THE region of passion is a land of despo

tism, where reason excites but a mock jurisdiction, and is continually forced to submit to an arbitrary tyrant, who, rejecting temporate laws, is only guided by the dangerous impulse of violent and uncontroulable wishes.

If we possess not the power of self government, we shall be the prey of every loose inclination that chances to arise-pampered by indulgence, all, our passions will become mutinous and headstrong, desire, not reason, will be the ruling principle of our conduct.

No man is master of himself, so long as he is a slave to any thing else.

Passion is a sort of fever in the mind, which ever leaves us weaker than it found us.

The good government of our appetites, and corrupt inclinations, will make our minds cheerful and easy; contentment will sweeten a low fortune, and patience will make our sufferings light.

He that overcomes his passions, conquers his greatest enemies.

Moderation of passions, judgment in counsel, and dexterity in affairs, are the most eminent parts of wisdom.

When a man gives himself up to avarice, he renounces glory. There have been illustrious villains, but never an illustrious miser.

It would cost us much less trouble to con quer bad passions than to hide them.

It is not the member, but the strength, of the passions by which many crimes are produced: torrents that divide themselves into many branches are the least dangerous in their course; a strong passion is a solitary passion that concentrates all desires within one point.

The destruction of virtue is the destruction of peace. In no station-in no period are we secure from the dangers which spring from our passions. Every age, and every sta tion they beset, from youth to grey hairs, and from the peasant to the prince.


THERE are two things which are neither

good, or pleasant, enry and detraction, the eclipsing another's sun will not make thine own shine with brighter beams.

'Tis folly to wound one's self with that plaister which is laid on another's sore, or to weep at every shower that falls not within our own inclosure,

Who would envy the ox, a pasture which only fits him for the slaughter, or the malefactor that carriage which only conveys him to the place of execution.

You have no less because others have much, nor have they much because you have

little. Another's wealth is no more the cause of your want than, Leah's fruitfulness was the cause of Rachael's barrenness.

Ambition is so great a planet that it must have a whole orbit to move in; and is envious of its equals.

There is no proud man but what is foolish, and scarcely any foolish man but what is proud; it is the night owl of ignorance, which broods, and hatches the peacock of pride.

Pride is a foul leprosy in the face of morality; and a hurtful worm gnawing at the root of humility. It is a swelling dropsy within, and a spreading plague without.

A false friend is worse than an open enemy, a painted harlot is less dangerous than a painted hypocrite, a treacherous Judas is more abhorred of God, than a bloody Pilate.

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