ment, that no Persons or Body of Men had any Coercive Power over the King, and all pretence of Resistance disavow'd by a $olemn Oath, which I am sure a great Part of the Clergy ought to Remember, their own Subscriptions to the same, are still upon Record.

I conclude, if any person hereafter, can without Blushing, assert the Laws to favour Rebellion, he must have affurance proper only to such a scandalous Profession,

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OUR Preface to the Preservative di

vides the Discourse into three Parts. Y Ist. The Present Civil Establshment.

2ly, A Right in Governours to Pre

serve themselves against all Ecclesiastical Pérfons. 3dly, And, Lastly, The Vitals of Religion, and the Cause of Jesus Christ.

The First I shall concern my self with no farther, than as you have made Excursions from your Purpose, and have been Monroding upon the common Principles of Humane. Understanding. The Second I shall briefly and particularly Examine and draw forth the Dark Consequences, and Expose them to the World. As to the Third, I shall endeavour to find, whether the Cause of Jesus Christ has receiv'd any additionalConfirmation and Vigour from this Prefervative, pretendedly so call'd.

P. 15. You Challenge any Man to prove that God ever in Scripture Instituted any particular Form of Humane Government, except one for a Nation, whom I suppose to be the Jews, from whence i

draw from:




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draw these Observations. 157. That according to 'your Scheme, God in the Holy Scripturés never Inftia tuted any form of Government. 2dly, Tbat no forma of Government is of Divine Appointment. 3dly, That altering the Form of Government is a Branch of the Peoples Natural Rights. 4thly, That Monarchy was a Form of Government displeasing to God, and bestom'd upon the Jews as a Punishment for their obstinate and peevish Demands. The 3d and 4th Observations How from your own Words, viz.

“ Search with your own Eyes, and see whether you can possibly find a plain and express Passage

of Scripture, in which God Instituted any parti“cular Form of Humane Government for any

Nation in the World, except one, which first wilfully and resolutely chose it for themselves, or in which he Commands all Nations either to

keep firm to that one Form, or when once they " have for any length of time been under SubjectiCć

on to a Race of Princes, that they are oblig'd

upon pain of Damnation, not to put by the next cc in Blood.

As to the Firit, We shall find this false in Fa&t. The Jewish Government was Divinely Instituted after their Passage thro’ the Red Sea, and was moreover, purely Monarchical. The 70. Elders Chosen by Moses were Subfervient to him, and he. Communicated to the People God's Commands as a Vicegerent, the only difference between their Government, and that of their Neighbours, was; the peculiar Revelation of the Will of God vouchfaf'd to 'em after Moses's Death. God himself transfer'd the Supream Command to Foshua, after whose Death every Tribe Govern'd themselves. But under the immediate Inspection of God who rais?d up all those Captains, who Deltver'd them

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from their Enemies. This Theocracy was therefore a Monarchical Government.

1st. The Judges who occasionally arose, acted as his Substitutes. Moreover, Whatever Malicious Infinuation you are pleas'd to put upon the Choice of Monarchical Government to satisfie the Demands of the People ; you cannot deny but that the Institution was from God : If he gave Kings in his Anger, why did he not take them away when his Anger was remov'd. The Plague, the Sword, and the Famine, were but short liv'd Miseries, but God Entail'd, according to you, a long Series of Monarchical Plagues upon his People.

God afterwards Erected a New Government upon the Division of the Tribes, and Constituted Seroboam King over Ifrael, and we Read of his frequent Interposition in Depofing and Making Kings, both over Israel and Fudah, which Revolutions cou'd not Involve the People in Rebellion, because they were done by the Immediate Authority of the Supream Power of the Universe. But the Treason of Athaliah was of another Nature, I suppose, fhe had fome Theological Cafuift who wanted to be Bank's High Priest, and perswaded her, she ought, for the fake of Religion, to Imbrue her Hands in the Blood of a Young King. But however, this Fact stands Recorded to Pofterity as a Rebellion, I fuppofe, for some other Reafon, besides its being Unfortunate.

I shou'd be very forry if the Bishop of Bangor, shou'd make any farther Demand of this Nature upon me for the future. I observe from the Second, you wou'd infer that no Form of Government is of Divine Appointment, for if no particular Form of Government was ever Appointed by God, he consequently never Appointed any Government at all; if Government therefore is a meer Humane Institu

tion, tion, the fame Power that Instituted Governnient first, may Disolve the same, I cannot see therefore why a Highway-Man in the Road to Tyburn may, not declare the Institution Void, and reasonably Demand of the Sheriff to be Untied, and sent about his Business.

From the Third, That the Particular Form of Government may be chang’d by the People, and that they are not Tied to Subjection to a Race of Princesa I observ'd, that you struck at the Present Government, you give 'em to understand, That if a Prince of Wales should tot give hopes to the People of proving a Geod King when it Jaou'd come to his turn, they might Diffolve the Monarchy, and turn it into a Commonwealth at their Pleasure.

From the Fourth, I obfery'd a most Contemptuous Expression against Monarchy, as if it was only the Result of Divine Vengeance, surely for this Notion you was not made a Bishop, for mý, Part, if what you say is true, I fhor'd add this Prayer to the Litany, from all Monarchical Government, Good Lord, dt->

liver us.

في رد 1 را

: You are pleas'd in the fucceeding Page to cravei a very small Request, which seems not at fitft una reasonable to Grant ; but the Consequences you draw therefrom, iam sure deferves not that Chan racter, because from a pretended Liberty of Dif obeying Ideots and Lunaticks, you take occasion toi Depose Princes as much in their Senses as your felf; you might know that the Actions of Ideots and Lu-) naticks are not properly Humane or Moral, but Brutal, and are Consequently no more Objects of Obedience or Difobedience; than Contradictions are the Objects of Power.

If a King of England fhou'd have the Misfortune to have a Son, Heir to his Crown, a Lunatick, er an Ideot, his Right wou'd not Revolve to the


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