The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking

Pearson Education Limited, 2021 - 224 pagina's
Part 1: The pyramid principle: logic in writing -- 1. Why a pyramid structure? -- 2. The substructures within the pyramid -- 3. How to build a pyramid structure -- 4. Fine points of introductions -- 5. Deduction and induction: the difference -- 6. How to highlight the structure -- Part 2: The pyramid principle: logic in thinking -- 7. Questioning the order of a grouping -- 8. Questioning the problem-solving process -- 9. Questioning the summary statement -- 10. Putting it into readable words.

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Over de auteur (2021)

Barbara Minto holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Her course reflects insights drawn from more than 30 years of conducting courses worldwide at major consulting firms and corporations. The phrase "Take this and make it Minto" is common in many of these organizations and the Minto Pyramid Principle is considered the 'lingua franca' for serious-minded professionals, especially those who want to be listened to and earnestly wish to advance their careers.

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