[blocks in formation]

Macdonald, G.....

Adelung, J. C. See Du Cange, Sieur.

.1882 N 3976

.1881 I 673

Adeney, W. F. See Spence, H. D. M.
Adhesive Stamp, The. Chalmers, P...
Adieux du vieux conteur. Bouilly, J. N... 1844 H 3264
Adis und Dahy. Wieland, C. M. (In his

Werke, v. 30) ..N.D. H 3035 Adlard, George. Amye Robsart, and the Earl of Leycester: a Critical Inquiry into the Authenticity of the Various Statements in Relation to the Death of Amye Robsart, and of the Libels on the Earl of Leycester; with a Vindication of the Earl by his Nephew Sir Philip Sydney; and a History of Kenilworth Castle, including an Account of the Splendid Entertainment given to Queen Elizabeth by the Earl of Leycester, in 1575, from the Works of Robert Laneham and George Gascoigne; together with Memoirs and Correspondence of Sir Robert Dudley, Son of the Earl of Leycester. pp. xx + 344, illus.

1870 E 5001

Administration. See Political Philosophy. Admirals, English. Stevenson, R. L. (In his Virginibus Puerisque) ..1881 H 2933 Adolphus, I. H. The Royal Exile; or, Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of Her Majesty, Caroline, Queen Consort of Great Britain; embracing every Circumstance connected with the Memorable Scenes of her Eventful Life, from the Earliest Period to her late Arrival in England, a full and Impartial History of the Charges against her, and Proceedings in Parliament, &c. 18th ed., ports. .2 v. 1821 E 4983 Adulteration, History of. Blyth, A. W. (In

his Foods.)..

See also Bread.

.1882 B 1314

Advance of Science, The: [a Poem.] Goldsmith, J. H. (In Antiquarian, &c. Pamphlets.)

.1844 F


...1879 I


Advocates, Historical Essay on the Office and

Duties of. Forsyth, W...

Advocates' Library. See Edinburgh.

Edelwulf. See Ethelwold.

Ælfric. Lives of the Saints: being a set of Sermons on Saints' Days, formerly observed by the English Church; ed. by Walter W. Skeat. Pt. 1 (E. Eng. Text Soc.. v. 76.) 1881 H 2254 Æronautics. Die Aëropetomanie. Die Aëronauten.

Wieland, C. M. (In his Werke, v. 35). N.D. H 3035 Æs Triplex. Stevenson, R. L. (In his Virginibus Puerisque)..

.1881 H 2933

Æsopus. Les Fables du très ancien Esope;
mises en rithme françoise par Gilles Cor-
rozet; publiées par le marquis de Queux de
Saint-Hilaire. (Cabinet du bibliophile.)

pp. viii + 227.
Paris, 1882 M 1936
Some of Æsop's Fables; with Modern
Instances shewn in Designs by Randolph
Caldecott; from New Translations by Alfred
Caldecott. pp. iv + 80..........4°. 1883 D 948
Bentley, R. Dissertation upon the Fables
of Æsop...

...1883 O

352 La Fontaine, J. de. La vie d'Esope le phrygien. (In his Euvres, v. 1)......1883 H 3205 Esthetic Movement in England. Hamilton, W. .1882 H 3124



.1882 D 1916

Esthetics. Art and the Formation of Taste. Crane, L...... Afflick, James O. A Cold what it means, its possible consequences, and how it is to be avoided. (In Health Lectures. Edinburgh. Ser. 2) AFGHAN WAR, 1879-80.

...1882 B 1341

[blocks in formation]

Mavor, W. Early Voyages of the English to the Coast of A. (In his Voyages, v. 2.) Travels in Europe, A., and Asia, by C. P. Thunberg, 1770 and 1779. (In v. 15.) Travels in the Interior Districts of A., by Christian F. Damberger, 1781-97, by Mungo Park, 1795-97, by John Ledyard, and by Paul Lucus. (In v. 21.) Travels in the Interior of A., by John Barrow, 1797-8, and François le Vaillant, 1780-85. (In v. 22) ..1797-1801 G 2893 Serpa Pinto, A. de. How I crossed A.

from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.

2 v. 1881 G 2758 Thomson, J. To the Central African Lakes and Back. .....2 v. 1881 G 2761 See also Egypt, Livingstone (David), Senegambia, Uganda.

[blocks in formation]
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(In Harvard Coll. Mem., v. 9) ..4°. 1882-3 C 236 Contents-Pt. 1. Crustacea, by Walter Faxon.

2. Echinodermata, by Alexander Agassiz. Agathodämon. Wieland, C. M. (In his Werke,

v. 23)

[blocks in formation]

N.D. H 3035 (In

N.D. H 3035 1819 I 734 (Euvres,

.1862 H 3198 ..1880 H 2914

Aggravating Ladies. Thomas, R.
Agnew, Sir Andrew, Memoirs of. M'Crie, T. 1852 E 1984

Greg, P. Without God............. 1883 A 3858
Porter, N. A., a Doctrine of Despair. (In

Present Day Tracts, v. 2) ..........[1883] A 3835 AGRICULTURE.


Dun, F. American Farming and Food. 1881 K 588 Fitzherbert, Sir A. The Book of Husbandry. (Eng. Dialect Soc., No. 37.)...1882 H 2616 Manchester and Liverpool Agricultural Society, Journal of the. 1856, 1857, 1862, and 1867. ..4 pts. 1856-67 Ontario Agricultural Commission. Report of the Commissioners, and Appendices A to S. ..5 v. in 2. 1881 C 1631 Rogers, J. E. T. Iistory of A. and Prices in England, 1259-1793. v. 1-4. 4 v. 1866-82 K 612 Royal Agricultural Society of England, Journal of the. 2nd ser., v. 17-19. 3 v. 1881-3 H 1301 Tanner, H. The Abbotts Farm 1880 C 1724 Elementary Lessons in the Science of

Agricultural Practice..

First Principles of


.....1881 C 1768 .....1881 C 1723

See also Corn Laws, Ensilage, Silos. Ahnenprobe, Die. Tieck, L. (In his Gesamelte

Novellen, v. 6)

1853 H 3041 Aigburth, Historical Topography of. Boult, J. 4°. 1868 F 468 Aikin, Arthur. A Manual of Mineralogy. 2nd ed., with Additions and Corrections. pp. viii + 263 ...1815 C 1771

Aikin, J. (Ed.) See White, Gilbert.
Ainger, Alfred. Charles Lamb. (English Men


of Letters.) pp. xii + 186..... 1882 E 4328 Ainos, The. Ethnologische Studien über die Aino. Siebold, H. von. (Suppt. zu Zeitschrift für Ethnologie, Bd. 13).. ......1881 C 1345 Ransome, A. Foul A. and Lung Disease. Pure A. and its Influence upon Health. (In Health Lectures, Ser. 1) [1878] B 1293 Tornoe, H. The Air in Sea-Water. (In Norwegian North Atlantic Expedition, Chemistry, 1)............. ..4°. 1880 G Airy, Osmund. (Ed.) See Camden Soc. Pub. v. 31. Albert, Prince Consort.


The Collected Compositions of; ed. by W. G. Cusins. pp. ii + 221 ....f° [1881] D 1002 Bagehot, W. The Prince Consort. (In his Biographical Studies) ..... ..1881 E 4785 Nichols, W. The Beloved Prince.... 1880 E 4909

Albert, Prince Consort-continued. Rimmer, A. The Early Homes of Prince Albert ....1883 F 1263 Albert, Dominique, and Egerton Smith. Homonymes Français; or, the French Homonymous Words arranged in Sentences, by which the Process of Committing them to Memory is materially Facilitated, on an entirely Original Plan. pp. 109.... .1831 L Albert, Eugène d'. See Sullivan, Arthur.


Martyr of Antioch. Albertus Magnus, Bp. of Ratisbon. The Universal Doctor. Townsend, W. J. (In his Great Schoolmen) ....1881 E 4922

..N.D. M 1463

Albery, James. Two Roses: a Comedy. (In
Lacy's Plays, v. 118)......
Albi, Languedoc. Origines de l'imprimerie à
Albi, en Languedoc (1480-1484). Claudin,
A. (Ed.)
...1880 D 1819
Albigenser, Die. Lenau, N. (In his Sämtliche
Werke, v. 4)
[1883] H 3136
Alboflede. Wieland, C. M. (In hisWerke, v. 30) N.D. H 3035
Alceste: ein Singspiel. Briefe über die "Alceste."
Altere deutsche Singspiele die den Namen
"Alceste." Wieland, C. M.
Werke, v. 29)..

Alchemist, The: a Comedy].

(In his Works, v. 4)

[blocks in formation]

on the Syntax of the English Language. 2nd ed. pp. xii + 130.............. L'pool, 1830 L Alexander, W.L. See Spence, H.D.M.,&c. (Eds.) Alexander le grand: tragédie. Racine, J. (In his Œuvres, v. I)...... ...1865 H 3200 Alexander of Hales. The Irrefragable Doctor. Townsend, W. J. (In his Great Schoolmen)..... .....1881 E 4922 Alfieri, Count Vittoria. Trollope, F. E. (In her Homes and Haunts of the Italian Poets, v. 2) .1881 E 4928 Alfonso X, King of Castile and Leon (surnamed El Sabio). Lapidario del Rey D. Alfonso X. Codice Original. [Fotolitografiado y compitiendo con el original mismo en la Biblioteca del Escorial; con un prólogo por D. Jose F. Montaña. Publicada por la Real Academia de la Historia, Madrid.] pp. xxvi+ 76+lithographed pp. 264..4°. Madrid, 1881 B Note-The 76 pp. form a reproduction in modern Spanish typography of the Lapidario.


[blocks in formation]

Lessons Introductory to the Modern Higher A. .....1876 B 1322 Serret, J. A. Cours d' algèbre supérieure. ...2 v. 1877-9 B 1351 Todhunter, I. A. for the Use of Colleges and Schools.


Key to above


1879 B 688 .1881 B 688

Barclay, E. Mountain Life in Algeria..1882 G 2797 Knox, A. A. The New Playground. 1881 G 2740 Pitts, J. Narrative of the Captivity of, among the Algerines. (In Mavor's Voyages, v. 20). ...1797 G 2893 Ali, Syed Ameer. The Personal Law of the Mahommedans (according to all the Schools); together with a Comparative Sketch of the Law of Inheritance among the Sunnis and the Shiahs. pp. xii+431 ......1880 I 655 Aliquanto Latior." See Burns, Robert, and the Ayrshire Moderates.


All Sorts and Conditions of Men.

[ocr errors]

Besant, W.

.1883 N 3997

All the Blocks. Ireland, W. H.. 1807 I 713 All the Talents. Combe, W.. 1807 I 713 All the Talents Garland. Barrett, E. S. ..1807 I 713 All the Year Round; conducted by Charles Dickens. New Ser., v. 26-32. 7 v. 1881-3 H 1094 Alla Moddin: Schauspiel. Tieck, L. (In his Schriften, v. II)... .1829 H 3040 Allardyce, Alexander. Memoir of the Honourable George Keith Elphinstone, K.B., Viscount Keith, Admiral of the Red. pp. viii+432, port., maps, illus. ..Edin., 1882 E 5031 Allegri, Antonio de', surnamed Correggio. Heaton, M. C.... ...1882 E 4404 Allen, Grant. Colin Clout's Calendar: the Record of a Summer, April-October. pp. viii + 237 ..1883 C 1737 The Colours of Flowers as Illustrated in the British Flora. (Nature Ser) pp. viii+119, illus.....

..1882 C 1543

The Evolutionist at Large. pp. xii+215. 1881 C 1605 Flowers and their Pedigrees. pp. iv + 266,


..1883 C 1763 Nature

[1883] C 1736

Andrew Wilson, and others. Studies. ("Knowledge" Library.) pp. iv + 342, illus.


Contents. Charles R Darwin, by R. A. Proctor; Newton and Darwin, by the same; Dreams, by Edward Clodd; Honey Ants, by Grant Allen; Colours of Animals, by Andrew Wilson; A Winter Weed, by Grant Allen; A Poisonous Lizard. by Andrew Wilson; Birds with Teeth, by Thomas Foster; The Fiji Islands, by R. A. Proctor; Hyacinth Bulbs, by Grant Allen; Our Unbidden Guests, by Andrew Wilson; The First Daffodil, by Grant Allen; Strange Sea Monsters, by R. A. Proctor; The Origin of Buttercups, by Grant Allen; Found Links, by Andrew Wilson; Intelligence in Animals, by R. A. Proctor; Our Ancestors, by Grant Allen; The Beetle's View of Life, by the same; What is a Grape? by the same; Germs of Disease and Death, by Andrew Wilson; A Wonderful Discovery, by R. A. Proctor; Brain Troubles, by the same; ThoughtReading, by the same; Monkshood, by Grant Allen.


Allen, Joel A. Notes on some of the Rarer Birds
of Massachusetts; and other Papers.
.....V.P., V.D. C 1127
Contents.--Notes on some of the Rarer Birds of Massa-
chusetts. From the American Naturalist,
1869. Salem, 1869.

The Mammals of Iowa. From the Proc. of
the Boston Soc. of Nat. Hist., 1869. Boston,

The Flora of the Prairies.

can Naturalist, 1870.

From the Ameri

The Fauna of the Prairies. From the American Naturalist, 1871.

Ornithological Notes from the West. From the American Naturalist, 1872. Metamorphism produced by the Burning of Lignite Beds in Dakota and Montana. From the Proc. of the Boston Soc. of Nat. Hist., 1874. Boston, 1874.

Notes on the Natural History of Portions of Montana and Dakota: being the Substance of a Report to the Secretary of War on the Collections made by the North Pacific Railroad Expedition of 1873, Gen. D. S. Stanley, Commander. From the above Proc. Boston, 1874.

Geographical Variation among North American Mammals, especially in respect to size. Sexual, Individual, and Geographical Variation in Leucosticte tephrocotis. Extracted from Bulletin of the United States Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories. Washington, 1876. Description of a Fossil Passerine Bird, from the Insect-Bearing Shales of Colorado. From the above Bulletin, Washington, 1878. The Influence of Physical Conditions in the Genesis of Species. From the Radical Review. N.D.


Allen, Joseph. Jackson, T. (Ed.) (In his Early Methodist Preachers, v. 6) ....1866 E 2835 Allgemeine deutsche Biographie. Bde. 13-18.... 6 v. Leipzig, 1881-3 E 3802 Allgemeines Künstler-Lexicon ; oder, Leben und Werke der berühmtesten bildenden Künstler. 2te Aufl., umgearbeitet und ergänzt von A. Seubert.......3 v. Frankfurt, 1882 E 5228 Allman, G. J. Report on the Hydroida dredged by H.M.S."Challenger" during 1873-1876. Ist pt.-Plumularidæ. (In "Challenger," H.M.S., Voyage of, Zoology, v. 7) 4°. 1883 C Allon, Henry. The Vision of God, and other Sermons, preached on Special Occasions. 3rd ed. pp. xii + 303.... Alloy Tables. Lutschaunig, A. Allston, Washington. Outlines and Sketches; engraved by J. and S. W. Cheney. pl. 18. .fo. Boston, 1850 D 985 Tuckerman, H. T. Washington Allston. (In his Book of the Artists) Alma Mater. Richardson, W.. Almanach de Gotha. Annuaire généalogique, diplomatique et statistique. 1882-4. Ports. ...3 v. Gotha, [1881-3] P Almanacs, Collection of..........19 v. 1715-33 P The following is a list of the Almanacs contained in this Collection:

[blocks in formation]

The Ladies' Diary; or, the Woman's Almanack, 1715-1733. Great News from the Stars, by William Andrews, 1715-1733. Merlinus Anglicus Junior; or, the Starry Messenger, by Henry Coley, 1715-1733. Ephemerides, by Job Gadbury, 1715-1733. Vox Stellarum, by Francis Moore, 17151733. Partridge's (John) Almanack, 17151733- Poor Robin's Almanack, 1715-1733. Apollo Anglicanus: the English Apollo, by Richard Saunder, 1715-1733. Great Briton's Diary; or, the Union Almanack, 1715-1728. Wing's (John) Almanack, 1715-1733. Parker's Ephemeris, 1718-1733. The Celestial Diary, by Salem Pearse, 1719-1733. The British Telescope: being an Ephemeris of the Coelestial Motions, by Edmund Weaver, 1724-1733. Ephemeris Britannica; or, an

[blocks in formation]

Astronomical State of the Heavens, by G. Kingsley, 1715-1717, 1721 and 1723. Angelus Britannicus, by John Tanner, 1715. Sharpe's (William) Almanack, 1724. The Celestial Journal, by Thomas Sparrow, 1726. Speculum Anni, by Thomas Lane, 1730-1732. Speculum Coeleste, by James Hartley, 1732-3. Culpepper Revived: being an Almanack by Nathaniel Culpepper, 1732. Calendarium Astrologicum, by Thomas Trigge, 1732. Perkins' (F.) Almanack, 1732. Swallow a New Almanack, 1732. Fly: an Almanack, 1732. Speculum Anni, by Henry Season, 1733.

See also the names by which Almanacks are known-American, British, Eason's, Financial Reform, Hawaiian, Nautical, Oliver and Boyd's, &c.

Almansur ein Idyll. Tieck, L. (In his Schrif


[blocks in formation]

..1828 H 3040

[blocks in formation]

Burnaby, Mrs. F. The High Alps in Winter.

Civiale, A. Les alpes.

Carte des alpes.

Alston, A. H. Seamanship. New ed., revised and enlarged, by R. H. Harris; with a Treatise on Nautical Surveying, by Daniel J. May; also, Instructions for Officers of the Merchant Service, by W. H. Rosser. pp. xxxii +586, illus..... Portsmouth, 1879 D 580 Altavona. Blackie, J. S. ..1882 H 3049 Altcar, Sefton, Halsall, and Walton-upon-the-Hill. Abstract of an Act of Parliament (19th Geo. III., ch. 33, 1779) for Draining, Improving, and Preserving the Low Lands in the Parishes of, and some Facts, showing the Commencement and Progress of the Works up to the Present Period. pp. viii+162, Map and Plan .... .... L'pool, 1850 Alte Buch, Das, und die Reise ins Blaue hinein. Tieck, L. (In his Gesammelte Novellen, v. 8) 1853 H 3041 Alte Jungfer, Die: ein Lustspiel. Lessing, G. E. (In his Sämtliche Werke, v. 2) [1882] H 3133 Alte vom Berge, Der. Tieck, L. (In his Gesammelte Novellen. v. 8) .1853 H 3041 Altenglische Sprachproben. Mätzner, E. (Ed.) Bd. 2, Lief. 7-8. 1880-2 L 473 2 v. 1883 N 4018

Altiora Peto. Oliphant, L.


Alvarez, Francisco. Narrative of the Portuguese Embassy to Abyssinia, during the Years 1520-1527; transl. from the Portuguese, and ed., with Notes and an Introduction, by Lord Stanley of Alderley. (Hakluyt Soc.) pp xxviii+416, map.

Amants magnifiques, Les: comédie.

..1881 G 2569

Molière, J.

1882 H 3196

B. P. (In his Euvres, v. 7) Amari, Michele. La guerra del Vespro Siciliano. 8va ed., corretta ed accresciuta dall'autore e corredata di nuovi documenti .....

.......2 v. Firenze, 1876 E 4999 Amateur. (Pseud.) See Real Life in London. AMATEUR THEATRICALS.

Doran, J. Private Theatricals. (In his In and about Drury Lane, v. 1) ......1881 M 1866 Private Theatricals: being a Practical Guide for the Home Stage, by an Old Stager J. S. H.]; with Pictorial Suggestions for Scenes, after Designs by Shirley Hodson. pp. viii+118, illus. Amazon, River, and its Tributaries. Thousand Miles on the. Brown, C. B., &c. Ambassadors, On the Virtues and on the Office of. Philo Judæus. (In his Works, v. 4) 1855 E 4883


Ewald, A. C.

his Stories from

Mavor, W.

.1881 D 1861 Fifteen

.1878 G 2904

The Massacre of A. (In

the State Papers, v. 2)..1882 E 4921 Barbarity of the Dutch to the English at A. (In his Voyages, v. 10) 1797 G 2893 Ambrose, Isaac. Works of, namely, the Doctrine of Regeneration; the Practice of Sanctification, exemplified in the Believer's Privileges and Duties; Looking unto Jesus; or, the Soul's Eyeing of Jesus as Carrying on the Great Work of Man's Salvation; and the Ministration of, and Communion with, Angels; with a Short Memoir of the Author. pp. 560.. .L'pool, [1820] A 3704 Ambulance Lectures. First Aid to the Injured. Esmarch, F. .1882 B 1331 Amelia, Princess, and her Sister. Fitzgerald, P. (In his Royal Dukes and Princesses, v. I.)


1882 E 5207

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Welsh, W. Visit to the Sioux and Ponka

Indians. (In U. S. Govt. Pamphlets.) 1872 H 1596
Yarrow, H. C. Mortuary Customs of the
North A. I. (In Powell's Report of the

Bureau of Ethnology, 1879.80.) ..1881 C 1697 American Literature. See United States :




Sanborn, F. B.

Scudder, H. E. Warner, C. D.

LETTERS; ed. by C. D.

Henry D. Thoreau...1882 E 5034 Noah Webster... .1882 E 5033


Washington Irving.. 1882 E 5032 American Miller, The: a Monthly Journal devoted to the Art and Science of Milling. v. 8. Illus. ... ...f°. Chicago, 1880 H American Statesmen; ed. by John T. Morse, Jun. Daniel Webster. Lodge, H. C. 1883 E 5241 American Stranger's Guide to London and Liverpool at Table: how to Dine and Order a Dinner, and where to avoid Dining; with Practical Hints to Butlers and Cooks, etc. 4th ed. pp. 68 .. .L'pool, 1859 H 2919 Amerika's Nordwest-Küste neueste ergebnisse ethnologischer Reisen ; aus den Sammlung.


der königlichen Museen zu Berlin. Herausg. von der Direction der ethnologischen Abtheilung. pl. 13. f°. Berlin, 1883 C 196 Ammen, Daniel. The Atlantic Coast. (The Navy in the Civil War.) pp_xii+273, .New York, 1883 E 5238 Ammoniacal Liquor, The Distillation of. Lunge, G. ...1882 B 1329



Ammonites, Lias, of the British Islands. Wright, (Palæont. Soc., v. 35-37)

T. Pts. 4-6.

Among the Mongols. Among the Sons of Ham.

..1796 G 2893

4°. 1881-3 H Gilmour, J....... [1883] G 2877 Hughes, Mrs. T. F. 1881 G 2789 Amoretti and Epithalamion. Spenser, E. (In his Works, v. 4)...


1882 H 3052

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Dorsey, J. O., &c. Illustration of the Method of recording Indian Languages. (In Powell's Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1879-80.) ... 1881 C 1697 Mallery, G. Sign Language among North A. I. (In Powell's Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1879-80.) ....... 1881 C 1697 Parkman, F. The Conspiracy of Pontiac. ....... 2 v. 1874 E 5092 Pilling, J. C. Catalogue of Linguistic Manuscripts in the Library of the Bureau of Ethnology. (In Powell's Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1879-80.)...... 1881 C 1697 Powell, J. W. Sketch of the Mythology of the North A. I. Wyandot Government. (In his Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1879-80.).

[blocks in formation]

Amorous Widow. Betterton, T. (In Gildon's

Amos, Sheldon. The Science of Politics. (Int.
Scientific Ser.) pp. viii+490
Amour médecin, L': comédie. Molière, J. B. P.
(In his Œuvres, v. 5)

1883 I 752 1880 H 3196

Amphitryon: comédie. Molière, J. B. P. (In his Euvres v. 6)

1881 H 3196

Amphitryon ein Lustspiel. Kleist, H. von.
(In his Sämtliche Werke, v. 2) [1883] H 3132
Amsdon, Edward. Guide to Brewers' Book-
Keeping, showing an Easy and Concise
Method of Keeping the Cash Accounts,
Brewing, Stock, and other Books of a
Brewer. [2nd ed.] pp. 113. ........ 1881 K 626
Supplement to, containing a Model Set

[blocks in formation]
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