. Long. 2 vols. with an Atlas. 8vo.

Philadelphia. 1823. James, R. Dissertation on Fevers and Inflammatory Distempers. Svo. London.

1748. Jameson, Gulielmus. Roma Racoviana et Racovia Romana. 4to. Edinburgi. 1702.

Fundamentals of Hierarchy examined and disproved. 4to. Glasgow. 1697.

Cyprianus Isotimus: or J. S’s. Vindication of his Principles of the Cyprianic age confuted. 16mo. Edinburgh. 1705. Janes, Walter Masonic Poem at Mansfield, [Con.] with an Address on the

Death of Austin Stowell, at Pomfret, Feb. 22, 1814, and also an Address June

30, 1819 at the Interment of Stephen Lewis. 8vo. Brookfield, Mass. 1819. Jannes and Jambres. The Enchantments of, discovered. In a Letter to J

H-By A-W-12mo. Edinburgh. 1765.
Janeway, James. Three Practical Discourses. 12mo. Boston. 1727.

Token for Children. 12mo. Worcester, Mass. 1795.
Jansonius, Johannes. Geographia. 4to. Arnhemiae. 1621.
Jaques, Samuel. Prospectus of a Proposed Stok Farm. 8vo. 1830.
Jaquelein, the Marchioness de la Roche. Memoirs of, tr. from the Fr. Svo.

Philadelphia. 1816.

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