A Tentative List of Books and Some Mss. Relating to the History of the Portuguese in India Proper

Printed at the Basel mission Press, 1880 - 133 pagina's
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Pagina 77 - TUHFAT-UL-MUJAHIDIN ; a History of the first settlement of the Mohammedans in Malabar, and of their subsequent struggles with the Portuguese. Translated from the Arabic, by Lieut. M.
Pagina 102 - ... effect of events on European development, over any possible number of minute particularities in the events themselves. He does not forget, for instance, in describing the Portuguese conquests in the East Indies to point out that the most remarkable and momentous thing about them was the" check that they inflicted on the growth of the Ottoman Power, at a moment in European history when the Christian states...
Pagina 51 - Relacion annual de las cosas, que han hecho los Padres de la Compania de Jesus en la India Oriental y Japon en los annos de 1600 y 1601, y del progresso de la Conversion y Christiandad de aquellas partes.
Pagina 116 - Varthema bolognese ne lo Egypto ne la Suria ne la Arabia deserta et felice ne la Persia ne la India et ne la Ethiopia.
Pagina 76 - China : all duly performed by land, the like whereof was neuer hetherto, brought to an end. Wherein also are described the huge Dominions of the great Mogor, to whom that honorable Knight, Sir Thomas Roe, was lately sent Ambassador from the King. Newly translated out of the Trauailers Manuscript, brown mor., gt.
Pagina 89 - During his //Travels// for the space of one and twenty years in// The Kingdoms of Ethiopia,.
Pagina 17 - HISTORIA, em que se escrevem os Naufragios, que tiverao as Naos de Portugal, depois que se poz em exercicio a Navegacañ da India, 2 vols.
Pagina 58 - Universus Terrarum Orbis scriptorum Calamo delineatus, hoc est, Auctorum fere omnium qui de Europce, A sice, .... regnis, etc.
Pagina 96 - Hollandois au delà de la ligne équinoxiale,avec la copie de la cargaison de trois navires chargés aux Indes pour venir en Hollande et en Zélande, en 1616.

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