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But soon adown the dying sunset sailing,

And like a wounded bird her pinions trailing, A SENTINEL angel, sitting high in glory,

She fluttered back, with broken-hearted wailing. Heard this shrill wail ring out from Purgatory : “Have mercy, mighty angel, hear my story ! She sobbed, “I found him by the summer sea

Reclined, his head upon a maiden's knee, " I loved, — and, blind with passionate love, I She curled his hair and kissed him. Woe is me!” fell.

She wept, “Now let my punishment begin ! Love brought me down to death, and death to I have been fond and foolish. Let me in Hell;

To expiate my sorrow and my sin." For God is just, and death for sin is well.

The angel answered, “Nay, sad soul, go higher ! “I do not rage against his high decree,

To be deceived in your true heart's desire Nor for myself do ask that grace shall be ; Was bitterer than a thousand years of fire !” But for my love on earth who mourns for me.


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