Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Volume 2

Royal Society of Edinburgh., 1850
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Pagina 160 - Washington. 1854. Edward Everett. Extracts from the Letter-Press of the Astronomical Observations made at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, by the late Thomas Henderson. Vol. X. for 1844 - 47. 4to pamph. Edinburgh. John C. Warren, MD Description of a Skeleton of the Mastodon giganteus of North America. 4to pamph. Boston. Royal Society of London. Proceedings. 12 numbers to complete Vols.
Pagina 85 - On the description of Oval Curves, and those having a plurality of Foci
Pagina 272 - ... hypothesis of molecular vortices. This hypothesis assumes "that each atom of matter consists of a nucleus or central point enveloped by an elastic atmosphere, which is retained in its position by attractive forces, and that the elasticity due to heat arises from the centrifugal force of those atmospheres, revolving or oscillating about their nuclei or central points.
Pagina 49 - METRICAL PARAPHRASE of Parts of the HOLY SCRIPTURES, in Anglo-Saxon; with an English Translation, Notes, and a verbal Index, by BENJAMIN THORPE, FSA Royal 8vo.
Pagina 30 - Observations made at the Magnetical and Meteorological Observatory, at Toronto, in Canada. Printed by order of Her Majesty's Government, under the superintendence of Lieut.
Pagina 134 - Thus the successive changes which occur for the purposes of assimilation in the healthy economy may be shortly enumerated as follows : — 1st, Introduction into the stomach and alimentary canal of organic matter ; 2d, Its transformation by the process of digestion into albuminous and oily compounds : this process is chemical ; 3d, The imbibition of these through the mucous membrane in a fluid state, and their union in the termini of the villi and lacteals to form elementary...
Pagina 126 - Annuaire Magnetique et Meteorologique du Corps des Ingenieurs des Mines de Russie...
Pagina 10 - Ib. per square foot, or thrice as great as in the summer months. " The greatest result yet obtained at Skerryvore was during the heavy westerly gale of 29th March 1845, when a pressure of 6083 Ib.
Pagina 145 - An address delivered at the anniversary meeting of the Geological Society of London, on the 19th of February, 1841 ; and the announcement of the award of the Wollaston medal and donation fund for the same year.

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