Design Principles for Teaching Effective Writing: Theoretical and Empirical Grounded Principles

Raquel Fidalgo, Karen R. Harris, Martine Braaksma
Brill, 2018 - 324 pagina's
This volume presents effective instructional programs focused on two perspectives on writing: the teaching and learning of writing as a skill and the use of writing as a learning activity in various school subjects or skills acquisition. It is focused on analysing micro-design features of the programs (such as learning activities, supporting materials, specific strategies, instructional techniques) but also, macro-design rules of intervention programs (such as, instructional sequence, instructional stages) based on research evidence provided for previous studies. This volume goes beyond a practical volume because it provides additional reflection and discussion about theoretical background and empirically based evidence which support the specific intervention programs described. Several chapters in this book include links to an Open Access e-book where teacher and student materials for the authors' instructional approaches can be found (see ToC).

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