0, the smiles that are halos of heaven,

Shedding sunshine of love on my face !

Or was it some rich Indiaman

You robbed of all her pearls ? Of course you have been breaking hearts

Of poor Kanaka girls !” “Wherever I have been,” he said,

"I kept my ship in sight, • The little anchor on the left,

The great one on the right.” »

And when they are gone, I sit dreaming

Of my childhood, too lovely to last; Of love that my heart will remember

When it wakes to the pulse of the past, Ere the world and its wickedness made me

A partner of sorrow and sin,
When the glory of God was about me,

And the glory of gladness within.

“I heard last night that you were in :

I walked the wharves to-day, But saw no ship that looked like yours.

Where does the good ship lay? I want to go on board of her."

And so you shall,” said he ; “But there are many things to do

When one comes home from sea. You know the song you made for me?

I sing it morn and night, “The little anchor on the left,

The great one on the right.'

0, my heart grows weak as a woman's,

And the fountains of feeling will flow, When I think of the paths steep and stony,

Where the feet of the dear ones must go; Of the mountains of sin hanging o'er them,

Of the tempest of Fate blowing wild ; 0, there's nothing on earth half so holy

As the innocent heart of a child !

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Twas Eoar this! Euch hour that came

Stu uuenitting, hinght
Some newer form of guif of shame,
Some newer

care for thoughts

W Yilmre huis

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