A Classed Catalogue of the Library of the Cambridge High School: With an Alphabetical Index. To which is Appended a List of the Philosophical and Other Apparatus Belonging to the School


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Pagina 116 - Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the various Countries, Places, and principal Natural Objects in the World. .. . In which the Articles relating to the United States have been greatly multiplied and extended .... By Daniel Haskel
Pagina 203 - A Dictionary of Science, Literature, and Art: comprising the History, Description, and Scientific Principles of every Branch of Human Knowledge ; with the Derivation and Definition of all the Terms in general Use. Edited by
Pagina 64 - William) and Spence (William). An Introduction to Entomology ; or, Elements of the Natural History of Insects : comprising an Account of Noxious and Useful Insects, of their Metamorphoses, Food, Stratagems, Habitations, Societies, Motions, Noises, Hybernation, Instinct, etc. etc.
Pagina 87 - (Anthony), Jr. The Illustrated Companion to the Latin Dictionary, and Greek Lexicon : forming a Glossary of all the Words representing visible Objects connected with the Arts, Manufactures, and everyday Life of the Greeks and Romans, with Representations of nearly Two Thousand Objects from the Antique.
Pagina 197 - Lanzi (Luigi). The History of Painting in Italy, from the Period of the Revival of the Fine Arts to the End of the Eighteenth Century: translated from the Italian of the Abate
Pagina 82 - Veitch (Rev. William). Greek Verbs, Irregular and Defective ; their Forms, Meaning, and Quantity : embracing all the Tenses used by the Greek Writers, with References to the Passages in which they are found.
Pagina 75 - A Universal and Critical Dictionary of the English Language : to which are added Walker's Key to the Pronunciation of Classical and Scripture Proper Names, much enlarged and improved ; and a Pronouncing Vocabulary of Modern Geographical Names. ... Boston. 1846. 8° pp.
Pagina 193 - London. 1845. 12° Gallus : or, Roman Scenes of the Time of Augustus ; with Notes and Excursuses illustrative of the Manners and Customs of the Romans. ... Translated by the Rev. Frederick Metcalfe
Pagina 62 - Principles of Zoology : touching the Structure, Development, Distribution, and Natural Arrangement of the Races of Animals, living and extinct ; with numerous Illustrations. For the Use of Schools and Colleges. Part I. Comparative Physiology. Boston. 1848. 12°
Pagina 94 - Selections from the first Five Books, together with the Twenty-First and Twenty-Second Books entire. Chiefly from the Text of Alschefski. With English Notes for Schools and Colleges. By JL Lincoln ... . With an accompanying Plan of Rome, and a Map of the Passage of Hannibal.

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