H-principles and Flexibility in Geometry, Nummer 779

American Mathematical Society, 2003 - 58 pagina's
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The notion of homotopy principle or $h$-principle is one of the key concepts in an elegant language developed by Gromov to deal with a host of questions in geometry and topology. Roughly speaking, for a certain differential geometric problem to satisfy the $h$-principle is equivalent to saying that a solution to the problem exists whenever certain obvious topological obstructions vanish. The foundational examples for applications of Gromov's ideas include (i) Hirsch-Smale immersion theory, (ii) Nash-Kuiper $C^1$-isometric immersion theory, (iii) existence of symplectic and contact structures on open manifolds. Gromov has developed several powerful methods that allow one to prove $h$-principles. These notes, based on lectures given in the Graduiertenkolleg of Leipzig University, present two such methods which are strong enough to deal with applications (i) and (iii).

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Hansjorg Geiges is Professor of Mathematics in the Mathematisches Institut at Universitat zu Koln.

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