Fines collection: tenth report of session 2006-07, report, together with formal minutes, oral and written evidence

This report examines the Department of Constitutional Affairs and Her Majesty's Courts Services on the payment of fines, how the speed of payment might be increased and how appropriate penalties might be set. It finds that the performance measure used by the DCA on the payment of fines is flawed because it creates an incentive to cancel fines and takes no account of the time taken to pay them. In 2005-5 almost a fifth of fines were cancelled. Also the offender has no incentive to pay promptly as enforcement charges are not passed on nor is interest charged on outstanding fines. Although the Department has taken steps to improve the information available to courts when setting penalties, the new measures have not been implemented consistently.

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Setting affordable fines
List of Reports from the Committee of Public Accounts Session 200607

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