A Sound Family Makes a Sound State: Ideology and Upbringing in a German Village

Department of Social Anthropology, University of Stockholm, 1991 - 252 pagina's
This is an anthropological study which concentrates on the ideas and values involved in the formation of children into good persons as this is expressed and realized in a small German community through certain of their institutionalized practices. Upbringing and education receives a special force in Western societies and so in Germany. how the individual relates and should relate, to the social world as this manifested in its various forms. The person-forming project divulges a concern about the meaning and consequences of being social, of living under the dubious auspices of a State and in the shadow of a semmingly impenetrable and unavoidable past. Their concern coincide with general Western ideas but are also of their own making. Throughout the description this is an underlying theme. ideas and values about the person, something along the line of key cultural themes, and the main institutions in which these ideas and values come alive - the family, kindergarten, school and church.

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