of the 45th Geo. III. in order to ex- house they hurried him without cere. pedite the improvements in the river, mony. This had scarcely been effected, At the same time it was unanimously when Captain Smith, the Captain of determined, that the rates and dues the day, arrived, who, on learning dow payable on goods exported and what happeneri, sent for the adjutant, imported shall not be increased. and ordered him to appoint a fresh

Died.] Among the unfortunate suf- guard, and take the former into cus. ferers by the loss of the True Briton tody, which was accordingly done, East Indiaman, Mr. Robert Stedman, with the exception of the serjeant 2d mate of that ship, and third son of only, who was not considered so ma. the late John Stedman, Esq. of Pa. terially to blame. The serjeant-major, kenham, in this county.

two corporals, and eighteen privates, were tried by a court-martial, and the

result was, that the serjeant-major The following very extraordinary was to receive 300 lashes and to be affair lately occurred at Brighton. The broke, the two corporals 200, and to serjeant-major of the South Glouces- go in the ranks, and the eighteen priter Militia had behaved so exceeding- vates 200 each; but the former part of Jy abrupt and improper to Lieutenant the sentence was remitted. Wilson, in front of the regiment on the parade, that an order of confine- Died.] At the Soho, near Birmingment to his own room was the copse- bam, where he was employed as a quence. The serjeant-major has apart- model-engraver, aged 64, Conrad ments adjoining the Guard-house ; Henry Cuchler, a native of Hesse and as Lieutenant Wilson was on duty Darmstadt. that day, he discovered the serjeant major, regardless of the order that had It will confer an additional interest, been issued, walking backwards and on the pleasingly pathetic poem of forwards, and partially stripped, in Edwin and Emma, to know that the inthe street, in front of the Guard- cidents happened preciscly as Mallet house. The lieutenant pointed out has described them, and i hat he alter

to him the folly of his conduct, and ed only the names of the uufortunate ! insisted upon his retiring to his room; couple. This appears by documents

but which only induced an insulting annexed to a publication of some reand abusive reply. Lieutenant Bubb, maining copies of Baskerville's edition of the same regiment, at this time of the Poem, illustrated by six views joined Lieut. W. and being provoked on Stanemore, where the lovers lived at the continued insolence of the and died, and of the commemorating other, called out the guard then on tomb-stone over their mutual grave, duty, consisting of a serjeant, two cor. drawn and etched by the tasteful hand porals, and eighteen privates, and of Mr. G. Arnald. The documents ordered them to take the offender into are a letter from the then Curate custody. But this mandate, though of Bowes, in this county, where the supported by Lieut. W. strange to say, lovers were buried, and bis register the guard refused to obey, and the of the facts. To these Mr. Arnald has astonishment of the Officers may be added the following statement:better conceived than expressed. A “The wife of the present parish clerk prompt and vigorous decision of ac- knew the sister of Martha Railton tion on their parts now became ab ! Emma) well, and has often heard solutely requisite. Lieutenant Bubb, her mention ihem. The spot where therefore drew his sword, and threat. they lived is well knowd; but no ves. ened to run the serjeant-major through tige of their habitation remains. On the body, if he did not that instant the scite of Wrightson's ( Edwin's ) retire, not to his own room, but to the house now stands the residence of one Guard-house, as his latter conduct of the schoolmasters. It is remarkable did not entitle him to such indulgence, that both families have left the neighThis resolute demeanour somewhat bourhood; not the most distant reladaunted the serjeant-major; and as tive of either now remaining there. Lieutenant W. seize,' biin by the col- on the grave of the lovers is laid , lar at the same instant, to the Guard- square stone, which had been tbot UNIVERSAL MAG, VOL. XIV,


of a small cross, formerly standing in materially injured that elegant structhe church-yard, and removed to ture. On the north side, the column where it now lies by the people of the is torn open for more than twenty feet place, in commemoration of their uns from the top, and several of the stones timely fate. The rudeness and frailty have been thrown down. On the west of this memorial has been amply com- side, the effects of the destructive pensated by the poet, who has reared Auid are visible in more than one them a monument more durable than place; and, on the south side, there brass, and which will perish only with is a rent in the column as far down as the English language."

the head of the pedestal. Died.) At Leeds, aged 70, the Rev.

Died.). At Paisley, aged 78, Mr. W. Sheepshanks, M.A. formerly Fel- Hughi Simm. He was a native of that low and Tutor of St. John's-college, town; and, though bred a mechanic, Cambridge; B.A. 1766; M.A. 1769; at an early period of life discovered Prebendary of Carlisle; Rector of so strong an inclination after literary Ovington, in Norfolk; Curate of the pursuits, that, without the assistance Perpetual Curacy of Sebrain, in Cum- of a teacher, he made considerable berland; and Minister of St. John's, proficiency in the study of the Latin Leeds. "As a tutor he had the honour language. &c. The discovery of this of educating some of the most exalted invincible propensity to literature, as characters in the empire; viz. Lord well as aptness to learn, joined to a Ellenborough, Sir Soulden Lawrence, religious turn of mind, induced the Dr. Toniline, Bishop) of Lincoln, &c. Jate celebrated Dr. Witherspoon,when He was also the intimate friend of the he left Paisley, to take him along with late Dr. Paley and the Archbishop of him to America; where, in PrincetonYork,

college, New Jersey (over which the

learned Doctor presided, devoting bis SCOTLAND

attention to the study of the learned A melancholy accident lately hap- languages, he became a Student in pened at Milton Mills, near Stirling. Divinity. The unfortunate revoA young girl, about ten years of age, lutionary war, however, soon breaking was jumping over the mill lead, be- out, his literary progress was unavoid tween the heck and the wheel, at the ably interrupted, and his connexion time the mill was going, when her foot with his patron broken off, as their slipped, and she was carried through political sentiments respecting Amerithe wheel. Her body was mangled in can independence happened to be exa shocking manner.

tremely opposite. Dr. Witherspoon, There was a violent storm of thun- as it is well known, at an early period der, lightning, and hail, at Penrith, in of the contest, became a Member the early part of the month. Con- of Congress, and, by his writings, siderable damage was done by the speeches, and other active exertions, lightning: a barn, containing ten cart contributed in no small degree toward loads of belonging to Mr. Mar- the separation of the colonies from tindale', of Gutier-lane: and a stack, the mother country; while Mr. Simm, the property of Sir F. Vane, ai Hut- in his bumble sphere, became warmly ton ball, were both set on fire, and devoted to the royal cause. entirely consumed. A horse and five lambs were killed in a field vear Penrith. Several of the hail-stones Inea- A most singular and miraculous sused two inches in circumference.- escape from imminent danger took Same day the lightning descended place on Monday the 16th of July.upon tie thra hing mill at Spring. A boy, whose ase, to appearance, may tield, near Mid Calder, Edinburgh, be from 15 to 18 years, who is also a which communicating to the offices, little deficient in intellect, on the sabthe whole were entirely burned to the bath wight preceding, owing to some

threats from his parents, who reside Puring a thunder-storm at Glasgow, near Brodick-bay, in Arran, rao off on Sunday the uth, about a quarter to the shore, got into a small boat, and past four, i he lightning struck ihe top pushed out tosea, without either sail, of the inonyment of Lord Nelson, and oar, or rudder; and, as he went off


unobserved, no person knew where to his wounds, but his body has not been
follow him. The wiud being offshore, found."
he could not return again, and was Extract of a letter from Clonmel in
drifted about all night. On Monday Tipperary, Aug. 18.-“Mr. Maken,
morning, a brisk gale sprung up from a gentleman of considerable landed
the west, carried bisa completely out property, had let some land, contrary
from the land, and exposed him to the io the wishes of some of the peasantry;
tossing waves of a sea, so heavy that on his return home one evening lately,
some of the wherries returned back he was way-laid, and murdered with
again to the harbour that morning, the most horrid barbarity. Another
not daring to venture out. However, gentleman, returning home, was shot
he had the precaution, as he himself in the back; seven slugs were lodged,
relates, of laving hold with his hands, and he died on the spot. A poor man,
and remaining steady in the boat. In with his family, were murdered in his
this perilous state le continued till cabin, and then burned, merely from
about eleven or twelve o'clock in the the pique of their ('atholic neighbours
forenoon, when he was driven on shore (they being protestants;.-The Assizes
near Ardrossan, almost speechless,- are held here quarterly. (v the short
The direct distance that he was driven time that I have been here, fourteen
is computed to be from twenty to criminals have been banged for mur-
twenty-four miles.

der. The Sessions began yesterday,
The Leinster Journal, under the, and the Calendar announces 163 pris
date of Dublin, August 21, contains soners to be tried. Provisions were
the following statement: “On Thurs- never known so high; but whiskey is
day last was lodged in the county of reduced from a guinea to 8s. per gal-
Kilkenny gaol, by Wm. Izod, Esq. loo. There are two sets of disturbers,
High Sheritt, the bodies of J. Dunphy, who meet in the Mountain, opposite
of Coolah, and P. Lawler, of Balls- the barracks, who have pitched battles;
coob, both in this county, the former they are called Carravats aurl Shanda
having been killed, and the latter bad- vests. Their chief aim is to steal fire-
ly wounded, in an attack upon the arms and borses from gentlemen who
house of T. Codd, of kilree. On go shooting."
Wednesday night the High Sheriff
for the county of Kilkenny, having
previously received notice that the
house of T. Codd would be attacked At Muscat, in Persia, in the 294
by a numerous and daring banditti, year of his age, Wm.Chicheley Bunce,
be had but time sufficient to arm him- Esq. British Resident at that place for
self and four confidential men, with the East-India Company: to which
whom he instantly repaired to the appointment he was very lately pro-
destined spot, and there disposing of moted by the Government of Borubay.
himself and party, waited in cool and He was the only son of Mr. W. Bunce,
silent anxiety for the moment of at- of Northiam, in Sussex, and nephew
tack, which began about an hour after to R. C. Plowder, Esq. director.--llis
their arrival, by a body of 12 ur 14 of superior abilities, and rectitude of
those ruthans forcing open the door, conduct, obtained him the most re-
demanding from the owner bis arms, putable patrons, and every honourable
and threatening, with the most blas- distinction in the service that his youth
phemous imprecations, burning and would admit of.
murder in case of refusal, which was Lately, at Paris, the celebrated
fortunately prevented by a spirited Madame Recamier, so much admired
and vigorous resistance from the High for her beauty on her visit to the Bri-
Sheritt, by which the iwo persons tish metropolis, about nine years
above-mentioned fell victims; and ago.
thus the lives and property of an ho- Death of the Queen of Prussia. Ou
nest and industrious family were pre- the 25th of June, her Majesty the
served. Yesterday morning Patrick Gueen arrived at Hohenzierietz, at the
Lawler died in the county gaol, from country seat of her father, the Duke
the wounds he received on the above of Mecklenberg Strelitz. On the 307h,
bight. Another of the party died of her Majesty was attacked with a fever



and an oppression in the chest, and cess was in the prime of life and three days after it was discovered that beauty. In that fatal month when she had an abscess in her lungs, which her misguided husband was induced had broke. All the means in the to try the validity of the long-fain'd power of medicine were carefully em. Prussian tactics against those of the ployed, but her difficulty of breathing French Emperor, Napoleon who was daily increased, accompanied with then in the field, said to Berthier, spasms, which at length terminated “ Marshal, they give us a rendezvous fatally. On the 18th, his Majesty was of honour for the 8th. A Frencbman informed, by a special messenger, we know never refuses a challenge of that the recovery of the Queen was this description; but as they say a despaired of, and that she was ex: handsome queen is there, who desires tremely anxious to see her spouse and to see battles, let us be polite and her children once more. His Majesty march immediately for Saxony." Naand family arrived at an early hour on poleon was correctly informed; for the 19th, and found his spouse already the Queen of Prussia was with the in the agonies of death. She saw him army, equipped like an Amazon. It and her children, and breathed her appears, said the French bulletin, like last at nine o'clock in the morning the frenzied Armida, in Tasso, setting The king returned to Charlottenburg, fire to her own palace. Her Majesty deeply afflicted at the calamity. In was born the oth of March 1776, and October 1806, this unfortunate prin- married Dec. 24, 1793.


JULY 25, to AUGUST 21, 1810, inclusive. [Extracted from the London Gazette.)-----The Solicitors' Names are between Parentkeses,


(Pocock, Ely-place). Ackland N. Nicholas-lane, merchants, (Palmer and Co. Union-street, worstedi-maker, (Pophin, Copthall-court). Dean-street). Anderson J. Gateshead, Cooper M. South Shields, merchant, Durham, grocer, (Bell and Co. Bow. (Bell and Co. Bow-lane). Child T. B. lane).

Neath, Glamorgan, tanner, (Cardale and Biddell J. Birmingham, factor, (Wil. Co. Gray's-Inn). Cockill W. and Nowell liams, Staple-Inn). Barnes H. Wolver- W. Dewsbury, curriers, (Crosley, Holbornhampton, milliner, (Webb and Co. Bir- court). Cuthbert J. Brixton, Surrey, mingham). Bolton R. Horton, calico-ma- shopkeeper, (Vincent, Bedford-str.); Colnufacturer, (Evans, Hatton-garden). Been lett J. jun. Halesworth, tailor, (Cufaude, E. Parliament-street, milliner, (Dixon and Halesworth). Clark W., Waterlane, mer. Co. Paternoster-row). Brill W. Wood- chant, (Winbolt, Fore-street). Champion bridge, butcher, (Moore, Woodstock-street). P. Darnall, Sheffield, victualler, (Thurgar, Bucknell s. Great Grimsby, merchani, Sheffield). Corbett W. Tokenhouse-yard, (Lambert, Gray's-Inn.square). Ballin S. insurance-broker, (Reardon and Co. Corbele Wotton-under-edge, Gloucester, silver- court). smith, (Shephard and Co. Bedford-row). Dickins T. South-street, tailor, (Dawson Bracken R. Williams T and Bracken L. and Co. Warwick-street) Davis P. BirdLothbury, Aannel-manufacturers, (Reardon hain, Sussex, baker, (Few, Henrietta-str.) and Co. Corbet-court). Berridge W. Dulin T. St. Margaret's Hill, jeweller, Maiden-lane, hosier, (Taylor, Gray's-Inn). (Searle, Child's-place). Dawson J. CravenBriggs G. J. Gravesend, slopseller, (Burt buildings, scrivener, (Saunders, Scot's-yard). and Co. John-street). Baker W. Sandgate, Dalzell A. Great Ailie-sireet, Gnodman's. ship-builder, (Rigby and Co. Chatham- fields, merchant, (Warrand and Co. Castleplace). Bull T. Wadhurst, shopkeeper, court). Drake F. Plymouth-Dock, baker, (Fourle and Co. Doughty-street). Bowler (Elworthy, Plymouth-Dock).

Dawes J. E. Edgeware, baker, (Langley, Plumbtree- Noble W. Croft R. H. and Barwick R.. street). Boreman T. Bunhill-row, calico. Pall-mall, bankers, (Clayton and Co. Newglazer, (Edwards and Go. Great Russell- square). Davies P. G. Philpot-lane, coffeestreet). Burrough M. New Sarum, banker, mercliant, (Wasbrough, Warnford-court). (Blake and Co. Essex-street). Buckhurst Downend S. Sheffield, grocery (Batige, Š. Haminersmith, carpenter, (Hall and Co. Chancery-lane). Davies M. Liverpool,

shopkeeper, (Hurd, Inner-temple) Dur- Keymer R. Colchester, vićtualler, (Whitham A. jun Birmingham, grocer, (Wil ton, Great James-street). Kerigan J. Liverfams, Staple-Inn).

pool, boot and shoe-maker, (Meddowcroft, Elsstrand D. and Valley S. Kingston. Gray's-Inn). Kopp F. C. Garden-row, upon-Hull, merchants, (Sykes and Co. Old-street-road, cutler, (Jones and Co. New-Inn). Earl J. Uxbridge shopkeeper, New-court, Crutched-friars). Kellitt D. (Reardon and Co. Corbet-court).

Leeds, butcher, (Robinson, Essex-street). Freeman D. Sykes W. and Freeman J. Key J. J. Gill-street, Lime-house, merBermondsey, and also of Bristol, leather- chanı, (Llewellyn, Fleet-street). factors, (Gatty and Co. Angel-court). Fau- Lloyd W. Bristol, merchant, (B. and O. del S. H. Sun-str., warehouseman, (How. Sinith, Bristol). Lavender J. Yeovil, Soard and Co. Jewry-street). Fullager G. merset, gardener, (Blandford, King's-benchChurch-row, Hampstead, corn and coal- walks). Laycock T. Minories, slopseller, merchant, (Williams, Cursitor-street). Feil (Adams, Old Jewry). Lawn B. Weedon H. Watling.street, Manchester-warehouse - Beck, Northamptou, hawker, (Agar, Furinan, (Courteen, Walbrook). Fea J. nival's-Inn). Lumb W. and T. Leeds, (own-cours, Threadneedle-str , inerchant, cabinet-makers, (Crosley, Holborn-court). T. and C. Frost, Hull). Fleming W. Bir- 'Lande A. Leadenhall-street, hardwareman, mingham, timber-merchant, (Owen and (Hartley, New Bridge-street). Co. Bartlett's-buildings).

Martell J. L. Lower Thames-street, merGould J. Harvington, paper-manufac- chant, (Crowder and Co. Frederick-place). jurer, (Cardale and Co. Gray's-Inn). Gib. Masset W.Wotton-under-edge, Gloucester, son R. Leicester-street, victwaller, (Allen, linen-draper, (Shephard and Co. BedfordCarlisle-street). Gammes C. Axminster, row). Mummery R. Market-street, MarDevon, draper, (Adams, Old Jewry). gale, merchant, (Newcombe, Vinc-street).

Haigh W. Halifax, grocer, (Hodgson, Munt T. Wallingford, Berks, fellmorger, Surrey-street). Hodgkinson G. Notting- (Price and Co. Lincoln's-Inn). Mitchell J. ham, cotten-spinner, (Allsopp and Co. Titchfield, linen-draper, (Willis and Co. Nottingham). Hook J. Bermondsey New Warnfort court). Mallalieu W. and G. Road, victualler, (Orchard, Hatton-garden). Manches:er, cotton-wool dealers, (Milne Hampton J.Woelwich, upholsterer, (Isaacs, and Co. Temple). Morgan J. Coppice. Bury-str.). Henning D. Leicester-square, row, Clerkenwell, victualler, (Vandercom upholsterer, (Morton, Gray's-Inn). Har- and Co. Bush-lane). Moore U. Bromley, piron H. York, rope-maker, (Sykes and Co. tailor, (Young, Symond's-Inn). New-Inn) Howarth P. Sowerby-bridge, Noakes T. Frith-street, pastry-cook, near Halifax, dealer, (Huxley, Temple). (Arrowsmith, Little Carter-lane). Norton Hartuff E. George-street, Adelphi, mer- J. Bloxham, Oxford, innholder, (Meyrick chant, (Wybourn and Co. Craigos-court). and Co. Red Lion-square). Northam J. Hobley W. Manchester, dealer, (Ellis, St. Thomas the Apostle, Devon, ironChancery-lane). Hamilton C. Windsor, founder, (Street and Co. Philpot-lane). linen-draper, (Jones, Martin's-lane). Healey Newman A. Frith--treet, printer, (Sherwin, S. Liverpool, merchant, (Avison, Hanover- Great James-street). Newman J. Cornhill, street). . Hancock A. Sheffield, grocer, merchant, (Rivington, Fenchurch-street(Baitye, Chancery-lane). Hopkins J. buildings). Frome, tailor, (Foulkes and Co. Gray's. Organ D. Bristol, broker, (James, Gray'sInn). Higgins W. Newport, Salop, stock. Ion-square). ing-manufacturer, (Price and Co. Old Philipps T. and Philipps J. jun. Milford, Buildings). Hickton H. Stockport, vic- merchants, (Wadeson and Co. Austintualler, (Cooper and Co. Southampton- friars). Pearson R. Tenterden, Kent, dra per, buildings). Hathaway W. Rodborough, (Payne avid Co. Aldermanbury). "Pearson clothier,(Constable, Symond's-Inn). Hewett J. Hydes-Cross, Manchester, grocer, (BourT. Dowding J. and Hewett J. Clothfair, dillon and Co. Little Friday-street). Porter clothiers, (Holmes and Co. Clement's-Inn). T. Union-court, merchant, (Parniher and Hassall W. Manchester, grocer, (Ellis, Son, London-street). Philipps T. Milford, Chancery-lane). Holmes Č. Bull-Head- Philipps J. Old City Chambers, merchants, court, haberdasher, (Hugbes, Christ- (Hillyard and Co. Copthall.court). Phipps church-passage). Hitchener W. H. Hen- Ř. Maidstone, linen-draper, (Moore, Woodles-apon-Thames, linen-draper, ( Mayo and stock-street). Powell J. Halifax, York, Co. Gray's-Inn-square).

dealer in salt, (Wiglesworth, Gray's-Jnn). Imeson, W. Prince's-row, Whitechapel. Pritchard G. New-street, bricklayer, (Chiproad, coal-merchant, (Anthony, Hatton- pendale, Great Queen-street). Paul J.

garden). Jackman S. Wendover, linen- Paddington-street, pawn-broker, (Fiske, 1 draper, (Jesse, Princes-street). Jones T. Palsgrave-place). Pickering J. Halliwell,

Colmore-row, Birmingham, tailor, (Con- Lancaster, and Platt E. Little Bolton, cotstable, Symond's Inn).

ton-spinners, (Edge, Inner-Temple). Pitt

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