Books Suitable for School Libraries.

The following valuable collection of School Library Books are furnished in separate volumes or in sets:

HARPER'S FAMILY LIBRARY, comprising 187 volumes in the several departments of literature, forming a complete circle of useful, instructive, and entertaining knowledge, adapted for popular use, per volume,


Harper's Family Classical Library, containing 37 volumes, 18mo. Muslin Gilt, embellished with Portraits. Each work sold separately, at 45 cents per volume; per set, . $16.30


Of valuable Standard Literature, embracing the most approved Works in the various departments of human knowledge, including History, Voyages, and Travels, Biography, Natural History, the Physical Sciences, Agriculture, Manufactures, Arts, Commerce, Belles Lettres, the History and Philosophy of Education, &c. 18mo. Half Sheep. 330 Volumes, or 7 Series. Price, each Series, $19.00. Each 18mo vol., sold separately, at 38 cents.

First Series. Price $19.00.

1, 2. Paulding's Life of Washington.

3. Miss Sedgwick's The Poor Rich Man and Rich Poor Man. 4, 5. The Swiss Family Robinson.

6,7. Natural History of Insects.

8. Mrs. Hofland's The Son of a Genius.

9–11. Miss Eliza Robbins's Tales from American History. 12. Thacher's Tales of the American Revolution.


13, 14. Lockhart's Life of Napoleon.

15. Combe's Principles of Physiology.

16, 17. Thacher's Indian Traits.

18. Jameson's Discovery and Adventure in Africa.

19. Uncle Philip's American Forest.

20. Mudie's Guide to the Observation of Nature.

21. Perils of the Sea.

22. Abercrombie's Essay on the Intellectual Powers. 23. Montgomery's Lectures on Literature, Poetry, &c.. 24. Dick's Celestial Scenery.

25. Russell's History of Palestine.

26. James's Chivalry and the Crusades. 27. Brewster's Life of Sir Isaac Newton. 28. Miss Sedgwick's Live and Let Live. 29, 30. Davis's China and the Chinese.

31. Circumnavigation of the Globe.

32. Williams's Life of Alexander the Great.
33, 34. Euler's Natural Philosophy.
35. Barrow's Life of Peter the Great.

36, 37. Russell's Life of Oliver Cromwell.

38. Dick's Improvement of Society.

39. Higgins's Physical Condition of the Earth.

40. Abercrombie's Philosophy of the Moral Feelings.

41, 42. Mrs. Jameson's Lives of Celebrated Female Sovereigns. 43. Uncle Philip's Conversations about the History of Virginia. 44. Mrs. Hugh's The Ornaments Discovered.

45. Uncle Philip's Natural History.

46, 47. Uncle Philip's Whale Fishery and the Polar Seas. 48. Lives and Voyages of Drake, Cavendish, and Dampier. 49, 50. Dunlap's History of New York.

Second Series. Price $19.00.

51, 52. Life and Writings of Franklin. 53, 54. Buel's Farmer's Instructor.

55, 56. Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties. 57. Griscom's Animal Mechanism and Physiology. 58. Natural History of the Elephant.

59. Vegetable Substances used for the Food of Man. 60-65. Tytler's Universal History.

66. Moseley's Illustrations of Mechanics.

67. Leslie's Discovery in the Polar Seas. 68, 69. Paley's Natural Theology. 70-79. Sparks's American Biography. 80. Humboldt's Travels.

81. Goldsmith's History of Greece.
82. Rennie's Natural History of Birds.
83. Familiar Illustrations of Natural Philosophy.
84, 85. Selections from the Spectator.
86. Lee's Elements of Geology.

87. Goldsmith's History of Greece. Abridged. 88. Armstrong's Treatise on Agriculture.

89. Rennie's Natural History of Quadrupeds.

90. Chaptal's Agricultural Chemistry.

91. Dwight's Signers of the Declaration of Independence. 92-95. Plutarch's Lives.

Third Series. Price $19.00.

96, 97. Hale's History of the United States. 98. Brewster's Letters on Natural Magic.

99. Renwick's Practical Mechanics.

100, 101. Parry's Three Voyages to the North Pole.


102-106. Keightley's England.

107, 108. Mackenzie's Life of Commodore O. H. Perry. 109, 110. Irving's Life and Writings of Oliver Goldsmith. 111, 112. Murray's Historical Account of British America. 113. Upham on Imperfect and Disordered Mental Action. 114. Bryant's Selections from American Poets.

115, 116. Halleck's Selections from British Poets.

117. Florian's Moors in Spain.

118, 119. Lives of Distinguished Men of Modern Times. 120. Nott's Counsels to the Young.

121. Head's Life and Travels of Bruce.

122, 123. Life of Dr. Johnson, with Selections from his Writings. 124. Potter's Political Economy.

125. Life and Travels of Mungo Park.

126. Brougham's Pleasures and Advantages of Science.

127. Dana's Two Years before the Mast.

128. Uncle Philip's History of the Lost Colony of Greenland.
129, 130. Gaylord and Tucker's American Husbandry.
131, 132. Uncle Philip's History of Massachusetts.
133, 134. Uncle Philip's History of New Hampshire.
135. Dick's Sidereal Heavens.

136. Renwick's First Principles of Chemistry.

137. Russell's Barbary States.

138. The Family Instructor.

139. Dwight's History of Connecticut.

140. Miss Sedgwick's Stories for Young Persons.
141-143. Crowe's History of France.
144, 145. Scott's History of Scotland.

Fourth Series. Price $19.00.

146-148. Belknap's American Biography. 149. Siebold's Japan and the Japanese.

150, 151. Segur's History of Napoleon's Expedition to Russia. 152. Brewster's Lives of Galileo, Tycho Brahe, and Kepler. 153, 154. Sargent's American Adventure by Land and Sea. 155. History of Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. 156. Fenelon's Ancient Philosophers.

157. Lossing's History of the Fine Arts. 158. Davenport's Perilous Adventures. 159. Lanman's History of Michigan.

160, 161. Bucke's Ruins of Ancient Cities.

162. Lieber's Essays on Property and Labor.

163. Bucke's Beauties, Harmonies, and Sublimities of Nature. 164, 165. History of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

166. White's Natural History of Selborne.


167. Wrangell's Expedition to Siberia.

168, 169. Thacher's Lives of the Indians.

170. Bacon's Essays, and Locke on the Understanding.
171, 172. Lander's Travels in Africa.

173. Meme's Memoirs of the Empress Josephine.
174, 175. Henry's Epitome of the History of Philosophy.
176. James's History of Charlemagne.

177, 178. Hazen's Popular Technology.

179. Scott's Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft.
180. Bunner's History of Louisiana.
181. Court and Camp of Bonaparte.
182. Fletcher's History of Poland.
183. Maury's Principles of Eloquence.
184. Mrs. Graves's Woman in America.

185. Russell's Nubia and Abyssinia.

186. Barrow's Pitcairn's Island and the Mutiny of the Bounty. 187. Fraser's Historical and Descriptive Account of Persia. 188. Cooper's Xenophon's Expedition of Cyrus.

189. Sismondi's Italian Republics.
190. History of Switzerland.
191-195. Dunham's History of Spain and Portugal.

Fifth Series. Price $19.00.

196. Renwick's Natural Philosophy.

197. Mrs. H. B. Stowe's Mayflower. 198, 199. Lewis and Clarke's Travels.

200. Miss M'Intosh's Conquest and Self-Conquest.

201. Fraser's Mesopotamia and Assyria.

202. What 's to be Done?

203-205. Spalding's History of Italy and the Italian Islands. 206. Seaward's Narrative of his Shipwreck.

207. Tytler's Discovery in North America. 208. Wealth and Worth.

209. Smith's History of Education.

210. Mrs. Hofland's Young Crusoe.

211. Cook's Voyages Round the World.

212. Miss C. M. Sedgwick's Means and Ends.

213. Robertson's America. Abridged.

214. Ferguson's History of the Roman Republic. Abridged.

215. Miss Sedgwick's Love Token.

216. Paley's Evidences of Christianity.

217. Johnson's Economy of Health. 218. Day's Sandford and Merton.

219. Robertson's Charles V. Abridged.

220. Combe on the Constitution of Man.

221. Miss M. J. M'Intosh's Woman, an Enigma.

222. Butler's Analogy of Religion.

223. The Twin Brothers.

224. Russell's History of Polynesia.


225. Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield.

226, 227. Stone's Border Wars of the American Revolution. 228. Cock's American Poultry Book.

229-231. Cunningham's Lives of Eminent Painters. 232. Duer's Constitutional Jurisprudence of the United States. 233, 234. Smedley's Sketches from Venetian History, 235. Mary Howitt's Who Shall be Greatest?

236, 237. Leland's Demosthenes.

238-240. Turner's Sacred History of the World. 241. Michelet's Modern History.

242. Potter's Hand-book for Students.

243. Miss Edgeworth's Rosamond.

244, 245. Miss Edgeworth's Moral Tales.

Sixth Series. Price $19.00.

246, 247. Whewell's Elements of Morality and Polity. 248. Dendy's Philosophy of Mystery.

249. Holme's Life, &c. of Mozart.

250. Dick's Practical Astronomer.

251, 252. Mackenzie's Life of Paul Jones.

253. Parrott's Ascent of Mount Ararat.

254. Feuerbach's Remarkable German Criminal Trials.

255, 256. Darwin's Voyage of a Naturalist Round the World. 257. Mrs. Farnham's Life in Prairie Land.

258. Barrow's Three Voyages within the Arctic Regions.

259. Mary Somerville on the Physical Sciences.

260. Biblical Legends of the Mussulmans.
261. Bell's Life of Hon. G. Canning.
262. Taylor's Modern British Plutarch.
263. Keppel's Expedition to Borneo.
264. Schiller's Thirty Years' War.

265. Moore's Use of the Body in Relation of the Mind.
266. Schiller's History of the Revolt of the Netherlands.
267, 268. Salverte's Philosophy of Magic.

269. Francis's Orators of the Age.

270. Moore's Power of the Soul over the Body. 271. Flowers of Fable.

272. Mrs. Ellis's Temper and Temperament. 273. Horne's New Spirit of the Age.

274. Miss M. T. M'Intosh's Praise and Principle. 275. Murray's Travels of Marco Polo.

276. Miss E. J. Cate's Year with the Franklins.
277. H. Smith's Festivals, Games, &c.

278. Frost's Beauties of English History.
279. Miss M'Intosh's The Cousins.
280. Frost's Beauties of French History.
281. Isabel; or, The Trials of the Heart


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