[blocks in formation]

1. Ralph helped his father at the helm.

2. A wolf lived by the tall elm near the gulf.

3. Sylvia put twelve rolls of films on the book-shelf.

4. Health is better than wealth.

5. Arnold knelt beside the chilled child.

6. The wealthy man dwelt in an old mansion.

7. Thou shalt not bear false witness.

8. "And green and blue his sharp eyes twinkled, Like a candle flame where salt is sprinkled."

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palate, expel the breath with vibration of the vocal cords, allowing the sound to escape over the tip of the tongue.

Webster, r;

Funk and Wagnalls, r;

Phonetic Symbol, r

Drill: rah, ra, ree, roo, roh, raw

This sound occurs initially, as in run, between vowels,

as in forest, and after consonants, as in try.

[blocks in formation]

1. The reapers are reaping the ripe rye.

2. Will the rippling rill reach the rushing river?

3. The rough ranger reached for the red ruby.

4. Resolve to read, recite, and reproduce in a rich, ringing voice.

[blocks in formation]

1. Rachel has returned from her trip to Russia.
2. Ralph and Rover ran a race in the orchard.
3. Roy rolled the rope and returned to the ranch.
4. Robert rowed merrily with the current.
5. Laura put raisins into the rice-pudding.
6. Rare, red raspberries grow in the ravine.

7. Robin red-breast hurried to the cherry-tree.

8. Richard corrected the error in his arithmetic problem.

9. On Friday Vera returned the borrowed umbrella. 10. Rose read a story to Caroline and Russel. 11. Rows of radishes grow by Grandpa's asparagus bed.

12. The trapper roamed at random through the forest.
13. Raymond's favorite fruit is ripe red cherries.
14. Oranges and grape-fruit grow in Florida.

15. The St. Lawrence River drains the Great Lakes. 16. The wrecked raft was rushed to the bridge by the roaring torrent.


Ex-President Roosevelt travelled in Africa and South America.

18. Harry likes carrots, but Rebecca and Frances prefer Brussels sprouts.

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Note: In some parts of the East and South and in southern England this sound is omitted by many speakers. Thus are is pronounced ah and lord, laud.

Drill: ahr, ar, eer, oor, ohr, awr

This sound occurs finally, as in hear, and before consonants, as in hard.

[blocks in formation]

1. There was a wicker rocker in the parlor.

2. Spencer told the hunter not to scare the deer.

3. Did Eleanor enter the boat and go to the farther shore?

[blocks in formation]

1. Many flowers were beaten to the earth by the storm. 2. Martha and Bertha turned toward the river. 3. Brother and sister were hard at work in the garden. 4. Herbert heard the farmer churning the butter this morning.

5. Flowers and ferns grow in a fertile valley near here. A large fir log was burning in the fireplace.






In the early morning George heard the song of the

Our girls learned to knit during the World War. Robert Bruce learned the lesson of perseverance from a spider.

10. By Saturday the tired laborer had earned thirtyfour dollars.

11. After dinner Pearl and her mother worked on their sweaters for more than an hour.

12. "Oh hark, oh hear, how thin and clear, and
thinner, clearer, farther going.'

13. "A year or more with rush and roar the
surf had rolled it over.

14. "The breeze comes whispering in our ear,

That dandelions are blossoming near."

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