[blocks in formation]

1. Otto left the harrow in the fallow. 2. Orlando plays the cello and Alfonso the piano. 3. Antonio put the yellow candle in the window. 4. We saw the willow's shadow in the shallow stream.

5. To-morrow we will follow the rabbit to his burrow in the hollow.

6. Lorenzo Bellows knows the yarrow, the mallow, and the meadow rue.

[blocks in formation]

1. There were burrs in the bear's fur.
2. Mrs. Blair shirred Pearl's silk skirt.
3. The tiger lurked near his lair.
4. The scared hare heard the whir of wings.
5. Claire dropped her purse on the stairs.
6. The daring rider did wear spurs.
7. The girls moved the chairs and the churn.

Omission of a Vowel Sound

Do not omit a vowel sound in these words:

Say ruin not roon

Say history not histry


poem poetry police polite violet violin because begin family surround balloon geography different

history memory library literary usually regular general violent diamond temporary February Saturday discovery government

1. The balloon was ruined by the storm. 2. The literary critic praised the poem.

3. Mr. Sanders took his family to the theater on Saturday.

4. The polite lady thanked the policeman for directing her to the library.

5. In February the pupils began the study of history and civil government.

Addition of a Vowel Sound

Do not add a vowel sound in these words:

Say gold not goald

Say Henry not Henary

gold hold sold mold fold jolt colt hall tall call shawl ball

Henry umbrella athletic chimney grievous bronchial gymnasium stabling rambling trembling assembling medieval

1. Henry will hold the folded shawl.
2. Mr. Hall sold the old umbrella.
3. Nora called at Mrs. Ball's home.
4. The tall boy rolled the ball to Paul.
5. The trembling child stood in the cold hall.

6. The classes in athletics were assembling in the gymnasium.

7. The servant thought the gold was hidden away in the old chimney. 8. “If it were so, it was a grievous fault,

And grievously hath Cæsar answered it."

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The Sound of i as in ice

This sound is a diphthong (a in ask +i in it)

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1. The tired miner lighted his pipe.
2. Ira piled the tiles beside the fireplace.
3. I will ride a mile on my bicycle.
4. Jeremiah likes to study science.
5. The kind guide built a fire of pine knots.
6. I like to climb a wild height at night.
7. Isaac sold pineapple at five cents a slice.

On Friday Lyman Wyatt sold nine tires.


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