Those who remember with what Application and Succefs he attended that Business; how able he was in all the Parts of Learning that had Relation to it, and confider how much Time was neceffarily employed in acquiring it, will be apt to imagine, that Nothing uncommon is to be expected from him in Divinity.

The Sermons themselves will furnish the best Answer to this Prejudice, and will fhew, that he knew how to make the true Ufe of human Learning, by applying it to the best Purpose, in the Discharge of his Duty as a Minifter of the Gospel.


The Style of these Discourses is ftrong, and expreffive : But the best Greek and Roman Writers were fo familiar to him, that it leads him frequently into their Manner of Conftruction, and Expreffion, which will require, fometimes, the Attention of the Englifh Reader.

What is most to be valued in these Compofitions, is, the Author's comprehenfive View of the important Subjects of which he treats, the Soundness of his Judgment, and above all, the proper Application of the Scriptures to confirm, or to illuftrate his Subject. You will A 4


meet here but little in the EffayWay; little of mere Metaphyfical Speculations; He thought it his Business, and it was his Purpose, to speak as a Minister of CHRIST JESUS.



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