Never defer that till to morrow which you can do to day; never do that by proxy, which you can do yourself.

Deliberate well of what you can do but


Be always at leisure to do good; never make business an excuse to decline the offices of humanity.

Whatever you dislike in another's person take care to correct in yourself, by the gentle reproof of a better practice.

Hear not ill of a friend, nor speak any of an enemy, believe not all you hear, nor report all you believe.

Do nothing to day, that you will repent of

to morrow.

Be rather bountiful than expensive; nei ther make nor go to feasts.

Rise from table with an appetite, and you will never sit down without one.

Defer not charities till death; he that doth So, is rather liberal of another man's than of his own.

Think before you speak, and consider bcfore you promise, take time to deliberate and advise; but lose no time in executing your resolutions.

Never expect any assistance or consolation in your necessities from drinking com panions.

Always take part with, and defend the unfortunate.

Reprove not a man, in his passion; for men are not like iron, to be wrought upon when they are hot.

Pursue not a coward too far, lest you make him turn valiant to your disadvantage.

Avoid the company of vicious men, for no vice is alone, and all are infectious.

Take care of a reconciled enemy, and an untried friend.

He who will take no advice, but be always his own counsellor, shall be sure to have a fool for his client.

Be slow in chusing a friend, and slower to change him; be courteous to all; intimate with few; slight no man for his meanness, nor esteem any for their wealth and greatness.

Insult not over misery, nor deride infirmity. The frogs in the well said pertinently to the boys that pelted them, "Children though this be sport to you, it is death to us."


From the experience of others do thou learn wisdom; and from their failings correct thine own faults.

Begin nothing of which you have not con❤ sidered the end.

None take reproof so well as those who deserve to be commended.

We are not always obliged to speak what we think; but we ought always to think what we do speak.

The censure of ignorance is the laurel of wisdom, as the hatred of the wicked is the good man's crown.



USTOM is the plague of wise men, and the idol of fools.

Novelty has charms, that our minds car hardly withstand. The most valuable things, if they have for a long time appeared among us, do not make any impression as they are good, but give us distaste as they are old. But when this fantastical humour is over, the same men or things will come to be admired again,. by a happy return of our good taste.

Opinion, is the guide of fools; but wise men are conducted by reason and prudence; it is a monster; half truth; and half falsehood.

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