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voice to escape at the sides of the tongue.

Webster, 1

Funk and Wagnalls, 1

Phonetic Symbol, 1

Drill: lah, la, lee, loo, loh, law

al, el, il, ool, ul, ol

This sound occurs initially, finally, and medially:

[blocks in formation]

1. The luckless Luke lost his luggage in the lake.

2. The lion and the leopard leaped from the ledge.

3. Lettie left London for Liverpool on the last day of July.

4. Lillian led the little lame lad to a low bench under the lilacs.

[blocks in formation]

1. Phil will fill the pail at the well.

2. The Nile valley is very fertile.

3. Laura left the library at eleven o'clock.


La Salle and his little band explored Louisiana. 5. The miller will sell the old millwheel.



Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel.
Did Longfellow love little children?

8. The thistle is flowering on Scotland's hills.

9. The beautiful city of Burlington is on Lake Cham


10. The lady will lend her lantern to the lonely traveler. 11. Mildred spent April in Colorado and California. 12. Lafayette helped the Colonists during the Revolution.



The purple lilacs looked well on the large old

14. Lottie and Eliza live in a low valley among the hills.


Beautiful Lake Killarney lies in Ireland, the Em

erald Isle.

16. Walter and William labored early and late during the last Liberty Loan Drive.

17. "The long light shakes across the lakes,

And the wild cataract leaps in glory."

[blocks in formation]

1. Please place the purple plums on the plate.

2. There was ample room in the temple for the people.

3. Mabel planted the plum pits near the apple tree.

4. The playful brook rippled under the maple.

5. A bleak blast blighted the blooms and the blossoms. 6. The plaid blanket was blue and black.

7. A blinding blizzard blew over the plain.

8. "Bluets bloom on the bluff," said Blanche.

9. The crippled rabbit hobbled over the stubble to nibble the clover.

10. "Double, double, toil and trouble,

Fire burn and caldron bubble."

[blocks in formation]

1. The fly flew to the flickering flame.

2. Flora bought flowers at the florist's for Florence.

3. The flicker flapped his wings and flew.

4. The flamingo fled at the muffled report of the rifle.

5. The slave slipped on the slippery sloop.

6. A slender Slav was sleeping on the sledge.

7. Sly Slawson slew six slim snakes in the slimy swamp. 8. Sam's sled slid slowly down the sleety slope.

9. Tall thistles and nettles grow around the old castle. 10. The whistle was heard above the hustle and bustle of the street.

[blocks in formation]

1. There is a little turtle soup in the kettle.

2. Do not meddle with the saddle and the bridle. 3. Did the rats bite the babies in the cradle

And lick the soup from the cook's own ladle?

4. The weasel lives where the teasel and hazel grow. 5. How Bowser removed his muzzle was a puzzle to Basil.

6. Miles and Giles left the pails near the falls.

7. "Children, you are very little

And your bones are very brittle."

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