Substitution of One Sound for Another

s for z

z for s

sah zah, sa za, see zee, soo zoo, soh zoh, saw zaw as az, es ez, is iz, oos ooz, us uz, OS OZ

[blocks in formation]

1. Susan sowed zinnia and azalia seeds.

2. Eliza sold six zuzu snaps to Ezra.

3. The boys will race for the prize on Saturday.

4. "Show your tickets, please," said Sam to the travelers.

5. Mrs. Jones buys rice and raisins at the grocer's.

6. The fragrance of the sweet peas was wafted to the piazza.

7. Bessie gazed at the policeman as he assisted the dazed soldier to rise from the ice.

Substitution of One Sound for Another

s for sh

sh for s

sah shah, sa sha, see shee, soo shoo, soh shoh,

saw shaw

as ash, es esh, is ish, oos oosh, us ush, os osh

[blocks in formation]

1. She said she saw ships sailing on a shining sea.

2. "Should such shapely sashes shabby stitches show?"

3. Shakespeare, Tennyson, Keats, and Shelley were English poets.

4. Susan Sheridan sold six tickets for the show.

5. Mr. Sherman sought shelter from the sun's rays under the sycamore.

6. The fisherman saw some shady nooks along the shallow stream.

zh is a voiced consonant

Equivalents: si in vision, zi in glazier, su in treasure, z in azure, g in mirage

Place the tongue in the position for sh, and expel
the breath with vibration of the vocal cords.

Webster, zh

Funk and Wagnalls, 3

Phonetic Symbol 3

Drill: zhah, zha, zhee, zhoo, zhoh, zhaw
azh, ezh, izh, oozh, uzh, ozh

This sound occurs finally and medially:

[blocks in formation]

2. The explosion caused much confusion among that division.

3. Their seclusion in the inclosure prevented the seizure of the treasure.

4. The account of the invasion hastened his decision. 5. He said that a mirage was an optical illusion.

6. Mrs. Frazer's azure eyes danced with pleasure as she showed the osier basket to us.

[blocks in formation]

1. The division was made with precision.

2. The visionary poet's composition was read with pleasure.

3. We will measure the wheat as usual when we have leisure.

4. Did the allusion to the event destroy the Hoosier's composure?

5. The unusual seizure of the Parisian gown caused great confusion.

6. After much persuasion Mr. Mosher gave his decision as to the cause of the collision.

7. Shouts of derision followed his evasion of the explanation of the intrusion.

8. Unusual provision was made at the menagerie to avoid an explosion.

9. King Midas spent his leisure time in seclusion with his golden treasure.

10. The judge in his decision made provision for the division of the property.

11. "Overwealthy in the treasure

Of her own exceeding pleasure.

ch is a compound breathed consonant (t + sh)

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Equivalents: tch as in watch; c as in cello

Make the sound of t and quickly run it into sh.

Webster, ch Funk and Wagnalls, ch Phonetic Symbol, ts

Drill: chah, cha, chee, choo, cho, chaw

atch, etch, itch, ootch, utch, otch

This sound occurs initially, finally, and medially:

[blocks in formation]

3. The chaplain in the chapel heard the chimes.

4. The cheery Chinese ate his chop suey with chop sticks.

5. The children played checkers and roasted chestnuts in the chimney corner.

6. A chickaree and a chickadee were in the old chestnut tree.

7. The cow chewed and chewed and the chipmunk chattered and chattered.

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