Omission and Addition of the Sound of h

Drill: ah hah, a ha, ee hee, oo hoo, oh hoh, aw haw

[blocks in formation]

1. Was Alexander Hamilton an American statesman?

2. The Atlantic Ocean is east of North America.

3. Albert and Harry will eat ham and eggs.


In October Howard left New Orleans for Havana. 5. Harold and his father went to Albany in an automobile.

6. Hannah's handsome uncle is an officer in the American army.

7. Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia are in the Eastern Hemisphere.

8. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Edward Everett Hale were American authors.

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Drill: yah, ya, yee, yoo, yoh, yaw

This sound occurs initially and medially:

[blocks in formation]

1. The yarrow and the yellow daisy grow in Yetta's yard.

2. Miss Youmans yearned to visit her young friends. 3. Were the yaks in the yard yonder ever yoked before?

4. The yokel yelled when the yellow-jacket stung him. 5. Mrs. Yeates bought a yard of silk and some yarn. 6. "Youth yearns to be old while age yearns to be young again."

[blocks in formation]

1. William's pigeon flew beyond the yew tree.

2. Cecilia bought a yeast cake and some onions.

3. The lawyer and his young companions greeted the champion.

4. "Yes, yes," shouted the Yankee youth from the yacht.

5. Delia, Julian, and Amelia voted "yea."

6. The Hawaiian bought the spaniel from a clothier in Youngstown.

7. The Italian and the Spaniard moved the billiard table.

8. Daniel works in the colliery beyond the canyon.

9. The rude youth yawned when the young yeoman gave his opinion.

10. Julia will use the yellow yolks and the onions when making the salad.

11. When did the genius and his peculiar companion leave Yonkers for New York?

12. Julius visited the Yosemite Valley, Yellowstone Park, and the Grand Canyon.

13. "Meanwhile thy spirit lifts its pinions,

In music's most serene dominions.'

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taken to keep the tongue and the palate in this position until all sound has ceased, thus avoiding the addition of a k or g sound, as ngk or ngg.

[blocks in formation]

1. Long strings of drying apples hung from the ceiling. 2. "Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong," rang the firegong.

3. "Clang, clang, the massive anvils ring,

Clang, clang, a hundred hammers swing.'

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[blocks in formation]
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1. The sleigh-bells ring. "Ting-a-ling, ting-a-ling. 2. The girls spent the evening knitting and crocheting. 3. The singer was swinging under the bending bough.


Franklin went coasting on Mr. Singer's long hill. 5. Duncan was listening to the song of the nightingale. 6. The youngster was singing and ringing the bell. 7. After the battle Frank was clinging to the swaying tank.

8. She lingered by the laughing brook on her way to the bubbling spring.

9. The pupils are studying the kingfisher, the mocking bird, the humming-bird, and the bunting.

10. "The world is so full of a number of things

I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings."

11. "Joyous as morning,

Thou art laughing and scorning."

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