Nor all the talks of thoughtful peace engage, 'Tis thine to form the hero as the sage. I see the fable-suited prince advance

205 With lilies crown'd, the spoils of bleeding France, Edward. The Muses in


cloister's shade Bound on his maiden thigh the martial blade : Bade him the steel for British freedom draw, And Oxford taught the deeds that Cressy saw. 210

And see, great father of the facred band, The * Patriot King before me seems to stand. He by the bloom of this gay vale beguild, That chear'd with lively green the shaggy wild, Hither of yore, forlorn forgotten maid, 215 The Muse in prattling infancy convey'd ; From Vandal rage the helpless virgin bore, And fix'd her cradle on my friendly shore: Soon grew the maid beneath his fostering hand, Soon stream'd her bleflingso'er the enlighten'd land. Though simple was the dome, where first to dwell She deign'd, and rude her early Saxon cell, Lo! now she holds her state in sculptur'd bowers, And proudly lifts to heaven her hundred towers, 'Twas Alfred first, with letters and with laws, 225 Adorn'd, as he advanc'd, his country's cause : He bade relent the Briton's stubborn soul, And sooth'd to soft society's controul A rough untutor'd age. With raptur'd eye Elate he views his laurel'd

progeny :

230 * Alfred

Serene he smiles to find, that not in vain
He form'd the rudiments of Learning's reign:
Himself he marks in each ingenuous breast,
With all the founder in the race expreft:
Conscious he sees, fair Freedom still survive 235
In yon bright domes, ill-fated fugitive!
(Glorious, as when the goddess pour'd the beam
Unsullied on his ancient diadem ;)
Well pleas'd, that at his own Pierian springs
She rests her weary feet, and plumes her wings ; 240
That here at last she takes her destin'd stand,
Here deigns to linger, ere she leave the land.





The hinds how bleft, who ne'er beguild
To quit their hamlet's hawthorn-wild ;
Nor haunt the croud, nor tempt the main,
For splendid care, and guilty gain!

When morning's twilight-tinctur'd beam
Strikes their low thatch with slarting gleam,
Vol. II.


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They rove abroad in ether blue,
To dip the scythe in fragrant dew:
The sheaf to bind, the beech to fell
That nodding shades a craggy dell.

Midft gloomy glades, in warbles clear,
Wild nature's sweetest notes they hear:

green untrodden banks they view
The hyacinth's neglected hue :
Ir their lone haunts, and woodland rounds,
They spy the squirrel's airy bounds :
And startle from her amen spray,
Across the glen, the screaming jay:
Each native charm their steps explore
Of Solitude's sequester’d store.

For them the moon with cloudless ray
Mounts, to illume their homeward way :
Their weary spirits to relieve,
The meadows incense breathe at eve.
No riot mars the simple fare
That o'er a glimmering hearth they share :'
But when the curfeu's measur'd roar
Duly, the darkening vallies o'er,
Has echoed from the distant town,
They wish no beds of cygnet-down,
No trophied canopies, to close
Their drooping eyes in quick repose.

Their little fons, who spread the bloom
Of health around the clay-built room,


30 40

Or through the primros'd coppice stray, 35
Or gambol in the new-mown hay ;
Or quaintly braid the cowslip-twine,
Or drive afield the tardy kine ;
Or hasten from the sultry hill
To loiter at the snady rill ;
Or climb the tall pine's gloomy crest
To rob the raven's antient nest.

Their humble porch with honied flowers
The curling woodbine's shade embowers :
From the trim garden's thymy mound

45 Their becs in busy swarms resound : Nor fell Disease, before his time, Haltes to consume life's golden prime : But when their temples long have wore The silver crown of treffes hoar;

50 As studious still calm peace to keep, Beneath a flowery turf they sleep.

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Nox crat
Cum tacet omnis ager, pecades, picaque volucres.

The Queen of Contemplation, Night,

Begins her balmy reign;
Advancing in their varied light

Her filver-vested train.


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'Tis strange, the many marshal'd stars ;

That ride yon facred round,
Should keep, among their rapid cars,

A filence so profound !

* Born 1729; dyed 1773.

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