There are a few topics included in this exhibition which may strike one as having been selected primarily on account of subject matter. Sporting prints, for instance. But even here, the best only has found a place, including a mezzotint by Morland, an etching by Benson, and the like, thus giving pleasure for æsthetic reasons, beside delighting the lover of sport or its history.

It all comes back to the old truth - very likely not generally or sufficiently realized that in this field of the printed picture, apparently so restricted a one in the great domain of art, a most diversified range of interests is served. If there are many men of many minds, the print has its appeal for a very large proportion of them.

F. W.

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In the process of selecting fine and characteristic prints for the exhibition illustrating "Subject Interest of Prints" some loans have been added to the material chosen from the Library's collection.

Among those who have kindly lent prints for this exhibition are: Mr. George Matthew Adams, Dr. Thomas L. Bennett, Mr. Erich Cohn, Mr. Burton Emmett, Mr. Martin Erdmann, General William Barclay Parsons, Mr. Robert Scoville, Mr. Felix M. Warburg, and Mr. Albert H. Wiggin. The exhibition will be on view during December, 1925 - March, 1926.



HE De Lancey Stow Memorial Collection of manuscripts, presented to the Library by Mrs. Edith Stow Howorth, consists of the papers of her father, De Lancey Stow, and her grandfather, William S. Stow, lawyers of Clyde, Wayne County, New York. William S. Stow settled at Clyde for the practice of his profession in the autumn of 1825, and in the same year built the law office from which his papers and those of his son were removed in 1925. It is the oldest office in the village and is memorable as the place where the village of Clyde was organized, May 2, 1835. Mr. Stow was one of the first trustees of the village. He was likewise one of the first trustees of the Clyde High School and one of the first vestrymen of Saint John's Episcopal Church, which was organized September 26, 1840. De Lancey Stow also served as a vestryman of this church.

The papers comprise thirty-seven bundles of letters, dating from 1818 to 1886; twenty-two bundles of accounts consisting of bills, receipts, notes, etc., the earliest bearing date in 1818 and the oldest in 1878; ten account books for the period from 1823 to 1880; a book containing lists of notes and drafts drawn or endorsed from 1830 to 1841; five volumes of law registers; thirty-one bundles of Supreme Court papers, 1826-1855 (many bundles not dated); eleven bundles of the Court of Common Pleas papers, 1826-1847 (many bundles not dated); ten bundles of Chancery Court papers (not dated); six bundles of Justice's Court papers, 1831–1857; three bundles of papers of miscellaneous courts; four bundles of miscellaneous legal papers; two bundles of pension papers, 1873; one book containing records of applications for pensions made between 1875 and 1889; ten bundles of miscellaneous papers, 1828-1888; and thirty-one bundles of papers which either bear no labels at all or labels that have become illegible.

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URING the month of October, 1925, there were received as gifts 3,035 volumes, 13,118 pamphlets, 163 maps, and 30 prints. Some interesting and important items were the following:


Miss Edith Stow, Comanche, Texas, presented to the Library a large collection of legal and other papers, to be known as the "De Lancey Stow Memorial Collection," comprising papers from the law office of William S. Stow (her grandfather) and of De Lancey Stow (her father), in Clyde, Wayne County, New York. The letters range in date from 1818 to 1886. There are also many account books, bundles of court papers and miscellaneous papers.

From Mrs. C. A. During came a collection of vocal and instrumental music, comprising 5 volumes and 300 pamphlets. Mrs. Edwin Austin Abbey gave the two volumes of "Edwin Austin Abbey, Royal Academician, the Record of His Life and Work, by E. V. Lucas," New York, 1921.

From Prof. Emory Holloway came a copy (No. 167 of 225 privately printed) of "Notes and Fragments: left by Walt Whitman and now edited by Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke, one of his literary executors," London, Ontario, 1899.

Mr. E. G. Kennedy presented to the Library a collection of 37 line engravings, including three by Edelinck, 27 by J. G. Wille (among them the well-known "Bonne Femme de Normandie" and the "Soeur de la Bonne Femme de Normandie"), and examples of the work of J. G. von Mueller (portrait of J. G. Wille), Joseph Wagner, Calamatta, Longhi, E. Bourgeois, and P. Metzmacher (self-portrait of Philippe de Champagne, well known through the engraving by Edelinck), - the whole forming an interesting addition to the Library's collection of engravings in line.

Mr. Emil Fuchs gave two of his etchings. From Mr. Richard A. Perry, Paris, came two etchings by Robert F. Logan: "Harkness Memorial Tower, Yale," and "Wrexham Tower, Harkness (Harkness Memorial Quadrangle at Yale)." Mr. H. Raleigh, Westport, Connecticut, gave four of his lithographs: "Old cardboard press," "Mother and child," "The striker," and "Park bench." From Mrs. Myrtle A. Crummer, Omaha, Nebraska, came a collection of posters, by Laura Knight, six in number. The Great Western Railway, London, gave four of its posters (Oxford, The Cornish Riviera, Shrewsbury, South Wales); also copies of "Abbeys," by M. R. James, London, 1925, and of "Cathedrals," London (n. d.).

[ 773 ]

Mr. H. C. Cushing, Jr., gave copies of his "Standard Wiring for Electric Light and Power," 1910-1924, 15 volumes. From Mr. Giuseppe A. Mongelli, Philadelphia, came a copy of "The Mongelli Scientific Double Balance System of Designing," by G. A. Mongelli, Philadelphia, 1925. From the National Rifle Association of America, Washington, D. C., came a copy of "The Kentucky Rifle, a Study of the Origin and Development of a Purely American Type of Firearm...," by Captain John G. W. Dillin, Washington, D. C., 1924. From Dr. L. H. Baekeland, Yonkers-on-Hudson, N. Y., came a copy of "The Elements of Chemistry," by William Foster, A.M., Ph.D., New York, 1925; and from Miss A. S. Perkins, a copy of "Who's Who in Engineering.. 1925," by John William Leonard, New York,

1925, 2nd ed.

The following items of American interest were received as gifts: From Mr. James T. Anyon, a copy of his work, "Recollections of the Early Days of American Accountancy, 1883-1893," privately printed, New York, 1925; from Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, his work, "Les États-Unis d'Amérique, leur origine, leur développement, leur unité," Paris, 1925; from Miss Bertha D. Caldwell, Greensboro, N. C., a copy of her work, "Founders and Builders of Greensboro 1808-1908, Fifty Sketches...," Greensboro, 1925; from Mr. Blair Coán, Chicago, a copy of his work, "The Red Web, an Underground Political History of the United States from 1918 to the Present Time," Chicago, 1925; from Mr. John Clayton Gifford, Cocoanut Grove, Florida, three copies of his work, "Billy Bowlegs and the Seminole War, with Notes and Comments by John C. Gifford," Cocoanut Grove, 1925; from Mr. Maurice S. Halliday, Cleveland, a copy of "Publication no. 1 of the De Witt Historical Society of Tompkins County (Rulloff: The Great Criminal and Philologist, by Hon. Samuel D. Halliday, member of the Bar of Tompkins County "), 2nd ed., Ithaca, 1906; from Mr. Kiyo Sue Inui, a copy of his work, "The Unsolved Problem of the Pacific..."; from Mr. Herman G. Kiel, Washington, D. C., his work, "The Centennial Biographical Directory of Franklin County, Missouri," 1925; from Mrs. Jeannette Robinson Murphy, Cruseau, Haywood County, North Carolina, 10 typed sheets of her notes on the Beaumont Genealogy, the Will of Jonathan Wolcott, Sarah Backus, and other matters; from Mr. Benjamin K. Miller, Milwaukee, a copy of the "Life of Johann Nicolaus Kurtz (Missionary Clergyman, President of the Lutheran Ministerium and Finally Senior of the Ministerium), with Notes of His Brother Johann Wilhelm Kurtz, Lutheran Clergyman," Margaret A. Cruikshank, Edited by Benjamin Kurtz Miller; from Mr. Carl Quickert, West Bend, Wisconsin, his

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work, "The Story of Washington County," West Bend [c. 1923]; from Sr. M. de J. Quijano, Panama City, Panama, 2 copies of his "Gobernantes de America (Bocetos Biograficos), Tomo 1, Estados Unidos de America," Panama, n. d.; from Mrs. Lila James Roney, Brooklyn, N. Y., 74 typewritten sheets, being her copy and compilation of "Gravestone Inscriptions of Ulster County, N. Y.," vols. 1, 2, Brooklyn, 1924; Mrs. Roswell Skeel, Jr., Vineyard Haven, Mass., gave a copy of "L'Esprit Révolutionnaire en France et aux États-Unis a la Fin du XVIIIe Siècle," par Bernard Fay, Paris, 1925; from Miss Annie Haven Thwing, Roxbury, Mass., came a copy of her work, "The Story of Orr's Island, Maine," Boston, 1925; from Mr. Frank J. Wilstach came a copy of "Literature of South Dakota," by O. W. Coursey, 4th ed., Mitchell, South Dakota, 1925; and Rev. John J. Wynne, S. J., gave a copy of his work, "The Jesuit Martyrs of North America..., New York, 1925.

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ADDITIONS AND USE OF THE LIBRARY IN OCTOBER, 1925 URING the month of October, 1925, there were received at the

pamphlets. (These included

additions to both Reference and Circulation Departments.) The total number of readers recorded in the Central Building was 143,446. They consulted 303,312 volumes. Visitors to the building numbered 317,697.

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