[blocks in formation]

1. Frieda fried fresh fritters.

2. Jack Frost froze the fresh fruit.

3. The three millers approached the throne.

4. Did the Frenchman frown at the frugal fare? 5. Frank and Fred enjoyed the freedom from study. 6. There were frills and fringe on the French frock. 7. The frost nipped the fragrant flowers and the fruit. 8. Frances brought the fragments of the fragile frame to her friend.

9. The thresher thrust his throbbing thumb into the thick salve.

10. They rooted up the three thorn bushes and threw them through the gateway.

[blocks in formation]


Trailing vines and large trees grow in the tropics.

2. The trickster tried to deceive the truthful treasurer. 3. The tramp traced the trail from the tree to the trout stream.

4. The truck broke down on the trolley track.

5. The traveler tripped over the trunk while trying to reach the train.

6. Dora Drake drew the drab dress from the dresser drawer.

7. The drover drowsed while his drove were drinking. 8. Daniel Drew dreamed of droning dragon flies and droll dromedaries.

[blocks in formation]

1. Stanley lost the strap while strolling on the strand. 2. Stephen stretched the string across the street.

3. Did he strew strips of bark along the stream?

4. The strong farmer strapped the straw to his back. 5. The striped streamer was streaked by the rain. 6. Strive to find a straw hat for the stranger.

7. The shrewd fox shrank into the shrubbery.

8. The shell shocked soldier had a shrapnel wound in his shoulder.

9. We shivered and shuddered at the shrew's shrill shriek.

10. The shrivelled worshipper at the shrine was shrouded in black.

k is a breathed consonant

Equivalents: c as in cat; ch as in echo; qu as in queue

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This sound occurs initially, finally, and medially:

[blocks in formation]


'Katy-did, Katy-didn't," called the katydids.

2. Claude, carry the can of corn to the kitchen, please. 3. The cat and her kittens could not catch the canary. 4. Kenneth's curiosity caused him to kick the crate


5. The courteous clerk called a cab for the colonel and the captain.

[blocks in formation]

1. Mrs. Cook took the cocoanut cake out of the box.


"Did the hawk fly to the oak?" asked Miss Park.

3. Dick and Conrad walked to the lake.

4. When Frank called, Jack heard the echo.

5. Tick, tock! ticked the old kitchen clock.
6. Christopher Columbus discovered America.
7. The cuckoo catches many destructive insects.
8. Kind Santa Claus filled Becky's stocking.

9. Cora's uncle took a picture of the Country Club. 10. Oscar saw the clown and the camel at the circus. 11. The sound k occurs in Kentucky, Kansas, and Nebraska.

12. Did the jackal and the camel cross the current? 13. "Does the Yukon rise in Canada and flow through Alaska?" asked Clinton.

14. The cricket chirped, the kettle hummed, the fire crackled, and still Christina rocked and rocked.

15. In October Catherine and Caroline left Connecticut and crossed the continent to visit their uncle and cousins in California.


"Fear not each sudden sound and shock

'Tis of the wave and not the rock."

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