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Pagina 416 - The officers elected by the people under this act (except aldermen) shall respectively hold their offices for one year and until the election and qualification of their successors respectively.
Pagina 243 - THE thoughts are strange that crowd into my brain. While I look upward to thee. It would seem As if God poured thee from his hollow hand, And hung his bow upon thine awful front; And spoke in that loud voice, which seemed to him Who dwelt in Patmos for his Saviour's sake, The sound of many waters ; and had bade Thy flood to chronicle the ages back, And notch His centuries in the eternal rocks.
Pagina 147 - Buffalo the assurance of the high consideration with which I have the honor to be Your & their most obd't Serv't JOSEPH ELLICOTT.
Pagina 270 - To view Niagara Falls one day, A parson and a tailor took their way. The parson cried, whilst wrapped in wonder, And listening to the cataract's thunder, "Lord, how Thy works amaze our eyes. And fill our hearts with vast surpr1se!' The tailor merely made this note: 'Lord! what a place to sponge a coatl' " five fathom deep, down below.
Pagina 199 - Then there's old Varmount, well, what d'ye think of that? To be sure, the gals are handsome and the cattle very fat : But who among the mountains, 'mid cloud and snow would stay: When he can buy a prairie in Michigania? Yea, Yea, Yea, in Michigania.
Pagina 481 - Reminiscences of the early period of sailing ^vessels and steamboats on Lake Ontario, with a history of the introduction of the propeller on the Lakes . . . With watercolor views & sketches by the author. (Folio MS. volume, bound. Presented BHS, 1877.) VAN DER KEMP, FRANCIS ADRIEN. (Dutch scholar, early settler NY State.) Papers. 10 vols. V. 1, Autobiography; v.
Pagina 64 - Dear Sir I have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 12th Feby under Cover of your obliging favor of the 25th from Wilmington: In reply to the former I cant help wishing you had been at Newbern...
Pagina 277 - A geological and agricultural survey of the district adjoining the Erie canal in the state of New York.
Pagina 272 - I could descend, and that I was the TRUE SAM PATCH, and to show that Some Things could be Done as well as Others; which was denied before I made the Jump. Having been thus disappointed, the owners of Goat Island have generously granted me the use of it for nothing; so that I may have a chance, from an equally generous public, to obtain some remuneration for my long journey hither, as well as affording me an opportunity of supporting the reputation I have gained, by AeroNautical Feats, never before...

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