News Agencies from Pigeon to Internet

New Dawn Press, 2007 - 336 pagina's
Deals with a very important business in global communication of news -- the news agencies. The first news agencies started their business when the fastest technology was a combination of telegraph and carrier pigeon. They have survived several technological developments since then and have used these technologies for further diversification of services and revenues. The Internet, some thought, will make the news agencies extinct like dinosaurs. But, well run news agencies found a new opportunity in this threat. Though there have been some corporate biographies of news agencies, there has not been any comprehensive analytical work in the past 25 years on this business. This book is an attempt to fill this void in the global literature on journalism, media studies, international communication and business management studies. Besides, the students of these academic disciplines, diplomats, policymakers, and all types of communication professionals will find this book useful. It will also be a good read for lay persons who unconsciously consume the products of news agencies through all types of media -- from newspapers to mobile phones.

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Over de auteur (2007)

K. M. Shrivastava is†a†professor of news agency journalism at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication in New Delhi and a former visiting scholar at the University of Canberra. He is the author of several books, including Media Ethics from Veda to Gandhi and Beyond, Media Issues, and News Reporting and Editing.

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