Progress and Prejudice, Volume 2


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Pagina 126 - They parted - ne'er to meet again! But never either found another To free the hollow heart from paining They stood aloof, the scars remaining, Like cliffs, which had been rent asunder; A dreary sea now flows between; But neither heat, nor frost, nor thunder, Shall wholly do away, I ween, The marks of that which once hath been.
Pagina 246 - I said to my heart between sleeping and waking, Thou, wild thing, that always art leaping or aching, What black, brown, or fair, in what clime, in what nation, By turns has not taught thee a pit-a-pat-ation...
Pagina 80 - Even her father was a little astonished. "I have, however, heard you speak highly in his praise," said he, — perceiving that Marcus was too overcome to utter a syllable. "As an acquaintance, — almost as a friend. As one whose talents I admired — " "That is something, Mary,
Pagina 212 - Truly," retorted the angry Cruxleyan , "it is tolerably good Saxon which describes a certain critic as Best of all he males To batcher, and mangle, and scarify females; If he can't find a woman, his talent will show it The best in abusing some very great poet: — * or a good fellow whose back is turned, like Davenport.
Pagina 165 - ... who hath ears to hear, may as well be attentive. Even this comes so seldom, that I wish I were out of it all." "And yet, when I was one of you, which is not so long ago," replied Lord Davenport, with a smile, "I always found that, independent of one's duties, the House of Commons was the pleasantest lounge in London; — the best club, the best party, and the place where more information might be picked up in a given time, than in any other public assembly. — From a moderately good speaker,...
Pagina 256 - I did not tell you that he was going to be married. — I told you he was deeply in love." "If not with Olivia, then, it is with Madame Winkleried; for he is never out of your house.
Pagina 267 - In that last moment of expiring day, While summer's twilight wept itself away, They should have felt the softness of the hour Sink in the heart, as dew along the flower, And gently shar'd that calm, so still, so deep The voiceless thought, which would not speak, but weep, — the anxious grief that harassed the feelings of both rendered them nothing to each other.
Pagina 244 - His only consolation was that the present state of things could not last, (when did a banished intriguant ever say otherwise?) and the restoration to power and influence of himself and his friends, would once more restore in France the balance of power, and the pacification of Europe. "D'ailleurs pensons!
Pagina 140 - Inquire of your mother what Mr. Henderson was, even during her girlhood at Meadowes Court. But the interim of thirty years has converted all that was excellent into all that is venerable; and during that interim, what has he not been to me! — Instructor, protector, pastor, friend! — From the day of Amy's birth, he seemed to love her as his child; and from the trying moment of my husband's death, became a guardian to us both.
Pagina 177 - THE progress of the session brought among other tardy perceptions, to the mind of Government, that the name of Lord Davenport, high as it stood among the rising orators and patriots of the day, would form a highly advantageous make-weight to its list of adherents. He was accordingly courteously summoned to an audience by a noble Nestor, the blackness of whose youthful locks were silvered over into venerability, like an old park-paling overgrown. with...

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