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Pagina 330 - A relation of the late intended settlement of the Islands of St. Lucia and St. Vincent, in America, in right of the Duke of Montagu, and under his Grace's direction and orders, in the year 1722.
Pagina 386 - The Journal of a Two Months Tour; with a view of Promoting Religion among the Frontier Inhabitants of Pennsylvania, and of Introducing Christianity among the Indians to the Westward of the Alegh-geny Mountains.
Pagina 319 - The Constitutions of the several Independent States of America ; the Declaration of Independence ; and the Articles of Confederation between the said States.
Pagina 347 - La Florida del Ynca. Historia del Adelantado Hernando de Soto, Governador y Capitán General del Reyno de la Florida, y de otros heroicos caualleros Españoles...
Pagina 7 - Cayenne; accomp. d'une exacte descr. du pays , moeurs et naturel des habitants ; le tout recueilli des mémoires des principaux officiers qui ont commandé en ce pays.
Pagina 129 - Cockburn (John). A Journey over Land from the Gulf of Honduras to the Great South Sea. Performed by John Cockburn and Five other Englishmen, who were taken by a Spanish Guarda Costa in the John and Jane...
Pagina 309 - Robinson. J Travels through the Middle Settlements in North America in the year 1759 and 1760, with Observations upon the state of the Colonies, by the Rev Andrew Burnaby, AM, Vicar of Greenwich. Second edition. London, 1775. the force of a law upon the spot. It would be to punish them for a mistake of the assembly. But the objections do not prove either that the law was a nullity from...
Pagina 370 - REMARKABLE OCCURRENCES of that PERIOD; PARTICULARLY The Two SIEGES of QUEBEC, &c. &c. THE ORDERS of the ADMIRALS and GENERAL OFFICERS; Defcriptions of the Countries where the AUTHOR has ferved, with their Forts and Garrifons ; their Climates, Soil, Produce ; AND A REGULAR DIARY of the WEATHER. AS ALSO Several MANIFESTO'S, a MANDATE of the late BISHOP of CANADA; The FRENCH ORDERS and DISPOSITION for the Defence of the Colony, &c. &c. &c. BY CAPTAIN JOHN KNOX. DEDICATED...
Pagina 358 - Louisiane, contenant ce qui est arrivé de plus memorable depuis l'année 1687 jusqu'à present; avec l'etablissement de la colonie Françoise dans cette Province de l'Amérique Septentrionale sous la direction de la Compagnie des Indes; le climat, la nature et les productions de ce pays; l'origine et la religion des Sauvages qui l'habitent; leurs moeurs et leurs coutumes, etc. - Librairie de CL JB Bauche. París, 1753. - 2 vols. Falkner, Thomas [59 A Description of Patagonia, and the adjoining parts...
Pagina 24 - Mittelburgenßf, de Peruviae regionis, inter Novi Orbis provincias celeberrimae , inventione, et rébus in eadem geitis Libri V.

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