The Powers of Canadian Parliaments

Carswell, 1880 - 160 pagina's

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Pagina 41 - The General Parliament shall have power to make Laws for the peace, welfare, and good Government of the Federated Provinces (saving the Sovereignty of England), and especially Laws respecting the following subjects : 1.
Pagina 58 - The Privileges, Immunities, and Powers to be held, enjoyed and exercised by the Senate and by the House of Commons and by the Members thereof respectively...
Pagina 154 - ... (such proportion to be raised under the authority of the general court, or general assembly, of such province or colony, and disposable by parliament,) and shall engage to make provision also for the support of the civil government, and the administration of justice, in such province or colony, it will be proper, if such proposal...
Pagina 122 - The Administration of Justice in the Province, including the Constitution, Maintenance, and Organization of Provincial Courts, both of Civil and of Criminal Jurisdiction, and including Procedure in Civil Matters in those Courts.
Pagina 105 - The management and sale of the public lands belonging to the province and of the timber and wood thereon; 6.
Pagina 61 - ... *The privileges, immunities and powers to be held, enjoyed and exercised by the senate and by the house of commons, and by the members thereof respectively, shall be such as are from time to time defined by act of the parliament of Canada, but so that the same shall never exceed those at the passing of this act held, enjoyed, and exercised by the commons house of parliament of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and by the members thereof.
Pagina 47 - The following provisions of this Act respecting the Parliament of Canada, namely, — the provisions relating to appropriation and tax bills, the recommendation of money votes, the assent to bills, the disallowance of Acts, and the signification of pleasure on bills reservedj — shall extend and apply to the Legislatures of the several Provinces...
Pagina 110 - All lands, mines, minerals, and royalties belonging to the several provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick at the union, and all sums then due or payable for such lands, mines, minerals, or royalties, shall belong to the several provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in which the same are situate or arise...
Pagina 75 - Whereas the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick have expressed their Desire to be federally united into One Dominion under the Crown of the United Kingdom...
Pagina 50 - Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes. 19. Interest. 20. Legal Tender. 21. Bankruptcy and Insolvency. 22. Patents of Invention and Discovery. 23. Copyrights. 24. Indians and Lands reserved for the Indians. 25. Naturalization and Aliens. 26. Marriage and Divorce. 27. The Criminal Law, except- the Constitution of the Courts of Criminal Jurisdiction, but including the Procedure in Criminal Matters.

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