Film Noir: From Berlin to Sin City

Wallflower Press, 2005 - 144 pagina's

Film Noir explores the murky world of a genre responsible for many of film's most enduring images. Mark Bould discusses problems of definition and the often ambiguous nature of film noir and looks at modern films that could be called neo-noir. Iconic and enduring, film noir attracted great stars (Bogart, Bacall, Mitchum, Lancaster), many of the best directors of the era (Wilder, Lang, Preminger, Hawks, Siodmak, Welles) and this book is an indispensible guide to this popular genre.

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the setup fabricating film noir
out of the past the prehistory of film noir
Dark passage the main cycle of film noir
against all odds neonoir
kiss tomorrow goodbye
index of names

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Pagina 5 - ... a man whose experience of life has left him sanguine and often bitter meets a not-innocent woman of similar outlook to whom he is sexually and fatally attracted. Through this attraction, either because the woman induces him to it or because it is the natural result of their relationship, the man comes to cheat, attempt to murder, or actually murder a second man to whom the woman is unhappily or unwillingly attached (generally he is her husband or lover), an act which often leads to the woman's...
Pagina 2 - ... has less to do with a group of artifacts than with a discourse - a loose, evolving system of arguments and readings, helping to shape commercial strategies and aesthetic ideologies.

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Mark Bould is senior lecturer in film studies at the University of the West of England.

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