[blocks in formation]

1. Leave the starch and the match in the kitchen.

2. Miss March will stitch the patch.

3. Richard and the merchant pitched their tent on the beach.

4. A chubby child sat on a bench eating a peach.

5. The chandler exchanged the chow-chow for the cheese.

6. Blanche saw the woodchuck in the orchard.

7. Chirping chats perched in the birch-tree.

8. Which child touched the chair and the couch?


The artist sketched the ancient Scotch church. 10. Put the chisel, the wrench, and the chain into the chest.

11. A branch of luscious cherries was in the china dish. 12. Mr. Cratchet and Chester searched the forest for beech and birch trees.

13. Did the teacher reprove the mischievous urchin for breaking the chalk?

14. Miss Beach ordered chowder, chops, chow-chow, and chocolate pudding for lunch.

15. Archie left the torch, the match, and the latchkey on Miss Pritchard's porch.

j is a compound voiced consonant (d+zh)

Equivalents: g as in gem; dg as in edge

Make the sound of d and run it into zh. j is the sound of ch voiced.

Webster, j Funk and Wagnalls, d3 Phonetic Symbol, d3

Drill: jah, ja, jee, joo, joh, jaw
aj, ej, ij, ooj, uj, oj

This sound occurs initially, finally, and medially:

[blocks in formation]

1. John Jones joined the junior Jeffersonian Club. 2. George studied geography, geometry, and geology.

3. During June and July Julia made jelly and jam.


Jessie gave orange juice and junket to Gerard.

5. Mrs. Jackson and Miss James spent January in Georgia.

6. The jolly juggler jumped over the large jar.

7. Marjorie and her aged father journeyed from Germany to Egypt.

[blocks in formation]

1. Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2. Jack jumped when he heard the huge giant. 3. Eugenia and Madge made chocolate fudge.

4. Jane gave the soldiers grapejuice, rolls, and jelly. 5. A large jackal jumped from the edge of the ledge. 6. James and Eugene took Joseph's jar of jam. 7. The enraged giant tried to injure the gentle midget. 8. Geoffrey gave the gentians and geraniums to Jeanette. 9. Genevieve arranged the pages of the journal.

10. Juicy oranges and large pears were in Gerald's basket.

11. The jury rejoiced at the justice of the judge.

12. The joyful jockey and the jobber enjoyed Jerome's joke.

13. The gentleman bought the gem from a Japanese jeweler.

14. The general rejoined the major and the engineer, and they trudged on to the fort.

15. Mr. Johnston gave Sedgwick a copy of Julius Cæsar and Justin a copy of Evangeline.

16. The gymnast misjudged the distance from the barge to the margin of the lake.

[blocks in formation]


1. The lads brought six loads of hides to the dock. Edmond's cries roused the soldiers from their beds. 3. Did the maids pick the buds, pods, and seeds? 4. Mrs. Rhodes shops early and avoids the crowds. 5. Fred mused while the cows grazed and the bees buzzed.


6. He used a lantern when he closed the sides of the tent. The car crashed into the stand and pushed it over. Thomas washed his face and brushed his teeth. 9. Rover dashed through the crowd and Jack rushed after him.


Substitution of One Sound for Another

sh for ch

ch for j

shah chah, sha cha,

shee chee, shoo choo,

shoh choh, shaw chaw

ash ach, esh ech, ish ich, oosh ooch, ush uch,

[blocks in formation]

1. Charles thought the shoes in the shop were cheap. 2. Julia washed the china dish and put it on the shelf. 3. The chip from the birch struck George on the chin. 4. Which badge did the teacher give to John?

5. The engineer watched the huge machine crush the stones.

6. Jane shared the cherries with Charles, George, and Joseph.

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