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Pagina 205 - And the raven's croak from a neighbouring oak Proclaim'd approaching ill. • • "We are told that at an early period of our history, a goose was sold for Zd., and a cow for 1>.
Pagina 210 - Like geese of flesh and bone. " But pitying fate at length shall abate The rigour of this decree. By the aid of a sage in a far distant age; And he comes from the East country. " A Pundit his art to this seer shall impart; Where'er he shall wave his wand, The hills shall retire, and the valleys aspire, And the waters usurp the land. " Then, Alice, thy flock their charm shall unlock, And pace with majestic stride, From...
Pagina 202 - ... determined; but popular tradition, as is usual in cases of the like dilemma, has furnished a ready solution to this inquiry, by ascribing their origin to enchantment . It is accordingly pretended that as an old woman was driving her geese to pasture upon Addlestrop Hill, she was met by one of the weird sisters, who demanded alms, and upon being refused, converted the whole flock into so many stones, which have ever since retained the name of the "Grey Geese of Addlestrop Hill.
Pagina 210 - Then, Alice, thy flock their charm shall unlock, And pace with majestic stride, From Addlestrop Heath to Daylesford beneath, To lave in their native tide. " And one shall go peep like an Isle o'er the deep, Another delighted wade, At the call of this wizard, to moisten her gizzard By the side of a fair cascade. " This sage to a dame shall be wedded, whose name Praise, honour, and love shall command; By poets renown'd, and by courtesy crown'd The queen of that fairy-land!
Pagina 11 - This picture, placed these busts between, Gives satire all its strength : Wisdom and Wit are little seen, But Folly at full length.
Pagina 47 - Some well-known strain that ouce could charm, before His ruthless country spurn'd him from her shore, Then bursts the sigh, then tears in torrents roll, And grief's insatiate tide o'erwhelms the soul.
Pagina 203 - Pierides, sunt et mihi carmina, me quoque dicunt vatem pastores; sed non ego credulus illis. nam neque adhuc Vario videor nee dicere Cinna digna, sed argutos inter strepere anser olores.
Pagina 208 - mid the wrack and the fray Entranc'd in a deathlike swoon, 'Till the sheep were in fold, and the curfew toll'd She arose by the light of the moon. And much did she muse at the cold evening dews That reflected the pale moon-beam ; But more at the sight that...
Pagina 47 - For this resorting to the lonely shore Frequent he listens to the billowy roar, Broods o'er his fate, and gazing far, bewails The waves that part him from his native vales. Or in some close sequester'd glade retir'd Dreams of past years, and pleasures long...
Pagina 209 - Thy birds are not flown," cried a voice to her moan; " O never again shall they fly, Till Evenlode flow to the steeple at Stow And Oddington mount as high. " But here shall they stand, forlorn on dry land, And parch in the drought and the blast. Nor e'er bathe a feather, save in fog and foul weather, 'Till many an age be past.

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