A Map of the British and French Settlements in North America: [Part the first] Containing Canada, Nova Scotia, New found land, New England, part of New York, with the Lakes, Six Nations, and all the Countries Westward in the same Parallels so far as Discover'd; exhibiting the just Boundaries, and the French Encroachments; Laid down from Authentic Surveys, T. Bowen, Sculpt. (En-tête) 49 x 19.1 cms. x 20.7 with en-tête.

In Miscellanous Correspondence . . . By Benjamin Martin. 1755-1756. London, W. Owen, 1759. vol. 1. bet. pp. 68-69.

WL 418

NOTE.-A copy of the work containing this map, is found in the collection of the Library of Congress. It explains a descriptive text entitled A clear and succinct account of North America . . . According to Sabin in his Bibliotheca Americana, this text was afterwards reprinted in separate form in Dublin in 1775 ̧ T. Bowen is evidently Thomas Bowen, a well-known cartographer of that period. For the second part of this map, consult title 419. The map is most interesting from an historical standpoint. It gives boundaries, roads, english factories, forts, etc.


A Map of the British and French Settlements in North America; [Part the second] containing Part of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Mary Land, Virginia, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, and all the Countries Westward in the same Parallels so far as Discovered, shewing the Course of the Rivers Ohio, Missisipi (sic) &c. exhibiting the just Boundaries & the French Encroachments. Laid down from Authentic Surveys. T. Bowen, Sc. (En-tête) 49 x 19.1 cms. x 20.7 with en-tête.

In Miscellaneous Correspondence ... By Benjamin Martin, 1755-1756. London, W. Owen, 1759. vol. 1. pp. 68-69. WL 419 NOTE. For information relating to this map, consult title 418.


Ottens, Reiner and Ottens, Joshua.

Carte des Possessions Angloises & Françoises du Continent de l'Amérique Septentrionale.—Kaart van de Engelsche en Fransche Bezittingen in het Vaste Land van Noord America, 1755. à Amsterdam Chez R. et J. Ottens, Géographes. 56.5 x 41.3. Colors.

The above title is an en-tête, exterior to the measurements.

WL 420

NOTE. This map accompanies a descriptive text by Jean Palairet, 1697-1774, entitled: Beknopte beschryving der engelsche en fransche besittingen, in het vaste-land van Noord-America, dienende tot verklaaring van de land-kaart onder

dezelve tytel uitgegeven, door J. Palairet. . . Uit het fransch vertaalt. Door H. W. Löhner, 72 pp. 16°. Te Amsterdam, R. & J. Ottens, 1755. A copy of this work is in the Library of Congress.

It is a translation of his Description abrégée des possessions angloises et françoises du continent septentrionale de l'Amérique .

For information relating to Palairet and the various editions of this work, consult title 415. For information relating to the Ottens, consult title 323. The map here described was first published as number 14 in Palairet's Atlas méthodique, 1754. The Library of Congress has the edition of 1755.


Seligmann, Johann Michael.

Carolinae, Floridae, nec non Insvlarvm Bahamensivm cum partibus adjacendibus delineatio ad Exemplar Londinense in lucem edita a Ioh. Michael Seligmann. Maastab 60 meilen auf einem grad. Norimbergae Ao 1755. 58 x 42.7 cms. Colors. 1 cart.

LC 421

NOTE.-Seligmann is only the editor of this impression. It is found in the
french edition of Mark Catesby's Histoire naturelle de la Caroline, la Floride
et les isles Bahama. fol. Nuremberg, héritiers de Seligmann, 1770.
The first impression of this map is found in the London edition of 1731.
This map was originally published in Mark Catesby's A natural history of
Carolina . . . 1731. For reference to this impression and others, and for
notice of the life of Catesby, consult title 327. This latin impression, given in
the title, was originally published in the german edition, entitled: Die
beschreibung von Carolina, Florida, und den Bahamischen inseln . . . von
Marcus Catesby .. in das deutsche übersezet [!] von d. Georg Leonhard Huth.
fol. Nürnberg, J. M. Seligmann [1755] and is also found in the french edition
of Catesby, entitled: Histoire naturelle de la Caroline, la Floride et les isles
Bahama. fol. Nuremberg, héritiers de Seligmann, 1770.


Tirion, Isaak, d. 1769?

Nieuwe kaart van de Grootbrittannische volkplantingen in Noord America Waar in tevens de Fransche Bezittingen en de Landen, tusschen die beide Volken in geschil staande en de wederzydsche Pretensien duidelyk aangewezen worden. Getrokken uit de beste Kaarten van de H. Mitchell en anderen. Ter opheldering van de Hedendaagsche Historie van Groot Brittanje. Te Amsterdam by Isaak Tirion 1755. 45 x 36 cms.

WL 423

NOTE. Title 422 is eliminated from this list, as it is a duplicate of title 408.
The map here mentioned by Tirion is taken from his atlas entitled Nieuwe en
beknopte hand-atlas . . . 1744-1769, described in Phillips' List of Geographical
Atlases, title 600.


Homann heirs.

America Septentrionalis a Domino d'Anville in Galliis edita nunc in Anglia Coloniis in Interiorem Virginiam deductis nec non


Fluvii Ohio cursu aucta notisq geographicis et historicis illustrata. Sumptibus Homannianorum Heredum Noribergæ. A° 1756. 50.5 x 45.5 cms.

Based on d'Anville's map of 1746, and shows Florida as far as the "Boundaries of South Carolina by charter 1665" and extends to 92° West Long. from London.

WL 424

NOTE. This map is found in the Library of Congress copy of the Homann
heirs, Atlas geographicvs maior . . . 1759, described in Phillips' List of Geo-
graphical Atlases, title 622.

An impression, dated 1777, is described in a copy of the same list, title 624.
For references to the life and works of Anville consult title 326. For his
map of North America consult titles 381-382.
The map shows the "Bounds of Hudson Bay by the Treaty of Utrecht,'
of Virginia and New England," "Bounds of Virginia and Carolina," etc.


Lopez, Augustin.

Plano de la Baiay Puerto de Sta Maria de Galbe y del Presidio llamado Pansacola cituado en la Isla de Sta Rosa, y por inundarse toda con las cressientes de la mar, haviendo estado su guarnicion y demas que existen para perderse, por ser su terreno de arena fluida .. se proiecta el Castillo de Sta Barbara en tierra firme. . deviendose plazar entre el lugar de S. Miguel y su arroio de agua dulze para vever que si intro duze al foso &c. D. Agustin Lopez, 1756. Ms.

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Original in Dep. de la Guerra. Madrid. Arch. de Mapas. L. M. 8a.-1a.-a. No. 19. Inset in lower r. h. cor. "Bateria de S Carlos", 22 x 22 cms.; and on r. h., "Sta Barbara", 29. 5 x 23.5 cms. & an historical legend across bottom of map. Interesting.



Mitchell, John, d. 1768.

Amérique Septentrionale avec les Routes, Distances en miles, Villages et Établissements François et Anglois Par le Docteur Mitchel Traduit de l'Anglois à Paris par le Rouge Ing: Géographe du Roy rue des Grands Augustins 1756. 190.5 x 130 cms. 1 cart.

It has also a German sub-title: North America so Doctor Michel (sic) zu London im 1755; ten jahr ausgegeben jetzt aber in das franzosiche ubersetzet zu Paris .. Shows north of 28°

Florida; Bay of St.

LC 426

N. lat. giving northern portion of E. & W.
Bernard and Gulf coast. New Mexico not shown.

NOTE. This map is a french translation of one of the most notable maps of the time. While the french edition is given in this list, the original english impression, published in 1755, is not mentioned. It has been quoted and reproduced in all the boundary disputes that have occurred with foreign countries.

A life of the author, John Mitchell, is found in Dictionary of national biography.
The original title reads as follows:

"A map of the British and French dominions in North America, with the roads,
distances, limits, and extent of the settlements. Humbly inscribed to the right
honourable the earl of Halifax, and the other right honourable the lords commissioners N
for trade & plantations. By their lordships most obliged and very humble servant
Jno Mitchell. Thos. Kitchin, sculp. English miles 694 to a degree. 52} x 761.
London, printed for Jefferys & Faden. Publish'd by the author Feby 13th, 1755.
"This map was undertaken with the approbation and at the request of
the lords commissioners for trade and plantations; and is chiefly composed
from draughts, charts and actual surveys of different parts of his majesties colo-
nies & plantations in America; great part of which have been lately taken by
their lordships orders, and transmitted to this office, by the governors of the said
colonies and others. John Pownall, secretary. Plantation office, feb 13th

Besides this french edition as described in the title, the Library of Congress
has a copy of the first french impression in eight sheets with this title:
"Amérique Septentrionale avec les routes, distances en miles, limites et établissements
françois et anglois. Par le docteur Mitchel traduit de l'anglois à Paris. Par le
Rouge ing? géographe du roy rue des Grands Augustins, 1756."77

A copy of the impression, with french and german title is found in Roch-Joseph
Julien's Théâtre du monde, 1768, described in Phillips' List of Geographical
Atlases, title 641.

The Library of Congress has also in separate form the same impression "Corigée / ‹
en 1776 par m. Hawkins Brigadier des armées du Roi." Also the impression of
1783 found in George Louis Le Rouge, Atlas Amériquain Septentrional, 1778–
[1792] described in Phillips' List of Geographical Atlases, title 1212.

In a collection of maps by Jean Cóvens and Corneille Mortier, recently acquired,
which will be described in a supplementary list to Phillips' List of Geograph-
ical Atlases, is an english impression entitled "A map of the british and french
dominions in North America, with the roads, distances, limits, and extent of the
settlements, by Jno Mitchell D. F. with improvements—at Amsterdam, printed for
I. Cóvens and C. Mortier." Most of the descriptive text and the inset entitled,
"A new map of Hudson's bay and Labrador from the late surveys of those coasts,"
found in all the other editions are omitted. This dutch imprint edition con-
tains the three following insets not found in other impressions.

[1] Plan of la ville de Québec.

[2] Plan du port et ville de Louisbourg, dans l'Isle Royale.

[3] Plan of the town of Halifax in Nova Scotia.

For a reduced impression of this map consult title 596 under Le Rouge.

An interesting french map which is here well worth noting is entitled, “Carte
des possessions françoises et angloises dans le Canada, et partie de la Louisiane.
À Paris, chés le sieur Longchamps, géographe, rue Saint Jaques, à l'enseigne de
la place des Victoires, C. P. R. 1756."

It has an inset entitled, "suplément pour les possessions françoises et angloises
au sud de la Louisiane. Gravé par Chambon." The whole map measures
within the border, 21 x 30 inches.


Cóvens, Johannes, and Mortier, Cornelis.

Archipelague du Mexique où sont les Isles de Cuba, Espagnole, Iamaïque, &c Par Jean Cóvens et Corneille Mortier. à Amsterdam Avec Privil. des États. Undated. 99 x 57 cms. 1 cart.


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Cóvens, Johannes, and Mortier, Cornelis-Continued.

Exterior to measurement: Théâtre de la Guerre en Amérique telle qu'elle est à present Possédée par les Espagnols, Anglois, François, et Hollandois, &c: Nouvellement mis au jour, Par Cóvens et Mortier, Géographes à Amsterdam. In an ornamental cartouche in u. r. h. cor., 3 inset plans: La Vera Cruz; La Havana; and Baye de Porto Bello. Also a 2d plan without title, of Isle de St Iean Delua, which is 14 x 8.3 cms. This appears to be a republication of a similar map in two parts, one of which is entitled: "Théatre de la Guerre en Amérique telle qu'elle est á present Possédée par les Espagnoles" as an en-tête and which measures 51 x 56 or 59 cms., in "Atlas Nouveau Des Cartes Géographiques choisies, ou le Grand Théatre de la Guerre . . . À Amsterdam Chez Pierre Mortier . . . 1703."

WL 427

NOTE. Consult title 257 for an impression of this map by Pierre Mortier alone, in two parts and containing only the inset, "Isle de St. Jean Delua," described in Phillips' List of Geographical Atlases, under Pieter Mortier, title 2823. Another copy of the same impression but in one sheet is in the collection of the Library of Congress.

For references to Pieter Mortier, consult title 145.


Venegas, Miguel, 1680-1764.

Carta de la Mar del Sur, ò Mar pacifico, entre el Equador, y 391 de latitud Septentrional hallada por el Almirante Jorge Anson en el Galeon de Philipinas, que apresó. "Viage de Anson. Lib. 3. Cap. 8. pag. 305; Mapa 33." "Ioseph Gonzz. sculpt. Mt" 23 x 23.5 cms. Unsigned.

In his Noticias de la California Madrid, 1757. v. 3, pp. 236-237. Apparently extracted from "Viage de Anson."

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LC 428

NOTE. A copy of this work containing the map is in the Library of Congress. In the life of Michel Venegas, 1680-1764, in Backer's Bibliothèque de la compagnie de Jésu. . . v. 8, pp. 558-561, is this title:

"La carte de la Californie, du t. 1 est gravée par Is. Peña; les trois du t. III sont
gravées la 1re par le P. Konsag, les deux autres par Manuel Rodriguez.”
The map is taken from Anson's A voyage round the world, published in 1748.
A reproduction entitled, "A chart of the Pacific Ocean" is found in A. E.
Nordenskiöld's Periplus, p. 191. Also in the Kohl collection, numbers 290 and
291. The following is a manuscript border description relating to the map
from number 290 of this collection:

"George Anson on his famous circumnavigation of the Globe captured as is
well known, the Spanish Manilla 'Galeon Nuestra Señora de Cabadonga' in the
Chinese Waters at the end of the year 1742. He found in her immense treas-
ures, and amongst her papers also a Spanish map of the Northern Pacific Ocean.
"The Original of this map appears unhappily to be lost to us. But after the short
description, which Anson gave of it, it seems to have comprised a picture of the
whole Northern Pacific as high as 394° N. L. It was probably one of those

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