The Geology of the Carboniferous Limestone, Yoredale Rocks, and Millstone Grit of North Derbyshire: (Parts of Sheets 88 S. E., 81 N. E., 81 S. E., 72 N. E., 82 N. W., 82 S. W., and 71 N. W.)

H.M. Stationery Office, 1887 - 212 pagina's
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Pagina 196 - THE Liberties and Customs of the Lead Mines within the Wapentake of WIRKSWORTH...
Pagina 150 - In Gang Mine, where a Slickenside runs through the Vein, the Miner avails himself of a curious property attending such Veins, by drawing laces, stoops, or nicks, at about six inches apart and four inches deep, with the point of his Pick, from top to bottom of his face of work, when he then leaves for several hours, and on his return, finds all the Veinstuff so furrowed, spelled, or slappeted off, and laying on the sole ready got to his hands.
Pagina 1 - Sheets 88 SE, 81 NE, 81 SE, 72 NE, 82 NW, 82 SW, and 71 NW of the Geological Survey Map of England.
Pagina 117 - But probably if any intelligent and prudent person was to be let down in a proper machine, he would not be much in danger, and his fatigue would be very inconsiderable. The ebbing and flowing well is far from being regular, as some have pretended. It is very seldom seen by the neighbours themselves; and Mr.
Pagina 190 - On a Stag's Head and Horns found at Alport, in the Parish of Youlgreave in the County of Derby Phil. Trans.
Pagina 189 - The Natural, Experimental, and Medicinal History of the Mineral Waters of Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, and Yorkshire...
Pagina 196 - MILNE-EDWARDS, Prof. H., and J. HAIME. A Monograph of the British Fossil Corals. Third Part. Corals from the Permian Formation and the Mountain Limestone (the latter in part Yorkshire).
Pagina 189 - Statistics of the Produce of Copper, Tin, Lead, and Silver from the Mines of the United Kingdom, with the exports and imports of these Metals, from 1848 to 1852 inclusive.
Pagina 118 - Nigro plumbo ad fistulas laminasque utimur , laboriosius in Hispania eruto , totasque per Gallias : sed in Britannia summo terrae corio adeo large , ut lex ultro dicatur, ne plus certo modo fiat . Nigri generibus haec sunt nomina: ovetanum, caprariense, oleastrense.

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