Demons: The Devil, Possession and Exorcism

Blandford, 2002 - 256 pagina's
Are demons real or figments of our imagination? Should we fear them, or should we pity those who still believe in them? A former Roman Catholic priest examines the role of the devil and demonology in various religions from ancient times to the present day. Years of studying theological literature and the Bible help chart this history. Tracing these ideas offers a fascinating account of who "invented" them and how they developed into their present expressions. These include witchcraft and possession, as well as changing definitions and the evolution of rituals of exorcism-featuring actual case studies.

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I did not know thie author was an ex-priest, but within a few sentences it felt like he was, as it was so preachy. Also, he dismissed many aspects of demonlogy out of hand, by attributing belief in ... Volledige review lezen

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