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bide me.

But none of these Things move me, neither count I my Life dear unto my self, so that I might finish my Course with Joy, and the Ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testifie the Gospel of the Grace of God. And now behold, I know that ye all, among whom I have gone preaching the Kingdom of God, hall see my Face no more. Wherefore I take you to Record this Day, that I am pure from the Blood of all Men. For I have not founned to declare unto you all the Counsel of God. Take Heed therefore unto your selves, and to all the Flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath mude


Overseers, to feed the Church of God, which he hath purchased with his own Blood : For I know this, that after my Departing shall grievous Wolves enter in among you, not sparing the Flock. Also of your own selves shall Men arise, speaking perverse Things, to • draw away Disciples after them. Therefore watch, and remember that by the Space of three Years, I ceased not to warn every one Night and Day with Tears. And now, Brethren, I commend you to God, and to the Word of his Grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an Inheritance


all them which are fančtified. I have coveted no Man's Silver, or Gold, or Apparel. Yea, you your selves know, that these Hands have ministred unto my Necessities, and to them that were with me. I have Mewed you all Things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the Weak; and to remember the Words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.

This awful Charge, deliver'd as the last and dying Words of the Apostle to the Elders at Ephesus, but equally belonging to, and affecting the Ministers of the Gospel in every Age of the Church, ought to be weighed and greatly ponder’d by all such as desire the Profperity of the


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Church of Christ, and the Exaltation of his Kingdom and Government in the World, which is the Prevalence of the Holy Ghost in the Hearts of Men. Under a Sense of the great Want and Necessity of this, we believe, the pious Author of the whole Duty of Man, writ the following weighty Expressions in his Prayer for the Peace of the Church.

· O Lord Jesus, let thy Spirit stretch out it self upon these Waters of evil wavering Opinions. • And because Thy Spirit, which, according to Thy Prophet's Saying, containeth all Things,

hath also the Science of Speaking ; make that « like as uñto all them which be of Thy House

, i is One Light, One Baptism, One God, One Hope

, « One Spirit, so they may also have One Voice, • One Note, One Song, profeffing One Catholick « Truth. When Thou didftmount up to Hea

ven Triumphantly, thou threwest out from above Thy precious Things ; Thou gavest Gifts • amongstMen, Thou dealteft fundry Rewards of

Thy Spirit. Renew again from Above Thy old « Bountifulness ; Give that Thing to Thy Church, « now Fainting and growing Downward, that • Thou gaveft unto Her shooting up, at Her first

Beginning. Give to the Bishops the Gift of « Prophecy, that they may declare and interpret

Holy Scripture, not of their own Brain, but of * Thine Inspiring The Testimony of JESUS is the Spirit of

PROPHECY, Rev. xix. 20.

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BOOKS Printed and Sold by the Alligns of J. Sowle; at

the Bible in George Tard, in Lombard-Sirce:.

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Acred History; or the Historical Part of the Holy Scriptures of the

OLD Teftament, digerted into due Method, with respect co Order of Time and Place; with some Observations, tending to Illustrate the lame'; with a Table to the whole, by Thomas Ellnood. l'rice 10 s.

Sacred History; or the Historical Part of the Holy Scriptures of the New Testament, digefted into due Method, with respect to Order of Time and Place; with some Oblervations, tending cu Illustrate che same; with a Table to the whole, by Thomas Elwood, Pric:95.

Davideis. the Life of David King of Israel: A Sicred Poem. In Five Books. by Thomas Elim:01. price 2 s. 6 d.

A Journal, or Hiftorical Account of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, Christian Experiences, and Labour of Love in the Work of the Ministry, of that Ancient, Eminenc and faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, George Fox. the second Edition in two Volumes !o s.

A Collection of many Select and Christian Epifties, Letters and Tefti. monies, written on sundry Occations by that Ancient, Eminent, Faithful Friend and Minister of Jeliis Christ, George Fox. Price !! s,

Gospel Truth Demontirated, in a Collectiou of Corinal Books, Containing Principles, Efiinţial to Christian ty and Salvacion, held amongit che People called Quakers, given forth by chiat Faithful Minister of Jefus Christ, George 1 ox, Price 18 s.

The Exormous Sii of Covetousness detected; with its Branches: Fraud. Opprethon, Lying, ingratitude, &c. 'And some Própolais how to escape there Dangerous and Destructive Evils. by William Crouck Frice 2 s.

Pobuma Chriftiana; Or, & Collection of some Piper's of Williain Crouch. Being a brief Historical r'cc. unt, under his own Hand, of his Convincement of, and Earlı Siffrings for the Tru i. with Remarks on Sundry memorablo Transitions, relating to the People call'd Quakers p. 15.61.

Scripture-Instruction, digefter into several Selión, by way of Queiti. on and Answer. In order to promute l'iety and Virtue, and Discourage Vice and Immorality. With a Preface relatirg to Education. By Jolio Freame, price is.

A Treatise concerning the Fear of God; Scripturally recomended urto all People, from the Example of the lariarchs, Prophets, Kinns, and judga es, Kec. With an Hiftorical /cconn', briefl; relating the many advantages which they received, who lived therein. price is.

Scripture Truth demonitrated, in 32 Sermons, or Declarations of Stre phen Crisp, late of Colchester in Elx, two of theni not before Priited in his other ihree Völ. now all done in one Vul, on a larger (aracter Pools

The Works of Willizyn Dill, Minister of the Gospel, and Maiter of Gonvil and Caius Colledge in Cambridge. All Reprinted in i Vol. pr.5 S.

A Treatise concerning Baptifin, and the Supper. Shewing, that the One baptism of the Spirit, and Spiritual Supper of the Lord, are only and alone, Ellential, and Neceffary to Salvai n. Wherein, the strong it Arguments for the use of the Outward Baptism and Supper are Conhd T ed, the People called Quakers Vindicated : and the greatest Objections against them, for their disuse of these Quyward Signs are Aintrerea, by Folep: Pike. price bound 15. 6 d.

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Primitive Christianity Revived, in the Faith and Practice of the Pea ple called Qirakers. Written in Testimony to the present Dispensation of God, through them to the World ; that Prejudices may be removed, the Simple i formed, the Well-inclined encouraged, and the Truth and its Innocent Friends rightly represented. by VV. Penn. Price i s.

An account of V. Penns Travels in Holland and Germany, for the Service of the Gospel of Chrift; by way of Journal. Containing allo divers Letters and Epistles, writ to several great and Eminent persons whild there; the third Impression. Corrected by the Author's own Copy; with some Answers nt Printed in the Firft. To which is now added Two Epistles, formerly Printed in Dutch, but never in English

, till thisthird Edition, price 2 s.

v. Penns Key in English new Edition price 4 d. French 4 d.

The History of the Life of Thomas Ellwood. Or, an Account of bis Birth, Education, &c. witb divers Observations on bis Life and manners when a Youth : And how he came to be convinced of the Truth ; wirb bis many Sufferings and Services for the same. also several other Remarkıble Passages aud Occurrences. written by his own Hanit. pr. 35.6d.

More Fruits of Solitude; being tbe second part of Refle&ions and Maxims relating to the Conduit of Humane Life. by the Author of tbe former. pr.9d.

The Harmony of Divine and Heavenly Doctrines, demonstrated in fundry Declarations, on Variety of Subje&s. Preached at the Quakers Meetings in London, by Mr. VV. Penn. Mr. G. Vp hitebead. Mr. S. VValdenfield

. Mr. B. Cole. taken in Short-hand, as it was delivered by them, and noto Faithfully transcribed and published for the Information of those, who by reason of Ignorance, may have received a prejudice against them. by a Lover of that people. price i s. 6 d.

No Cross, No Crown. A Discourse shewing the Nature and Discipline of the Holy Cross of Chrift; and that the Denyal of Self, and daily bearing of Christ's Cross, is the alone way to the Rest and Kingdom of God. 10 which is added, the living and dying Testimonies of divors Persons of Fame and Learning, in favour tof the Vertue and t=mperance recomended in this Treatise. by W. Penn. be Sixth Eddi:ion. price 3 S.

The Harmony of the Old and New Testament, and the fulfilling of the a Prophets concerning our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and his Kingdom nd Glory in the latter Days; with a Brief Concordance of the Names and Attributes &c. given unto Chrift: and some Texts of Scripture col

. leted, co.erning Christ's Humiliation and sufferings, also bis Excellent Dignity and Glorification. Published for the benefit of Christians and Jews ly John Tomkins. with an Appendix to the Jews, by W. Penn. tbe 3d Edit, with Additions. price i s.

The Vrks of the Long Mournful and Sorely Diftreffed Traac Penning ton, wbsm the Lord in his tender Mercy at length visited and relieved, by the Ministry of that Despised People, called Quakers; and in the Springings ef thaf Light, Life and Holy power in bim, which they had truly and faithfully teltified of, and directed bis Mind to, were these things written, and now published as a thankful testimony of ihe goodness of the Lord to him, and for the Benefit of oth ts. In two parts. price 12 s. ; The vores of the memorable and ancient Servant of Christ, Stephen


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Crisp; containing also a lournal of bis Life, giving an Account of his convincement, Travels, Labours and Sufferings in and for the Trutb. price 5 $.

Truth's Innocency and simplicity shining, through the Conversion, Gospel-Ministry, Labours, Epiftles of Love, Testimonies and Warnings, to Professors and Profane ( with the Long and Patient Sufferings ) of that Ancient and Faithful minister and Servant of Jesus Christ, Thomas Taylor. price bound 5 s.

The Memory of the Righteous revived, being a Collection of the Books and written Epiftles of Fohn Camm and Fobn Audland; together with several Testimonies relating to those two faithful Labourers. P, 25.

The design of Christianity tettified, in the Books, Epistles, and Manuscripts, of that Ancient and faithful Servant of Christ Jesus, Fobs Crook, who departed this Life the 26th Day of the 2d Month, 1699. in the Eighty-second Year of his age. price 3 s. 6 d.

A Collection of the writings and Epistles of our ancient deceased Friend 7 on V V bitebead, price 3s.

Sion's Travellers comforted, and the Disobedient Warned. In a Col. lection of Books and Epistles of that Faithful Minister of Jesus Chrift Charles Marshal, price 3 s.

A Collection of the Christian writings Labours, Travels and Sufferings, of that faithful and approved Minister of Jesus Christ, Koger Hadock. with an account of his Death and Brajal. price bound

An Apology for the true Chriftian Divinity, as the same is held Forth and Preached by the People, called in Scorn Quakers; Being a Full Examination and Vindication of their Principle and Doctrines, by many arguments, deduced from Scripture and right Reason, and the Testimonies of Famous Authors, both ancient and Modern, with a full Answer to the ftrongest Objections usually made against them. By Robert Barclay. the Fifth Edition in English. price bound 4 s.

Robert Barclay's Apology Trandated into French, and Spanish, for the Information of Strangers. price 5 s.

New England Judged, In two parts. First, Containing a Brief Relation of the Sufferings of the People called Quakers in New England, from the Time of their first Arrival there, in the Year 1656, to the Year 166. Wherein their Merciless Whippings, Chainings, Finings, Imprisonings, Starvings, burning in the Hand, Cutting off Ears, and putting to Death, with divers other Cruelties, inflicted upon the Bodies of Innocent Men and Women, only for Conscience-sake, are briefly defcribed. Second Part, being a farther Relation of the cruel Sufferings of the People called Quakers in New England, continued from Anno 1665, to Anno 1665. Beginning with the Sufferings of William Leddra, whom they put to Death: Published by George BShop, in Anno 1661 and 1667. and now some-what abreviatedl. with an Appendix, containing the Writing of several of the Sufferers; with fome Notes, fhewing the Accomplishment of their Prophecies, and a Postscript of the judgments of God, that have befallen divers of their Persecutors. Also, an Answer to Cotton Mather's abuses of the said Peeple, in bis late Hift ry of New England, printed anno 1702. prices s. Vindiciz Veritatis : Or an Occasional Defence of the Principles and

* 2


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