g is a voiced consonant

Equivalent: gu as in guard; gh as in ghost

Press the back of the tongue against the soft palate as for k. Expel the breath with vibration of the vocal cords.

Webster, g

Funk and Wagnalls, g

Phonetic Symbol, g

Drill: gah, ga, gee, goo, goh, gaw

ag, eg, ig, oog, ug, og

This sound occurs initially, finally, and medially:

[blocks in formation]

1. Gussy gave the guitar to the gifted girl.

2. The gardener grafted the green gooseberry bush. 3. The Governor gazed at the great gulls.

4. Grace's governess guided the girls to the art gallery. 5. Did the old gray goose gaze at the ugly duckling? 6. "Goosey, goosey gander digs in the ground for grubs.'

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7. The guide's face gleamed when we guessed the glad


[blocks in formation]

1. Olga put the mug beside the jug.

2. Grandfather frog sat on a log in the bog. 3. The frigate struck the brig in the fog. 4. Mr. Ogden sold the bag of figs to the grocer. 5. Peggy dragged the rug from the buggy. 6. The bugler called to the guide in the glen. 7. Margaret gave the hungry dog some meat. 8. Gilbert gathered the eggs for his grandmother. 9. Leaning against the gate was a ragged beggar. 10. Gertrude's nagging guardian grumbled and grumbled.

11. Gregory Flagg struggled to drag the log to the rugged rock.

12. Gladys Agnew hung the bag of carpet rags on the peg.

13. Agnes Wiggins made a gay girdle for Agatha.

14. Gus Higgins hurried from the druggist's, put the

bag in the gig and was gone.

15. Gabriel Fargo's father built the garage between the garden and the grape arbor.

16. "He giveth little who gives but tears,

He giveth best who aids and cheers.'

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[blocks in formation]

1. Christopher crushed the cranberries into the crate. 2. Did the goose crop the crisp cress in the creek?

3. On Christmas Eve Kriss Kringle crawled down the chimney.


Christina cried when the cross critic scolded her. 5. The greedy grouse ate the green grasshopper. 6. Green moss and gray lichens grew on the old roof. 7. The graceful gazelle grazed on the grassy slope.

8. Grace says that grapes and green gages grow in grandfather's garden.

[blocks in formation]

1. Did the screech owl screak in the scrubby pine? 2. The scribe's script on the scroll was large.

3. The carpenter fastened the screen with screws. 4. Mrs. Scott scrubbed the floor and hung the scrim curtains.

5. Asparagus sprouts in the spring.

6. The gardener sprinkled and sprayed the sprawling vine.

7. The spry cricket sprang toward the sprightly grasshopper.

8. The acrobat sprained his ankle when he sprang from the spring-board.

[blocks in formation]

1. Claud and Clifford climbed the cliff.

2. "The clumsy kitchen clock clicked and clicked.'' 3. Clara heard the clinking, clanging, clanking bells. 4. Clarence read an article on the Ku Klux Klan.

5. Did uncle buckle the strap around his ankle?

6. Gladys glided through glen and glade.

7. Glassy glaciers gleamed in the glowing light.

8. In the gloom the robber smuggled the glass to the glazier.

9. "One good puff more where the last was bred,

And glimmer, glimmer, glum will go the thread!''

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