The Universal magazine, Volume 14

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Pagina 483 - Upon his word I entered the gate, and came up to the Cofferer's chamber, where I found all the ladies weeping bitterly. He...
Pagina 353 - I shall never envy the honours which wit and learning obtain in any other cause, if I can be numbered among the writers who have given ardour to virtue, and confidence to truth.
Pagina 385 - As one who, long in populous city pent, Where houses thick and sewers annoy the air, Forth issuing on a summer's morn, to breathe Among the pleasant villages and farms Adjoin'd, from each thing met conceives delight ; The smell of grain, or tedded grass, or kine, Or dairy, each rural sight, each rural sound...
Pagina 98 - Of devisors of false news and of horrible and false lies, of prelates, dukes, earls, barons, and other nobles and great men of the realm ; and also of the chancellor, treasurer, clerk of the privy seal, steward of the king's house, justices of the one bench or of the other, and of other great officers of the realm...
Pagina 481 - , and then discoursed with me of her indisposition, and that her heart had been sad and heavy for ten or twelve days, and in her discourse she fetched not so few as forty or fifty great sighs. I...
Pagina 483 - This that I heard with my ears, and did see with my eyes, I thought it my duty to set down, and to affirm it for a truth, upon the faith of a Christian ; because I know there have been many false lies reported of the end and death of that good lady.
Pagina 483 - I went in with them, and sat upon my knees, full of tears to see that heavy sight. Her Majesty lay upon her back, with one hand in the bed, and the other without. The Bishop kneeled...
Pagina 327 - Give me my scallop-shell of quiet, My staff of faith to walk upon. My scrip of joy, immortal diet, My bottle of salvation, My gown of glory, hope's true gage; And thus I'll take my pilgrimage.
Pagina 513 - Ireland, with part i of An historical address on the calamities occasioned by foreign influence in the nomination of Bishops to Irish Sees...
Pagina 426 - Foley, were of great use in completely securing the advantages gained. Every exertion was now made to get the convoy out of the river; but it being almost low water, it was late in the evening before they could be got afloat, and much labour and fatigue was occasioned, being obliged to shift the cargoes into smaller vessels to get them over the bar.

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