Blackwood's Magazine, Volume 223

William Blackwood, 1928

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Pagina 336 - Rousseau, sir, is a very bad man. I would sooner sign a sentence for his transportation, than that of any felon who has gone from the Old Bailey these many years. Yes, I should like to have him work in the plantations.
Pagina 336 - My dear Sir, you don't call Rousseau bad company. Do you really think him a bad man?" JOHNSON. "Sir, if you are talking jestingly of this, I don't talk with you. If you mean to be serious, I think him one of the worst of men; a rascal, who ought to be hunted out of society, as he has been. Three or four nations have expelled him: and it is a shame that he is protected in this country.
Pagina 330 - Jamie, mon," he said to a friend. " Jamie is gaen clean gyte. — What do you think, mon ? He's done wi' Paoli— he's off wi' the land-louping scoundrel of a Corsican ; and whose tail do you think he has pinned himself to now, mon?" Here the old judge summoned up a sneer of most sovereign contempt. " A dominie, mon — -an auld dominie ; he keeped a schule, and cau'd it an acaadamy.
Pagina 430 - They are old association — an almost exhaustive biographical or historical acquaintance with every object, animate and inanimate, within the observer's horizon. He must know all about those invisible ones of the days gone by, whose feet have traversed the fields which look so grey from his windows; recall whose creaking plough has turned those sods from time to dme; whose hands planted the trees...
Pagina 328 - Here, in the ages of tumult and rapine, the laird was surprised and killed by the neighbouring chief, who perhaps might have extinguished the family had he not in a few days been seized and hanged, together with his sons...
Pagina 828 - It teaches him to see things as they are, to go right to the point, to disentangle a skein of thought, to detect what is sophistical, and to discard what is irrelevant. It prepares him to fill any post with credit, and to master any subject with facility.
Pagina 284 - I protest before God and as my soul shall answer for it, that I think there were never in any place in the world worthier ships than there are for so many. And as few as we are, if the King of Spain's forces be not hundreds, we will make good sport with them.
Pagina 828 - He is at home in any society ; he has common ground with every class ; he knows when to speak and when to be silent; he is able to converse, he is able to listen; he can ask a question pertinently, and gain a lesson seasonably, when he has nothing to impart himself ; he is...
Pagina 425 - Queen will not remain where she is ; she cannot and will not be the Queen of a democratic monarchy ; and those who have spoken and agitated, for the sake of party and to injure their opponents, in a very radical sense must look for another monarch ; and she doubts [if] they will find one.
Pagina 828 - ... question pertinently, and gain a lesson seasonably, when he has nothing to impart himself; he is ever ready, yet never in the way; he is a pleasant companion, and a comrade you can depend upon; he knows when to be serious and when to trifle, and he has a sure tact which enables him to trifle with gracefulness and to be serious with effect. He has the repose of a mind which lives in itself, while it lives in the world, and which has resources for its happiness at home when it cannot go abroad....

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