Herbs of the Bible

Citadel Press, 2003 - 220 pagina's
Combining wisdom from the Good Book and America's most popular hobby, Allan A. Swenson celebrates the glories of biblical herbs. From aloe to coriander, dill to hyssop, and sage to wormwood, Herbs of the Bible and How to Grow Them provides gardeners with essential information on planting times, soil preparation, herb care (in and out-of-doors), drying and cooking methods -- even how to use the herbs for aromatherapy. Readers will also find out where the herbs are mentioned in the Bible and have a complete guide to biblical gardens around the United States and the rest of the world -- with a special chapter on the magnificent Biblical Garden Preserve outside Tel Aviv.Complete with sources for seeds and gardening supplies, plans for designing a personal garden, and a list of places that feature herbs of the Bible, such as the Cloisters in New York City, this an indispensable book that will enable readers to nurture beautiful plants as well as their own spirituality.

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A Scriptural Heritage
Tasteful Gifts for Family
Aloe Chamomile Coriander Cumin Dill
Chicory Endive Cucumber Dandelion Garlic
Flavor Your Life with Kitchen Herbal
Pick the Right Site Prepare Well
Cultivate Gods Beauty Everywhere
Worlds Most Magnificent Biblical Garden
Favorite Biblical Garden Websites and Plant

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Over de auteur (2003)

ALLAN SWENSON is a former U.S. Intelligence Officer, trained in the U.S. Army as an Airborne Combat Intelligence officer.† In this capacity, via the CIA, he participated in a number of clandestine missions.† He is a lifetime member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, and is on of the founders of its active New England chapter.

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