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Pagina 225 - Statement respecting the Earl of Selkirk's settlement of Kildonan, upon the Red River, in North America; its destruction in the years 1815 and 1816; and the massacre of Governor Semple and his party.
Pagina xvi - Buzzard. 1858. 3. LIVES OF EDWARD THE CONFESSOR. I. — La Estoire de Seint Aedward le Rei. II. — Vita Beati Edvardi Regis et Confessons.
Pagina xvi - ECLOGIUM (HiSTORiARUM siVE TEMPORis) : Chronicon ab Orbe condito usque ad Annum Domini 1366 ; a Monacho quodam Malmesbiriensi exaratum. Vols. I., II., and III. Edited by FS HAYDON, Esq., BA 1858-1863.
Pagina lxv - I saw and touched a large number of great blisters, which he had on several places on his body, from the boiling water which these barbarians had poured over him in mockery of Holy Baptism. I saw and touched the wound from a belt of bark, full of pitch and resin, which roasted his whole body. I saw and touched the marks of burns from the Collar of hatchets placed on his shoulders and stomach. I saw and touched his two lips, which they had cut off because he constantly spoke of God while they made...
Pagina 223 - COLTON (C.) Tour of the American Lakes and among the Indians of the Northwest Territory in 1830, disclosing the Character and Prospects of the Indian Race.
Pagina 158 - It possesses much wealth and still more credit, and in addition to these it has all the mutual confidence, and that precision and unity of purpose, which, to do our countrymen justice, they know better than any other people how to confer on political associations. This imposing body, moreover, has great advantage at the present moment in the moderation of tone which it can assume in contrast to the violence of its adversaries, thus...
Pagina 9 - A Collection of several Commissions and other public instruments, proceeding from his Majesty's royal authority, and other papers, relating to the state of the Province in Quebec, in North America, since the conquest of it by the British Arms in 17GO.
Pagina xix - Museum. 1870. 53. HISTORIC AND MUNICIPAL DOCUMENTS OF IRELAND, FROM THE ARCHIVES OF THE CITY OF DUBLIN, &c. 1172-1320. Edited by JOHN T. GILBERT, FSA, Secretary of the Public Record Office of Ireland. 1870. 54. THE ANNALS OF LOCH CE.
Pagina l - East by a line to be drawn along the middle of the river St. Croix, from its mouth in the bay of Fundy to its source, and from its source directly north to the aforesaid highlands which divide the rivers that fall into the Atlantic ocean from those which fall into the river St. Lawrence...
Pagina 11 - The work was published in 1780, and dedicated to Sir Guy Carleton. McAlpine served as a Loyalist under Carle ton, Burgoyne, Hamilton, Phillips, Powell and other officers, lost all his property, and for his loyalty was expelled from the country in common with many others.

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