aërostation, and ascended in a bal- twenty years, Mrs. Elizabeth Fletcher, loon.

a native of the Island, and relict of During the attack of St. Maura, one

Jacob Fletcher, Esq.

She retained of the lonian Islands, Major Clarke, all her faculties, enjoyed a good ap. brother of Sir Williain Clarke, Bart. petite, and possessed her usual flow a distinguished other in the East of spirits to the period of her death: Indies, and who lately died at Serin. in fact, she performed all her own gapatanı, The Major though he had domestic concerns till within three

She was of a not attained his 24th year, served with years of her decease. great eclat in the East Indies.

lively and cheerful turn.---Her

daughter, at the good age of eighty, On Gay Hills, in the parish of St. attended to her mother's wants and Thomas in the Vale, Jamaica, at the comforts at the close of this long advanced age of an hundred and litc.


JUNE 24, to JULY 24, 1810, inclusive. [Extracted from the London Gazette. )-----The Solicitors' Names are between Parentheses.

NDREWS T. Basinghall-sır. Black- nufacturers, (Swaun, New Basirghall-str.).

well-hall-fartor, (Hillyard and Co. Beck A. Oxford-street, sadler, (Hunt, SurCopthall-court). Abell F. Ingram.court, rey-street). Bowler G. Haughion, Man. merchant, (Pearce, Paternoster row). Al- chester, hat-manufacıurer, (Willis and Co, Ontdge C. Aidersgate-street, Aatter, (Silver, Warncord-count). Brown R. jun. Pleasant Aldersgute-street). Ashton T. Portsca, Place, Battle-brnige, painter and glazier, linen-draper, (Wiltshire and Co. Broad-st.). (Hamilton, Tavistock-row). Bowles W. Armstrong F. Salisbury-street, wine-mer- Ogien T. and Wyndham G. New Sarum ; chant, (Wasbrough, Warnford-court).- and Barrow J. Shaftesbury, bankers, (Mike Atchison D. Nortnainpton, draper, (Kin- lett, Middle Temple-lane). Briggs L. derley and Co. Holborn-court). Aldridge London-road, shoemaker, Colham green, R. Nathworth, Gloucesier, clothier, (Swan, soap-manufacturer, (Pitches and Co. SwiNew Basinghali-street).

thin's-lane). Bloore J. Ludgate-hill, vicBenjamin B. Chatham, glass and china- tualler, (Bell and Co. Bow-lane). Bennett man, (Howard and Co. Jewry-street). J. Tavistuck, mercer, (Davis, Exeter-str.). Barns W. Rochford, Essex, barg master, (Mangrail, Warwick square). Bachelor

Corbert J. C. and H. W. Liverpool, nerJ. and Petie J. Larkhall-place, Surrey, Halesworth, plumber, (Pugh, Tiernard-st.);

chants, (Windle, John-street). Critieu J. (Price, Clifford's-inn). Bartlett J. Colyton, Devon, bag-naker, (Jenkins and Co New? Cranch N. Exeter, merchant, (Abbott, Old

Broad-streel). Inn). Bull J. King's Langley, Hertford,

Coles W. Mincing-lane, carpenter, (Falcon, Elm-court)! Burbidge broker, (Walton, Girdler's-hall, BasinghallW. Cannon-street, umbrella-manufacturer,

street). Chandler T. and Newsoin T. Nor(Chapman and Co. St. Mildred's-court).

ion-Falgate, grocers, (Williams, jun. Lord

Mayor's Court-ofice). Carr G. and J. Booch J. Northen, Chester, cornfactor, and Smith J. Liverpool, corn-merchant, (Win

Sheffield, grocers, (Sykes and Co. Newdle, John-street). 'Brown J. A. Nicholas Inn). Crampton W. Beckingham, horseJane, (Blunt and Co. Old Bethlem, Broad- dealer, (Warrand and Co. Castle-court). street). Brickwood J. sen. Brickwood J. Corbett I.. Cheltenham, shopkeeper, (Men jun. Rainier J. Morgan W. and Starkey J.

rerith and Co. Lincoln's-Inn). Lombard-street, bankers, (Parnther and Co. Lollman S. and Banks W. Poultry, hatLondon-street). Balls J. Bury Saint Ed. ters, (Phillips, Howard-street). Davies J. munds, carrier, (Pickering, Staple-inn). Risca, Monmouthshire, merchant, (Wil. Butcher N. St. Martio-le Granel, victualler, liams, Red Lion-squaie). M‘Donald J. (Christie, Holborn court). Blakey T. B. Woolwichi, victualler, (Pearson, Elm-coll.). and J. Liverpool, merchants, (Windle, Dawson T. Sherburn, shopkeeper, (EdJohn-street). Bamford S. P. Exe:er, fac- munds, Euchequer office). ` Duckham T. tor, (Collett and Co. Chancery-lane) - Washfield, Levon, cattle-dealer, (Sykes Blandy E. Lyncombe and Widcombe, So- and Co. New-Inn). Dyson S. Huddersmersei, dealer and chapman, (Frowd, field, merchant, (battye, Chancery-lane). Serle-street). Bonsor W. Newcomb R. Deal J. T. Shaftsbury, brewer, (Cooper and Sisson J. Cannon-street, silk hat-ma and Co. Southampion-buildings). Darwin

H. Southampton, tailor, (Dodd, Billiter- rance-broket, (Pasmore, Warnford-court), lané).

Knott J. Margate, shoemaker, (Bell and Ellis R. Earle-street, Blackfriars, provin Co. Bow-lane). sion-broker, (Bryant, Copthall-court).-

Lund C. L. Austin-friars, broker and Earnsnow T. Southey Ridge, Silkstone,

agent, (Harrison, Crown-court). Luke corn-dealer, (King, Castle-street). East

W. Whitehall R. and Jenkin H. Westwoord J. "Liggeti, York, calico-maker, Smithfield, linen-drapers, (Caton and Co. (Hurd, Inner Temple). Egerton E. DarFal's-lane, Holloway, Turkey merchant, fields, St. George in the East, dealer in

Aldersgate-sireet). Legg R. Cornwell's (Sillward, Size-lane). Eccles F. Crispin- coals, (Reeks, 'Wellclose-square). Lewis street, Spitalfields, draper, (James, Dow- P. R. and Jackson J. Strand, silk-mercers, gate-hill).

(Russen, Crown-court). Langley J. GosField W. Trowbridge, inn-holder,(Wil- port, banker, (Boswell, St. Michael's-alley). liams, Red Lion-square). Fanshaw J. Li. Lloyd S. Manchester, dry-salter, (Swain verpool, dealer in earthenware, (Baddeley, and Co. Old Jewry). Luccock T. New Serle-street). Fox J. Coleman-street- Malton, York, stone-mason, (Morton, buildings, merchant,(Burn, Auction Mart). Gray's-Inn-square). Frost J. Doncaster, inn-holder, (Exley and Mark P. Plymouth-dock, draper, (Adams, Co. Furnival's-Inn). Faulding W. King. Old Jewry). Melton W. Manchester, vicston-upon-Hull, grocer, (Edmunds, Ex- tuxler, (Hurd, Temple). Marshall B. chequer Office of Pleas).

Bedminster Down, victualler, (James, Godwin T. Queen-street, merchant, Castle-Green, Bristol). Morgan E. New(Hart.ey, New Bridge-sireet).' Gaskell T. bridge, Monmouth, shopkeeper, (Pearson Braton-street, linen-draper, (Collins and and Son, Pump-court). Moon C. SouthCo. Spital-square).

ampton, druggist, (Barney, Southainpton). Harris R. Oxford, shopkeeper, (Moore, jis, Chancery-lane). Mingay S. and T:

Mozeley M. L. Liverpool, merchant, (ElBow-lane). Hippius J. Great St. Helens, and Nott P. West Smithfield, bankers, merchant, (Kearsey and Co. Bishopsgate. (Barrows and Co. Basinghall-street). Marstreet). Harrison W. Charlotle-street, vic- ris R. Great Grimsby, grocer, (Ellis, Chantvaller, (Cuppage and Co. Jermyn-street). Harries J. Portsea, dealer and chapman, cery lane). Middlehurst M. Wigan, Lan. kivers, Garlick-kill). Harrison W. Gorst caster, corn and four dealer, (Windle, W. Harrison W. Cooke S. and Harrison

John-street). lagenis D. Clifford's-InnJ. F. Tower-street, merchants, (Lamb, Malıby R. Mortimer-street, money-s riven

passage, victualler, (Brown, Pulding lane). Adersgate-street). Harrison J. F. Feneburch-street, banker, (Cooper and Co.

er, (Humphries, Clement’s-Inn). MapleSouthampton-buildings). Harrison J. F.

ton, Bath, cabinet-maker, (Edmunds, LinFarze J. B. and Blake T. Webbe-street,

coln's-lun). Suathwark, merchants, (Cranch, Union

Norton A Printer's-street, dealer, (Reilly, crunt, Broad-street). Harvey W. Chiswell.

Stafford-row). Nicholls R. Norwich, woolfyret, currier, (Owen and Co. Bartlett's: len-draper,- (Windus and Co. ChanceryHuildings). Hart G. Woodbridge, beer lane)Newcombe J. Exeter, victualler,

wer, (Flexney, Chancery-lane).' Holt (Williams and Co Prince's street). Nora Ripponden, cotton-spinner, (Hurd, and silk trimming-manufacturer, (Field,

mington J. St. Martin's-le-Grand, cotton Temple). Haritz J. Narrow-street, house, (Eviit and Co. Ilaydon-square).

Church-passage, Aldermanbury). Hinde J. Bucklersbury, grocer, (Cranch,

Penney T. and Mayo H. Ball-alley, Lom

bard-street, merchants, (Barrow, ThreadJordan T. Bath, linen draper, (Shep. needle-street). Peters J. Portsmouth, hard and Co. Bedford-row). Jamicson 3. merchant, (Annesley and Co. Angel-court). Liverpool, ship broker, (Davis, Liverpool). Pearson P. Caunton Common, Nottingham, Johanson J. Kingston upon Hull, currier, innkeeper, (Warrand and Co. Castle-court) Rosser and Son, Bartlett's-buildings),-

Pickslay W. Exeter, linen-draper, (Colleit Jones D. Ponty Pool, Monmouthshire, li- and Co. Chancery-lane). Phillips D. Brisquot-merchant, (Tarrant, Chancery-lane). tol, haberdasher, (Whiícombe and Co. Ser. Jakes G. M. Gosport, harker, (Boswelí, jeant’s-Inn). St. Michael's-alley). Jukes E Largley J. Robinson S. Saffron Walden, carpenter, and Jukes G. M. Gosport, bankers, ( Briggs, (Dawson & Co. Warwick-street). Robin.

son W: King's Newton, Derby, farrier, Killick R. Southampton, upholsterer, (Ley, Greaves, Derby ). Rome D. Liver(Vizard and Co. New-square). Knight W. pool, cabinet-maker, (Windie, John-str.). and Bucknell W. Kirby-street, watch-ma- Reed W. Southend, Essex, apothecary, nufacturers, (Orchard, Hatton-garden).- (Hunt, Warwick-court). Russel J. NorthKnibbs J. A. Lime-street-square, insu- street, Haymarket, poulterer, (Pike, Air




street). Roberts J. Sheffield, razor-maru- cheesemonger, (Clayton & Co. New-squ). facturer, (Bigs, Hatton garden).

Villars C. Conduit-sir, milliner, (Rich. Sanderson k. jun Kingston upon-Hell, ardson & Co. Bury stie :). Vos H. aid grocer, (Lowndes, Red Linn-square).- Essers J. C. Crutched-friars, merchants, Stroud B. Puole, linen-úra, er. (Jenkins & (Shawes & Co. Tudor-street). Co New-lon). Stochs S. Liley Clough, Windvatt T. Bridgetown, wool-spinner, Kirkheaton, clothier, (Crosley, Bolborn- (Follett, Paper building). Willis J. Jukes ci, t)

Sibbald R Lower Fast Smithfield, G.M Jac'isonJ G. and Langley J Saliss'op-sell.r, (Birkeit, Bond-coort). Sweet bury-square, merchants, (Boswell, St. MiW. Exeter, serge maker, (Williams & Co. chael's allev). Watson IV. sen. & Watson Prince's siteet). Slow G Manche:ter, jun. Warehouse, comfactors, (Fleadealer and chapman, (Hurrl, Inner-Temple). ney, Chancery-lane). White G. G. Bridle. Smith E. Dalion), Lanczster, corn dealer, lane, Islington, and of Custon, Kent, coal(indie, John-street). Sikas J. and J. factor, (Krarsey & Co. Bishop gate-street). Leeds, merchants, ( Ba'ryc, Charcery-lane) Wird T. Cheapside, haberdasher, (Birkeit, Stimson D. Great Grimsby, sont mason, Pend-streit). White H. Manchester, iron (Leigh & Co New Bridge-street) Sharpies liquor miaktr, ! illis, Chancery-lane). Wil. L. and W. Walion-le 11!e, Lancaster, liur : R. Bris:o!, cabinet-maker, (Fdmunds, cotton-manufacturers, (Llaka lock & Co. Fachirrt ffice of Pleas). Warwick W. Elm-court). Sutclitie A. Lale End, Sianis Rod Lion-s*Tert, Clerkenwell, jeweiler, field, cotton-mamuteturer, (E akelock & {\tkileri, Castin.stre-e). Wilcocks J. Co. Temple). Sterker R Epsum, inn. It is sait an! Frazer A. Ixeter, baria keeper, (Fowell, Fruit-lane, Cornhil) kers, (lill: 7.& Co. New-square). WatSandom R. Deptford, wine and brordy son C.C. Pentry-sireet, wine-merchant, merchant, (Charles', 'Alirkane). Simp. (Lruce', Billi. s <quare). Walmsley J. son J. New Walton, buel-fue'u, Moricii, Salforid, near Manchester, dealer in cotton Gray's-Sur-square). Sticbs C. Sexburv, twist and wift, (Illis, Chancery-lane). cabinei-maker, (Gregory, ale nient's-Iro). Wy's in II. & V. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Stanbury J. W. and R Plymouth-Duik, grocers, (Bourdillon & Co. Litile Fridaysalesmen, (Williams, Austin-friars). stret). Wilton R. Bishopsgate-street, mer

Turvey T. Ilam, Kingsto", bakır, Simpa chant, í Fi ke, Pal grave place). WeekesJ. son & Co. King's-Beuch-Waiks). Thomp. Sidburv, tanner, (Warry, New-Inn). Wilson T. Stockion, Durlism, derler & chap con Westmoreland-place, (Bryant, man, (James, Gray's lun-aquare). Turner Copthall court). J. Swesting, merchant, (wivus & Co. Young H. George-street, Brick-lane, vics Chancery-lane). Tutin R. Chandas-sir. tualler, (Whitron, Great James-stree!).



July 21, 1819. Grand Junctio:. Canal, 2501 per shars. Commercial Road, 401. pershare preal. Leicestershire & Vorthampionshire linion, EastIndia Branch of the Commercial, ö 1251. ditio.

Great Dover Strect ditto. 87. ditto. Grand Union, 62. per share prern.

East London Water Works, 2231. per sh. Wilts and Berk; ditto, 571.pos share. West Middlesex ditio, 1501. ditto Kennet anı Avon ditto, 141. ditio.

South London ditio, 15cl. dito. Croydon ditio, 491. ditto

Kent ditto, 4.1. per share prem. Grand Surrey disto, 781. ditto.

Colchester, 55l. ditto. Huddersfield ditto, 401. ditio

l'ortsmouth and Farlington, 23. ditto. Rochdale ditto, 501. ditto.

London Institution, 801. per share. Lancaster ditto, 231. 10s. ditto.

Surrey ditto, 101 per share discount. Ellesmere dito, 767. ditto.

Russell ditto, par. Worcester and Birmingham, 71. to 81. per Globe Fire and Life Insurance, 1281., share prim.

Imperial ditto, 801. ditto. London Dock, 1361. per cent,

Albion, C01. ditto Wese-India ditio, 1711. dito.

Hope, 5s. per share discount. Last India ditto, 1962. ditto.

Eagle, 128. diuto.
Commercial dit o, o 21. per share prem.

Atlas, pero
Strand Bridge, 21. 10s, per share discount. Rock, 21s. per share prem.
Vauxhall dilto, 41. ditio.

L, WOLFE and Co, Canel, Dock, f. Stock Brokerse


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AGRICULTURAL REPORT. THE corn, which, in the early part of the season, had an unfavourable appearance,

is much improved by the late rains, succeeded by a warm sun, and promises an abundant harvest Never was vegetation more luxuriant in this kingdoin. Prices of wheat have been sensibly on the decline for some clays pait, and will be still reduced mon-iderably lower. This intelligence has considerably damped the spirit of monopoly. Sone wiseacres, who prognosticated a scarcity next to a famine, will be thus most happily disappointed in their prediction.

Thougo the raius came too late for the pasture land, and the first crop of hay which was thin and poor, generally speaking, the second crops are expected to turn in us commonly well. II therto the continued impor ation of grain has had the tendency to keep up at the prices.-Fattening stock has also fetched a good price : sheep and los continue much the same. Hay continues high

Price of meat in Smithfield Market :-Beef, 5s. Od. to 6s. 6d ;-Mutton, 5s. 01. to ös.81.;-Veal, 45.10d. to 6s. 10d ;-Pork, 55, 8d. to 6s. 80. ---Lamb, 53.8d. to 7s. 4d. Viddleser, July 25.

AVERAGE PRICES OF CORN, By the WinchesterQuarter of 8 Bushels, and of OATMEAL per Boll of 140lbs.

Averdupois, from the Returns received in the Week ended July 21, 1810.

Wheat Rye Barley | Oats

Whea, Rye Barley, Oats.
d. d


d. s. d d. Midisx. 114 11 53 0 43 S 36 C Essex

1190 45 0.43

64 Surrey 120 4 50 0 46 039 4 Kent

109 9 58 0 43 61:72

0) Hertford 105 058 642 31 32 O Sus ex

115 &

2 0 Buford 105 101 64 0 45 0 So 0 Suffolk

115 S

48 6129 1 Huntin.i113 10

8! 29 OCambridge !12

42 C124 1 Northa. 109

41 10 26 21 Norfolk


14 0 39 C2 0 Rusland 109 3 63

47 27 Lincoln

107 (62 6 43 114 11 Licet 103 8 62 1 44 1 26 10 York

161 0 39 0,27 10 Norting: 111 4 62 029 81 Durham


08 9 Derby 99

44 61 33 41 Northumberland ! 64 0:41 21:35 3 Sartord 109 6

49 10:34 Cumberland 95 162 0 52 11 34 11 !21 11 90 1060 6 S6 & Westmurland

1 04 0 31 23.) 10 Herefor. 126 10 64 0 55 11 36 49 Lancaster

112 0

53 30 Horst. 121 2 60 $6 Chester.


32 10 Warwic!22 0 71 37


67 2 35 0 Denbigh

117 0

( 90 15 bers 1:9

43 10 23 (Anglaia.

0 Oxford 117 5! 31 il Caroarv.

49 4:24 8 Bucks 114

43 4 34 Oj Merioneth. 101

53 00 6 Brecon 152 8 96 4 32 Cardigan ..

107 GI

26 Montgo. 109 7


0.24 Radnor. 136 6 63 11 35 Carniartheil. 110

890) lamorgan 123

52 052

0 Gloucester 128

60) 7,2 10 Somerset.


46 Average of England and IVales. Monmouth 14 Wheat 114.00; Rye 6:35. 5d.; Barley Devon.. 123

52 5:50 8 493. 411.; Vats 31s. 1d.;

Bean Cornwall


34 1029 568. 01.; Pease 60s. Sd.; Oatmeai) Dorset


45 1154 0 Hants 1115

47 0,33

01 43


5 50

43 45



0! 62


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Sls. 9d.



BILL of MORTALITY, from JUNE 27, to JULY 21, 1810. CHRISTENED.

2 and 5 - 955 60 and 17) .172 916) Males, 911?

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5 and 10 70 70 and 8) - Site Females 897 1813


10 and 20 6880 and 90) .99 Whereof have died under two years old 513 20 and 80- 89 90 and 100

30 anni 40

148 Peck Loaf, 53.81. os 81. 55,3d, 40 and 50 169 Salt, 20s, per busbel, 41 per lb.

50 and 60 145


PRICE OF STOCKS, fiom JUNE 20, to JULY 25, 1310, both inclusive. Pays Bank 3p Cent. Cp Cent 14 p. Ci! Navy Long aperial Imperial Irish India India S. S. Sea Exche. Lotlery 1810 Stock. Reduc. Consols. Cons. pp.Cent. Auns. pp. Cent Anns.p.C Stock Bonds. Sto. Anns. Bils. Tickets





for Acct.


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26! 691
281 2594 691
29 holiday


693 3 259


708 7


703 * 101 20170

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121 2601 70 1: 2602 1703 1.

238 9.687

155 18 9-161hs

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4s.poi 2 22 is.poi 22 22 6s.pp22 Ss po 22 9s.pn122 is.pm22 7s.pm2 75.pu 22 73.p11122 5:.032 2.po22 22 22 2s.pm22 22 22


15 ipm
1518 15

15 pm

15 pm
1513 13


15 pm


15 pm
15 pm

1713 71 158

15 pm 71 70,5

15 ipin
1513 15 11 dislio 687
105 15 islo. 169]

15 14o. 16569

15 12 do. 1673
1518 15 68
15 3 15 11 do. 1681
159 15 11 do. 168


ומץ .225


18 3-161hs03

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192603 651 201 200 985



5 260


2001 18

213 pm

18 118 5-16ths

981 99 100

842 854

24 202 691 25 holiday

1801 1802 182

1181 181

N.B. In the 3 per cent Consols the highest and lowest Price of each day is given; in the other Stocks the highest only:


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