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Pagina 47 - A Dictionary of the Malay Tongue as spoken in the Peninsula of Malacca, the Islands of Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Pulo Penang, &c.
Pagina 106 - STUDENT'S ANCIENT HISTORY OF THE EAST. From the Earliest Times to the Conquests of Alexander the Great, including Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Media, Persia, Asia Minor, and Phoenicia. By PHILIP SMITH, BA With 70 Woodcuts.
Pagina 22 - Dinkard (The). — The Original Pehlwi Text, the same transliterated in Zend Characters. Translations of the Text in the Gujrati and English Languages ; a Commentary and Glossary of Select Terms. By PESHOTUN DUSTOOR BEHRAMJEE SUNJANA.
Pagina x - THE ARIAN WITNESS, or the Testimony of Arian Scriptures in corroboration of Biblical History and the Rudiments of Christian Doctrine. Including Dissertations on the Original Home and Early Adventures of IndoArians.
Pagina 97 - Recherches sur les monuments qu'on peut attribuer aux six premières d-ynasties de Manéthon, précédées d'un rapport adressé à M.
Pagina 77 - Royal du 10 mars 1931 appliquant la loi du 21 mai 1929 sur la collation des grades académiques et le programme des examens universitaires...
Pagina 81 - ESSAI SUR LE MYTHE DES RiBHAVAS , premier vestige de l'apothéose dans le Véda , avec le texte sanscrit et la traduction française des hymnes adressés à ces divinités. Paris, 1847, 1 volume in-8°.
Pagina 45 - HISTORY OF ESARHADDON (Son of Sennacherib), King of Assyria, BC 681-668. Translated from the Cuneiform Inscriptions upon. Cylinders and Tablets in the British Museum Collection. Together with Original Texts, a Grammatical Analysis of each word, Explanations of the Ideographs by Extracts from the Bi-Lingual Syllabaries, and List of Eponyms, &c.
Pagina 79 - INTRODUCTION TO THE SCIENCE OF RELIGION: Four Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution. Crown 8vo., 5s.
Pagina 26 - Explication de divers monumens singuliers qui ont rapport à la religion des plus anciens peuples, avec l'examen de la dernière édition des ouvrages de S.

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