[blocks in formation]

1. Clean teeth and a clean mouth improve the health.

2. Kenneth found the sheath in the path.

3. Put the lath underneath the hawthorn.

4. Beth thought Ruth's fourth tooth came through slowly.

5. The traveler thanked the smith for the thong.

6. The thirsty youth took the broth and ran southward.




Mathew and Arthur are enthusiastic athletes.

The man hired the truthful and thrifty Timothy. Methodical Martha took the wreath from the box. 10. The author thought Nathan thankless and thoughtless.

11. Did Dorothea find the length and width of Althea's thistledown pillow?

12. Ruthless Judith threw Ethel's thread and Agatha's thimble through the door of the thatched cottage.

13. A soft answer turneth away wrath.


"When the wind is in the north,

The skillful fisher goes not forth;
When the wind is in the south,

It blows the bait in the fishes' mouth."

th as in this is a voiced consonant

Place the tongue as for breathed th, and expel the breath with vibration of the vocal cords.

Webster, th Funk and Wagnalls, th Phonetic Symbol,

Drill: thah, tha, thee, thoo, thoh, thaw

ath, eth, ith, ooth, uth, oth

This sound occurs initially, finally, and medially:

[blocks in formation]

1. The scythe fell into the seething pool.

2. Their brother gathered the withered leaves. 3. The feather was wafted hither and thither.




Farther and farther they sailed into southern waters.
Another withered flower was found there.

The leather straps and the lathes are in the booths. 7. The brothers cut the heather with a scythe.

8. They sell clothing and leather goods there.

9. The blithe youths sheathed their knives and made the wreaths.

[blocks in formation]

1. Their mother gave each of them a farthing. 2. The lithe youths dived for the other bather. 3. Sheathe thy sword and come hither.

4. We bathed the wound and swathed it.

5. The moths gathered on the feathers.

6. Mrs. Mather smoothed the withered leaf.

7. They went bathing with their other brother.

8. The animals breathed the smoke and were smothered.

9. Father will bequeath the farm to thee and thine. 10. The Northern weather was rather severe for mother.

11. In the dry weather they gathered the withered pods.

12. Honor thy father and thy mother.

13. "Thou must be true thyself

If thou the truth wouldst teach."

Substitution of One Sound for Another

t for th

tah thah, ta tha, tee thee, too thoo, toh thoh, taw thaw at ath, et eth, it ith, oot ooth, ut uth, ot oth

[blocks in formation]


Tom threw the thorny stick into Teddy's tent. 2. Arthur and Timothy will walk to the theater. 3. Ruth saw a beautiful moth on the white cloth. 4. The tall tinker threw the tin into the tank.

5. The thoughtless teamster turned into Third Street. 6. Baby put the thimble on her tiny thumb and tried to thread the needle.

7. Toot! toot! thump! thump! Theo is tooting the horn and Tim is thumping the table.


Substitution of One Sound for Another

f for th as in thin

v for th as in this

fah thah, fa tha, fee thee, foo thoo, foh thoh, faw thaw av ath, ev eth, iv ith, oov ooth, uv uth, ov oth

[blocks in formation]

1. The other deaf boy is Ruth's brother.

2. The little waif is safe with father and mother.

3. Did the brave bather save Fanny and her brothers? 4. Father and Mr. Smith gathered and threshed the sheaves of wheat.

5. Victor practises breathing and vocal exercises every day.

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