The Mysteries of Druidry: Celtic Mysticism, Theory and Practice

Career Press, 2006 - 237 pagina's
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The Druids were the mystics, philosophers, and magicians of the ancient Celtic world. Their spirituality was borne from their near-worship of poetry and music, thier warrior prowess, and the world of nature. The Mysteries of Druidry reveals this mystical romanticism as it was in ancient times, and shows various ways to bring it to life today, in both private and social realms. Thoroughly researched, provocative, and informative, the book carries the reader back to the world of the Druids, not just through Celtic mythology and traditional storytelling, but through the author's own experience of living and traveling in Ireland and visiting its sacred sites. The Mysteries of Druidry combines a high-quality "training manual" for modern spiritual Celts and Druids with an original and thought-provoking philosophical account of the spiritual meaning of Druidry.

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Druidic books tend to make my eyes roll, however this isn't one of them. Druidism is a tradition that has been for the most part, passed down through an oral tradition, as not much survived through ... Volledige review lezen

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Questions and Answers
Nine Druidic Mysteries
Peaceful Abiding
Space Time and Magic
The Fire in the Head and The Sea Journey
Gathering the Clanns
The Renewal of the World
The Turning of the Wheel
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Isaac Bonewits is one of the World's best known NeoPagan and New Age leaders. He is author of the occult classic Real Magic and The Pagan Man. In 1970 he graduated from University of California at Berkeley with a bachelor of arts degree in magic, the first person ever to do so at a Westem educational institution. He travels extensively across the globe leading Rituals and teaching seminars.

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