Quotations Containing the Sounds of k and g

1. Bobolink

He is here


2. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick,

Jack jump over the candlestick.


3. He spoke not a word but went straight to his work And filled all the stockings and turned with a jerk.


4. And bright where summer breezes break,

The green wheat crinkles like a lake.

5. Robert of Lincoln is gayly dressed,

Wearing a bright black wedding coat;


White are his shoulders, and white his crest,

Hear him call in his merry note,

Bob-o-link, bob-o-link,

Spink, spank, spink.


6. Still the same magical tink, tink, tink came gayly from the workshop of the Golden Key.

7. Crack! crack! begins the hemlock branch,

Snap! snap! the chestnut stick;

And up the wide old chimney now

The sparks are flying thick.

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8. But ere his fleet career he took,



The dew-drops from his flanks he shook.


9. Plunged in the battery smoke,

Right thro' the line they broke.


10. How they tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, in the icy air of night! While the stars that oversprinkle

All the heavens seem to twinkle with a crystalline


11. Away to the hills, to the caves, to the rocks; Ere I own a usurper, I'll couch with the fox.

12. For eschewing books and tasks

Nature answers all he asks;

Hand in hand with her he walks,

Face to face with her he talks.




13. A giddy, giggling girl, her kinsfolks plague, Her manner vulgar, and her converse vague.

14. The gay green grass comes creeping,

So soft beneath their feet;

The frogs begin to ripple,

A music clear and sweet.


15. Do men gather grapes from thorns or figs from


16. Pray the gods to intermit the plague

That needs must light on this ingratitude.


Quotations Containing the Sounds of ng and h

1. Like a peal of broken bells

Kling, klang, kling,

Far and high the wild geese cry
Spring! It is spring!

2. The oldest and youngest.

Are at work with the strongest;
The cattle are grazing,

Their heads never raising.

There are forty feeding like one.

3. Springlets in the dawn are steaming, Diamonds on the brake are gleaming.

4. Some are laughing, some are weeping; She is sleeping, only sleeping,



Round her rest wild flowers are creeping;
There the wind is heaping, heaping,
Sweetest sweets of summer's keeping.


5. There was a rustling that seemed like a bustling
Of merry crowds justling at pitching and hustling;
Small feet were pattering, wooden shoes clattering,
Little hands clapping, and little tongues chattering,
And like fowls in a barnyard, when barley is scat-


Out came the children running.


6. In an attitude imploring,

Hands upon his bosom crossed,
Wondering, worshiping, adoring,

Knelt the monk in rapture lost.

7. Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,

Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to

dream before.

8. Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel And shining morning face, creeping like snail Unwillingly to school.

9. Bobolink,

Linger long!

There's a kink



In your song.


10. And shining and twining, and rattling and battling And shaking and quaking, and pouring and roaring, And waving and raving, and tossing and crossing, And flowing and going, and running and stunning, And foaming and roaming, and dinning and spinning, And dropping and hopping, and working and jerking, And guggling and struggling, and heaving and cleaving,

And moaning and groaning.

"The Cataract of Ladore." -SOUTHEY.

11. Ko-ling, ko-lang, kolinglelingle Way down the darkening dingle

The cows are coming home.


12. My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here; My heart's in the Highlands achasing the deer.


13. Hence: home, you idle creatures; get you home.


O horrible! O horrible! most horrible.


15. His hair is crisp, and black, and long, His face is like the tan;

His brow is wet with honest sweat,

He earns whate'er he can.

16. And loyal hearts are beating high;

Hats off!


The flag is passing by!


17. Hark! Hark! what sound on the wind is borne? 'Tis the conquering voice of the hunter's horn!

The horn! the horn!

The merry, bold voice of the hunter's horn.


18. Hounds are in their couples yelling,

Hawks are whistling, horns are knelling.

19. Hark! hark! the lark at heaven's gate sings.

20. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

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