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These three volumes were begun by Enzo at the age of 18, and he continued writing as he pursued different occupations and careers. The poems are largely drawn from his own experiences and or observations. Enzo rejects the notion of many modern poets who say that good' poetry shouldn't rhyme, and although some of his don't rhyme, he insists that a rhyming poem shows that the words are put together in a much more painstaking way.

At the age of 21 after he'd written the first two volumes, Enzo met his Lord and Savior and his poetry changed as well. The style of writing did not change however and this can be seen throughout the many forms his writing takes. The poetry in this third volume can be said to be Psalmic in a way. Enzo drew much of his inspiration from the Holy Scriptures as well as his own walk in Christ.

In the long poem titled simply "Nomad", he outlines the toil and struggle one goes through in one's life. Many of the Parables of Jesus have been topics which can be seen throughout his writings. All three volumes have been arranged chronologically, as this shows the ongoing learning that we all experience. Each of these poems has a Scripture attached to it, which speaks of the essence of the meaning of the poem. His prayer is that you can draw inspiration from reading them as he has from writing them.

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